Bouffault Honored for Making the Impossible Possible

Clarke County School Board chairman Janet Alger (Russell) recognized former School Board chairman Robina Bouffault for her leadership and effort during the design and construction of Clarke County’s new high school. With the building now complete and in the hands of Clarke County Public Schools staff, Bouffault delivered her final building report to the School Board and turned her authorized owner’s representative (AOR) duties over to CCHS principal Dr. Jeffrey Jackson.

Robina Bouffault receives a proclamation from the Clarke County School Board for her leadership with Clarke County's new high school - Photo Edward Leonard

Last night the School Board publicly recognized Bouffault’s commitment to excellence throughout the design and construction process and for her tireless efforts as the School Board’s AOR responsible for guiding construction and managing costs associated with the new building.

The resolution thanks Bouffault for exhibiting a tremendous capacity for making the impossible possible while keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

“Indeed, her experience and ability to work closely with staff, the architect, and contractors, resulted in the best possible outcome for the students, staff, and citizens of Clarke County, Virginia,” the resolution states.

With the dedication ceremony for the new facility set for April 28th, Bouffault said that only three items remain outstanding for completion by the construction company, Shockey and Sons of Winchester, Virginia. Bouffault said that Shockey hopes to complete all construction tasks in time for a final review meeting on April 9.

As Bouffault bows out of the AOR job, a position that she has held for the past two years, CCHS principal Jeffrey Jackson will have plenty of work ahead as he assumes the AOR role and bottom-line responsibility for transferring students, educators and learning activities from the old building to the new building.

In addition to assuming responsibility for dealing with the inevitable hick-ups that will likely be discovered as staff members become familiar with the new building, Jackson will also have signoff approval on a $50K retainer fee covering satisfactory completion of any outstanding construction issues along with oversight of a $250K performance bond that covers remediation of grass and soil problems that have yet to be corrected at the new school’s playing fields.

Jackson will also be in charge of the $2M worth of furniture and fixtures (FFE) expenditures that will used in the new building.

In her nomination of Jackson for the AOR position, Bouffault said that she believes “Dr. Jackson is ideally suited to shepherd the new school through to completion.”

The Clarke County School Board unanimously agreed and formally appointed Jackson to the new role.

View the Clarke County School Board Resolution honoring Robina Rich Bouffault here: Bouffault AOR Resolution


  1. “…In addition to assuming responsibility for dealing with the inevitable hick-ups that will likely be discovered as staff members become familiar with the new building,..”

    No pun intended? 😉

    • CDN – “hiccups”, correct?

      CDN Editor: Depends on where you grew up. “Hick-up” is the spelling used in the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan…

  2. And all of us in the county should join in on thanking Robina for finally getting it done.

  3. George Archibald says:

    The community was well served by the generous, selfless efforts and leadership of former School Board member and chairman Robina Rich Bouffault. The recognition was well described by the story headline. It’s hard to top the kind of achievement that leads a team of people to keep going and beat odds the way Robina Bouffault has over many years. God bless her and people like her who bring honor to public service.

  4. Tony Parrott says:

    This is one area I certainly commend Robina for her efforts. She deserves the gratitude of the county and a big “Thank You” from the kids who will get to attend this new high school. I don’t believe it could have happened without her.
    Thank you Robina for a job well done!

  5. Randy Sprouse says:

    Thank you, Robina, for your 4 years of both leadership and stewardship that began with the fractious debate about location and ended with a beautiful building that we can all be proud of for years to come.

    • Right Winger says:

      Sorry, I don’t agree that it’s a beautiful building. It looks like a box. However, I am glad it’s been done. It’s been needed for a LONG time. And I hope they will keep up with the maintenance this time, especially replacing the bulbs that illuminate the outside of the school as soon as they burn out.

  6. livein22611 says:

    For those who are voting thumbs down everytime Robina’s name is mentioned, sit back and see how the next project goes without her. Now it’s time, actually past time, to start the renovations of Cooley, Primary, and the current high school. Let’s see how that goes. Sometimes people let their personal feelings and views of others cloud their better judgement. Let’s see if anything gets done in the next two years, other than a lot of “studies”. Kudos Robina. Strong women scare some people.