Board Recognizes Clarke County Spelling Bee Winners

spelling-beeIn a moment of showmanship that would strike fear in the hearts of the entire school board, Dr Michael Murphy devised a special ceremony to recognize Clarke County’s finest spellers. Dr Murphy called winners, Will Levi, Caleb Knittle, Haley Howell (not in attendance), Gillian Bracken, and Ocie Grimsley forward and informed them they would be participating in a very special spelling bee for the school board. After dispensing sealed envelopes to school board members and   students, Dr. Murphy explained that the students would be asked to spell the words in the school board member’s envelopes. Then the students would turn the tables and ask school board members to spell the words contained in the student’s envelopes. Students breezed through judicious, apprentice, marionette, expectant, and lozenge. School board members were able to quell their panic and rise to the occasion spelling hallucination, incapable, ammonia, rheumatic, and momentary. A perfect score for everyone involved.

Congratulations to all of our spellers. The students recognized will move on to compete in   the regional spelling bee at Daniel Morgan Middle School at 7:30 on March 16, 2010.


  1. RJ Johnston says:

    Congratulations kids, great job, and good luck tomorrow!

  2. Tony Parrott says:

    I found it amusing last night watching our fine young spellers in a spell off with School Board members.
    And if you were not in attendance the kids were great; School Board held their own.
    Great job to all the participants and the winners!