Blandy Photo Club Show and Sale

The result of a year’s creative effort by the Blandy Photo Club will go on display this Friday at their first photograph show and sale.

Jeff Logesky, left, and Tim Farmer, right, hang show photographs.

Jeff Logesky, left, and Tim Farmer, right, hang photographs.

The show runs from Friday April 16th through June 1st in the Blandy Experimental Farm library of the State Arboretum of Virginia on Rt. 50 near Boyce, Va.   The show and sale features nearly sixty photographs by members of the Blandy Photo Club.   The show’s theme is “Only in Virginia” and presents a variety of landscapes, nature and farm scenes of the region.

The club was formed a year ago by Tim Farmer, Public Relations Coordinator of the Blandy Experimental Farm.   Other noted photographers such as Naomi Sheaffer helped to establish the club which meets on the first Tuesday of each month at Blandy Experimental Farm at 7pm in the library.   New members are welcome.

The grounds of the Arboretum of Virginia are the inspiration for a number of the photographs.   Of special interest are scenes from the ginkgo grove on the property.   These unusual Asian trees form the basis of frequent study over the course of a year as the leaves turn from a rich green hue in spring to a brilliant yellow in autumn.

Joe Alderman displays one of his photographs.

Joe Alderman displays one of his photographs.

Well-known photographer Joe Alderman is showing several photographs in the show.   One depicts a horse in a dark stall contrasted with the rustic whitewashed boards of the door of the stall.   Alderman’s unique sense of composition and use of light elevate the image into a dramatic equine portrait.   Alderman explained that he was at the County Fair in Berryville simply for recreation when he chanced upon the scene.   Another of his compelling images is a close-up of a sunflower.   The size of the sunflower created a focusing challenge.   A special lens allowed him to get the entire surface of the sunflower head in focus in low light where a very shallow depth of field was required.   In this way, he successfully captured the buttery leaves and the intricate geometry of the seed head in crisp focus.

Members of the Blandy Photo Club enjoy monthly seminars and presentations on various aspects of photography.   A recent talk covered the new and popular technique of “High Definition Range” photography.   In this technique, several images are taken at incremental exposures and blended using a special photo-editing application to achieve an image with a perfectly balanced exposure and super-realistic detail.   Photographs using this technique are on display by Tom Lussier.

Mark Jenkins hanging a photograph.

Mark Jenkins hangs a photograph.

At the other end of the spectrum, Mark Jenkins has photographs in the show that incorporate blended imagery to create a mysterious, almost poetic narrative.   An example is a photograph of a cluster of trees haloed in moonlight on a foggy evening.   Each element was taken separately.   Jenkins then used his photo-editing skill to combine the images into an artistic whole that keeps the viewer visually intrigued.

The opening reception of the show and sale is Sunday April 18th from 2pm to 5pm at Blandy Experimental Farm.   The photographs are for sale and professionally framed.