Bouffault Announces She Will Not Seek Relection

Former School Board Chair Robina Bouffault has announced she will not seek reelection to the School Board. In an email sent to constituents Ms. Bouffault cited increased demands on her time from business and family interests.

Ms. Barbara P. Lee, Chairman of the Clarke County School Board, shared that “Robina’s construction management and planning skills will be missed. She has been a significant force in bringing about the new high school that stands before us. The amount of time she has devoted to the Clarke County Public Schools has been tremendous and she has our gratitude for her service.”

Superintendent of Schools, Michael F. Murphy, commented that “Ms. Bouffault has devoted thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of hours of her time to sharing her ideas and her vision for the Clarke County Public Schools. She is an incredibly hard worker. Ms. Bouffault’s ability to find the best deal, save a dollar, and still produce a product of value are to be commended.” Her sincere wish for the incoming Board to continue to maintain the Division’s high standards of achievement is much welcomed and appreciated, said Murphy.

According to Murphy, there are seven and a half months until the seating of a newly elected school board and there is much work that still needs to be done. “I am anxious for a focused and productive seven and a half months – the needs of our students and staff are of paramount importance. Finishing the new high school, of course, is a top priority, along with a continued focus on the improvement of student achievement. Other items on the table for discussion include staff selection and hiring, potential elementary boundary line adjustments, possible grade level and school reconfigurations, and improving the overall fiscal health of the Division.

The text of her email is below.

All –

In an effort to lay to rest the many rumors flying about, this is to formally confirm that I will not be seeking re-election to the School Board this year, due to increased business pressures and family responsibilities that leave me with less time available to devote to school board matters.

It has been a privilege to have worked these four years with a board that has successfully implemented the construction of our new high school, which will be a source of pride for our students and community for many years to come. I will of course be happy to continue working on the construction committee if needed, until the project’s successful completion.

I wish the incoming board much success in maintaining our school division’s high standards over the next four years.



  1. Another View says:

    This is the best news we’ve gotten in years.

    • Minerva says:

      The best news I’ve had in years is that we are not arguing ad nauseum with the Salvation Army about the design of the entrance right of way for their quid pro quo retreat center. Instead, we have a new high school rising up that is ahead of schedule and under budget. As they say, if you want to make an omlette, you have to crack some eggs. She was elected to do a job, not to become Miss Congeniality. Thank you, Robina.

  2. Robina,

    Thank you for contibuting your time, energy, and expertise to this school board. There are many who appreciate all that you have done to better this school system-unfortunately there are many in this county that are too narrow minded to really get what you were trying to do. They just took what they have heard about you and passed judgement on you without getting to know the true you. Until that sort of uneducated mentality diminishes in this county, things will never change nor will they ever appreciate a person of your expertise.

    Best of luck to you on your future endeavors.

    • LStanton says:

      You mistakenly assume that those who disagree with her politics, her methods (overt or covert), or anything else do so out of ignorance. She’s done and said quite a lot over the past decade, whether via her emails to “certain Clarke Countians” or in the public, that one don’t need to go by hearsay to form an opinion.

      While I don’t care much for the reasons behind her actions and words, nor much for the way she went about doing and saying what the public record abundantly shows…I will tip my hat to her for this much – at least she rolled up her sleeves, put herself on the ballot, and got busy. Personally, I think she fixates too much on numbers, and she can come across as right uppity and high-minded and “my way or the highway.” But, there is a new high school being built, so my grandkids will get to go there one day.

  3. Mr Mister says:

    One step forward and three steps back!

  4. GOPjunky says:

    Pete Dunning next please!

    • livein22611 says:

      Really GOP?? Are you not paying attention? He’s not running. That’s been known for some time. Wake up and pay attention citizens of Clarke. You’re falling asleep at the wheel!
      BTW-with Robina gone, won’t take long for the school budget to be blown to ……well, you know where.