Boyce Elementary Celebrates “Music in Our Schools”

By Jessica Tavenner

March 2nd was a big day at Boyce Elementary School. Not only was it “Read Across America Day” and Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but also the beginning of Music in Our Schools Month, which Boyce Elementary School celebrates every year with a concert by the students for the students.

Music instructors Tavenner (l) and Duggan led students in an original rendition of "Green Eggs and Ham"

Led by Ms. Jessica Tavenner, Boyce’s music teacher, and Mr. Spencer Duggan, student teacher from Shenandoah University, the 3rd graders presented Green Eggs and Ham. They sang an original green eggs and ham song with student Orff instrument accompaniment, played a recorder overture, and told the story from the stage with Seuss-style props like a giant platter of paper green eggs and ham made in art class with Mrs. Jan Loy. To show their love of making music, many of the teachers performed for the student body in “Fiddle-I-Fee,” a traditional folk song in which teachers dressed up like an animal (a peacock, skunk, and cow to name a few) and performed on stage with banjo and guitar accompaniment by Ms. Tavenner and Mr. Duggan.

Both the 3 rd grade and teacher performances were prefaced with an energetic rendition of “Come in, Come In, It’s an Open Book,” a song about the magic of reading books, performed by the Cardinal Chorus.

The entertaining and inspirational performances were enjoyed by all and the performances were made possible by the faculty, staff, students and families of Boyce Elementary School and their support of the arts in our community. Happy “Music in Our Schools Month!”


Boyce Elementary teachers in costume for Read Across America day (Click to enlarge)


  1. Livin in Clarke says:

    Learning made fun! Keep it up Boyce Elementary!