Boyce Elementary Recognized as High-Performing School

Governor Bob McDonnell and the State Board of Education announced today that Boyce Elementary School earned a 2011 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) award for advanced learning and achievement.   The incentive program, which was created by the State Board of Education in 2007, recognizes schools and divisions that achieve goals of excellence and far exceed minimum state and federal accountability standards.

Image courtesy of Clarke County Public Schools

According to Governor Bob McDonnell, Boyce Elementary School earned the award for its,“high-achieving students and teachers and leaders who are committed to innovation and offering new opportunities for learning.”

Boyce Principal, Susan Catlett, reached at her desk at 5pm Thursday, attributed the award to the Boyce School community.

“I am so proud of the students, staff and parents who support our school,” Catlett said.

“These recognitions complement the Commonwealth’s accountability program by recognizing performance that far exceeds minimum state and federal standards,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright.

Boyce earned the Board of Education Excellence Award, the second-tier honor in the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) program based on student achievement and other performance indicators during the 2009-2010 school year, including all state and federal accountability benchmarks for at least two consecutive years.

Catlett said that the Boyce staff has made a commitment to continuous improvement which makes a difference in the overall educational experience at the school. “When something needs attention we try to design an intervention plan then work toward the solution. It really just takes a lot of hard work and commitment day in and day out.”

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael F. Murphy, remarked that the, “Students, staff, and parents of Boyce Elementary School should once again be proud of their achievements.   In fact, every student, staff member, and parent should be proud not only of Boyce, but of the amazing things that we do in each and every classroom for the students of the Clarke County Public Schools.” Governor Kaine also recognized Boyce Elementary School as a high performing Virginia public school in January of 2010.

Visitors to Boyce Elementary are often quick to notice the positive environment that seems to fill the school. Much of that positiveness is attributable to Catlett who described her  leadership style as always trying to see the glass half full.

“I really try to approach all of life by focusing on what is positive and what is working,” Catlett said. “We’re constantly looking at our data and evaluating what works and what doesn’t work. Many of our staff members have been here for many years and enjoy working together. It’s really a family atmosphere.”


  1. Kay Hicks says:

    Congrats! Boyce Elem School! That is wonderful!

  2. Mary Starry says:

    Awesome job! Congrats to the entire staff! Boyce Elementary is an excellent school.

  3. Susan is one of the most decent humans on the planet. She may deflect credit, but I imagine a lot of the reasons they got that award was because of her talents.

    Way to go Boyce Elementary

  4. Kudos to Boyce – sure wish Cooley could have the same distinction…

    • gottawonder says:

      Paula, have you noticed how your comment and all the others merited 24 thumbs down? Sour grapes from Cooley?

      Point is: One third of the third grade class from Cooley last year cannot read at grade level (other grades are not much better). DG Cooley places dead last in our region( elementary) for closing the ahievement gap. Go Cooley!

      The school is selected by VDOE as “IN IMPROVEMENT” aka “Warning”.
      Soloution? Leardership. Doc might want to take some advice from Susan.

      I fully expexy 24 thumbs down-the exact amount of FTE at Cooley.

      • Did you notice all the positive comments until yours? You deflect from Boyce’s achievement. The thumbs-down is for you not for Boyce.

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    Go Boyce!! Kudos to Mrs. Catlett!! She is a great leader and Boyce is an excellent school!!

  6. onceandawhile says:

    Clearly, people( students and staff) as good as their leaders! Congrats Susuan!

  7. Congratulations to a great bunch of folks! This award is well deserved!

  8. April O'Leary says:

    Congratulations Susan and all the wonderful people at Boyce who obviously love what they do for Clarke’s children!

  9. Bandycoot says:

    We all win with the highest expectation for all the schools in the whole United States. This should not be about our school trumping all the others, it should be about all the other schools deciding to emulate success. Congratulations Boyce. Keep up the excellent work.