Boyce Celebrates Centennial in Style

Residents and visitors turned out in force Saturday to celebrate the 100th   anniversary of the Town of Boyce. While many Clarke residents were curious about the low key event and relied on faith alone as to what the event would turn out to be, the faithful and the curious were treated to a wonderful small town celebration. The feature parade saw an excellent turnout with performers, politicians, and fire crews from around the state.

Town volunteers contributed hundreds of home-baked cupcakes to provide a total of 3000 cupcakes that were free to all attendees.

Town Crier leads the parade - Photo Mike Dowling

The feature parade began shortly after 1:30 and lasted a little over an hour with spectacular performances by marching bands and majorette teams who captivated the crowd as they traveled down the parade route. Local law enforcement kept the parade moving in a well orchestrated flow by periodically stopping cross traffic on Route 340.

Local politicians, from the Boyce Mayor to Clarke County School Board members, rode the parade route in classic convertibles waving to the crowds. Frank Wolf rode the route while challenger Jeff Barnett worked the crowds as he traveled the parade route. Both are actively campaigning for the November elections.

After the parade, crowds flocked to the vendor area that was set up along the railroad tracks. Food vendors and artisans offered an extensive assortment of food and merchandise for visitors to enjoy.

Unofficial estimates have the attendance at around 2000 people. The event was well organized and ran smoothly providing a special afternoon for everyone who attended.

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  1. Martha Myer says:

    Kudos to Richard Kibler ! He worked tirelessly to pull off this wonderful event!

    Thanks Richard and all of your committees .

    • Richard Kibler is owed a HUGE thankyou for his tireless and selfless work towards achieving a WONDERFUL event. Pat him on the back next time you see him!

  2. Great set of photos. Looks like fun was had by all! Congratulations.

  3. It looks as if this was a great event for Boyce! At least I haven’t read any post yet about how the fire truck sirens were too loud or that a parent couldn’t hear little Johnny playing his trombone because the firetrucks!

    • That should read….because of the firetrucks! Sorry…didn’t want to upset any English Majors that might take in the CDN. Just sayin….

      CDN Editor: On behalf of readers everywhere, your dedication to excellent grammar is appreciated!

  4. Donna Carper McDonald says:

    I’m glad Boyce had it’s 100th year celebration and who else but to coordinate but Richard. I grew up in Boyce with Richard and his family and a handful of others. We all knew each other in Boyce – developing property had not started in Boyce yet. I wonder who the oldest citizen is in Boyce.