Boyce Town Hall Closed Due to Ceiling Collapse

Boyce Town Hall is closed until insurance and repair crews can assess how to best proceed with damage caused by a ceiling collapse overnight. Much of the office floor is covered by ceiling insulation material and broken ceiling tiles.

“When I came in this morning the room was a mess,” said Town Recorder Tamara Myer.

Ceiling collapse damage at the Boyce Town Hall - Photo Edward Leonard

Myer said that she could not find any evidence that the collapse was caused by a leaking roof and attributed the damage to the building’s age. The Boyce Town Hall, originally chartered as the Boyce Bank, was built circa 1907.

Myer said that she is not taking any steps to clean-up the debris from the collapse because the contents of the insulation materials are unknown at this time.

The Boyce Town Hall will be temporarily closed until clean-up crews can assess the damage - Photo Edward Leonard

Insulation in many old buildings across the country often contains hazardous materials, including asbestos. While Myer said that she has no indication of hazardous materials in the Boyce Town Hall building she is still proceeding with caution and plans to restrict access to the facility.

Residents seeking to reach the Town of Boyce are asked to temporarily call Myer directly at 540.247.0267

Ceiling tile collapse at Boyce Town Hall - Photo Edward Leonard