Boyce Elementary – A Holistic Approach to Educational Excellence

BoyceTeacherAwardThe Clarke County School Board recognized Boyce Elementary School for winning the 2010 Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence. Boyce Elementary was among only 153 schools to receive award.

“The criteria for these awards go beyond test scores and include student outcomes and best practices in areas that support learning,” Virginia Board of Education President Mark E. Emblidge said. “It speaks well of the strength of Virginia’s public schools that so many schools earned awards this year even with higher standards.”

A team of teachers led by Boyce Principal Susan Catlett provided the School Board with an inspiring presentation that outlined the fundamentals of Boyce’s success. Catlett’s charismatic and professional leadership style was evident as she addressed the School Board and described Boyce’s “holistic approach to education”. The same level of professionalism was reflected in statements made by nine members of Catlett’s teaching staff also present at the meeting.

Lee McGuigan, a fifth grade teacher, said “Collaboration between staff members is really a key to success. It helps make Boyce Elementary a great place to work.” Assistant Principal Amy Larrick described how the school’s “Cardinal Choices” program helps prepare students to be successful adults by teaching good manners and citizenship. Larrick also emphasized the importance of good communications saying “We strive to keep communications open between staff and parents.”

School Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy expressed the administration’s pleasure when it learned that Boyce Elementary School had been selected. “We could not have been more proud to see a school from Clarke County on the list.” Murphy said. Murphy then presented the Boyce team with a basket of flowers and expressed his thanks on behalf of the School Board and the citizens of Clarke.

Boyce Elementary was the Northern Shenandoah Valley’s only school to receive the award.


  1. [Redacted text] Seriously, though, Boyce is one fine school and the teachers and administrators there deserve every bit of recognition.