Accident on Route 7 Westbound Knocks Out Power Lines

Emergency crews are on the scene of an accident on Route 7 westbound at the Frederick County line. A tractor trailer left the roadway and struck multiple utility poles. Power lines are down. Emergency crews are on the scene. Westbound lanes of route 7 are partially blocked. Use caution. No injuries reported. Updated 8:28 AM.

Update: 8:35 AM – Lines may be down in the eastbound traffic lanes as well. Use caution in the area.



  1. Stonebroke says:

    Probably passing people going down Rt.7 at about 80mph! That would be my guess!

  2. Anything known about if the CCHA is closing because of power being down? Nothing on the schools website at 10 o’clock.
    CDN Editor: According to a CCHS student, power at the high school was out for ten minutes at around 10:00 am. Power has been restored and classes are proceeding.

  3. I’m going to write to 92.5 about this. Although TV2 Winchester on Facebook and CDN are great resources for us to get breaking news on traffic, they are online. Ideally, when we are driving, we are not using our phones to access the internet. SO………. I’d like to know why 92.5 reported this, but they failed to report the 40 minutes that hundreds of us sat in traffic on Route 7 Eastbound from Hamilton and over Clarke’s Gap. They reported a Winchester-only traffic incident, when frankly, most of their listeners are commuters stuck on the road and needing information on what is going on. HUGE FAIL on their part. I’m tired of hearing about Route 66 traffic, they always disregard Route 7.

  4. I was behind the truck that crashed. The driver looked scared. He was moving with the flow of traffic and I don’t believe he was speeding. When I asked him (after I made sure he was okay) he simply stated he lost control.

  5. I came up on this shortly afterwards as well… I suppose I was one of the lucky ones who made it through before the backup.