Boyce Centennial Plans Move Forward

As Boyce, Virginia prepares for its Centennial birthday celebration in October, Centennial Chairman Richard  Kibler, a native of Boyce who now resides in Winchester, has grand plans for helping his hometown celebrate its 100th birthday party.

Kibler is already well along with event planning that includes a parade, music and plenty of food.

In literature about the event Boyce Town Council member Billie Hott describes the Centennial Celebration as running the entire mile-long length of Main Street.

Boyce, Virginia Town Hall - Photo Edward Leonard

“We are looking forward to a large turnout of spectators between 4,000 to 6,000 for this day-long celebration,” Hott says in a letter to prospective participants.

Kibler estimates that the Centennial parade will last about two hours.

In the relatively short amount of time left before the October 2nd event, Kibler is working hard to recruit participants, sponsors and volunteers to help with the massive amount of detail that needs to be addressed.

“I’ve sent out 700 letters to arts & crafts vendors and about 100 food vendor letters,” Kibler told the town council. “You name it, I’ve covered it.”

Kibler said that he still needs more volunteers to help with the event.

“We need people to help with ice distribution, parade line up, people to relieve vendors who need a bathroom break. There are lots of jobs that still need to be filled.”

Kibler says that he has also spoken with railroad authorities about suspending train operations during the day due to the large number of pedestrians that will be present at the center of town.

The Boyce Centennial will feature food, music, and entertainment. Kibler says that Berryville’s Mount Zion Church gospel choir will perform as well as Steve Hudson’s band, Naked Mountain Boys.

Hudson, also a Boyce native, now resides in the nearby Blue Ridge community of Frogtown.

Kibler will hold a volunteer meeting for the event at the Boyce Fire Hall Tuesday, August 10th at 7:00pm

Town Hall Renovations

The Boyce town hall will soon receive renovations for its restroom facilities as well as the cement-work and sidewalks in front of the building. Ken Livingston of Main Street Architecture briefed the town councilors on progress for procuring the services.

Boyce, Virginia Town Hall - Photo Edward Leonard

Livingston said that the project had been approved for advertising and bids would be due in September.

“I recommend that the Town select just a single vendor to do both the frontage improvements and the bathroom provided that the price is competitive,” Livingston said.

Last night’s meeting revealed a minor, but important, adjustment to the planned renovation and construction schedule. With contract award scheduled for sometime in September Livingston assumed that frontage work, including concrete demolition, would commence soon after contract award.

However, Centennial Chairman Kibler quickly pointed out that the parade route for the event is planned for the same soon-to-be-demolished area in front of the town hall building.

“Looks like we’re going to have to talk about the schedule some more,” Livingston said.


  1. Travis Goodwin says:

    A parade through Boyce will last 2 hours? The Berryville Chirstmas Parade don’t even last that long. This is a worthy endeavor, but let’s be realistic.

  2. I agree with above and am also curious how they intend to handle the 340 traffic during the parade and celebration as there is no alternate route around Boyce, as there is in Berryville. Unless they plan to route traffic through Millwood. Somehow I can’t see a semi making the turn by Locke’s Store…

  3. Boyce resident says:

    Where are all the expected 4000 people going to park for this event?? If Main Street is blocked I will not be able to get to work and there is no other way for me to get out of my subdivision and I have to work that day.. I am not going to get fired over this.. Not planned out very well for a small town that I have lived in all my life..