Boyce Elementary Makes List of High-Performing Virginia Schools

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and the Board of Education announced today that 447 schools and two school divisions earned 2012 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advanced learning and achievement. The incentive program recognizes schools and divisions that far exceed minimum state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the governor and the board.

The schools and school divisions earning 2012 VIP awards — which are based on student achievement and other performance indicators during 2010-2011 — include:

  • 86 Virginia schools that earned the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence;
  • 188 schools and two school divisions that earned the Board of Education Excellence Award;
  • 171 schools earned the Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award; and
  • 2 schools that earned the Board of Education Rising Star Award.

Boyce Elementary School in Clarke County was among the 188 schools to earn the Board of Education Excellence Award this year. This marks a continuing tradition of excellence for Boyce Elementary School. In 2011 Boyce received the Board of Education Excellence Award and in 2010 received the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence.
Board of Education President Eleanor B. Saslaw said, “The criteria for these awards are becoming more challenging with the Board of Education’s increasing focus on college and career readiness,” she added, “That so many schools earned VIP awards speaks to the capacity of most of Virginia’s public schools to accept new challenges.”

Superintendent of Schools Michael F. Murphy remarked that the, “Students, staff, and parents of  Boyce Elementary School should once again be proud of their achievement.  It is an honor to receive any award, and this one is well deserved.  The Clarke County community is proud of Boyce, as they are of all of our students and schools, for their diligent hard work and academic achievement.”



  1. Right Winger says:

    Best School in CCPS, Boyce Elementary!! Way to go!!!

    • Mr Mister says:

      Totally agree. What makes this school different from the others in CCPS?

      BTW, missed you RW. Happy new year.

  2. Why can’t the same be said for DG Cooley

    • I agree with Mr. Mister and NYBebe. Why is one elementary any different than the other? Congrats to Boyce, but why do they always win awards and it is as though DGC doesn’t exist?

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    For quite some time, it seems, Boyce has been viewed as the country school, Cooley as the city school, and the country school has been seen as superior. That perception has become reality, to some degree, because until recently, parents have been able to take their kids to whichever of the two schools they chose. They pretty much self-selected: parents who could drive their kids from Berryville to Boyce did so. The kids who walked or took buses from town, and whose parents couldn’t or wouldn’t drive them to Boyce, went to Cooley. And lots of these students, who lived in apartments or low-income housing, simply lack social and financial resources. And so on…

    That’s the situation as I heard it anyway.

    Others chose to blame the principals at Cooley–the most recent one, and the previous one. From my limited experience with both, I considered that opinion to be bunk.

    But, I have been told, I am often and sadly wrong. So it goes.

  4. Sheepherder Frank says:

    The busing to Boyce is a recent thing. There was a bus in earlier years from Berryville. Its all politics. The way they are teaching kids these days I will be surprised if we get to the year 2100.