Emergency Personnel Respond to Gunshot Wound on Lockes Mill Road

At approx 8:16 PM, Clarke County Deputies were dispatched to 737 Lockes Mill Road for a disturbance. Upon arrival deputies gained access to the residence and found a male subject suffering from a gun-shot wound. The scene was secured and medical personnel were allowed access to the residence. The victim was transported to Winchester Medical Center with life threatening injuries. His condition at this time is unknown.

According to Clarke County Sheriff Tony Roper, the investigation into this matter continues. He added, “While and there has not been a determination at this time, there is evidence that the wound suffered may have been self inflicted.”


  1. Any news on the victem? Who it is and the condition?

    • You can do a reverse address lookup on a number of white-pages websites to tell you who lives at the address. I hope it wasn’t a kid.

  2. It will not work he is a renter that lives there. He is stable in Fairfax hospital. They had to fly him there from winchester yesterday. [redacted]

  3. As of right now he is still stable but serious. It was take multiple MULTIPLE surgeries to fix the damage. It was not a child or young person. Please pray for the family as they desperately need it at this point.

  4. laflamme says:

    This is a family member, and you people need to quit inquiring about a personal matter. It is private and not meant to be put out there like a side show attraction, think about the family its happening to and mind your own buisness.

    • Dmaxnjackson says:

      Then ist should not have been printed. If it is put in the paper, people will inquire, and rumors will spread like wildfire. Maybe somebody should post updates to keep rumors to a minimum.

    • I can’t believe we dont have privacy rights to this. It is no one elses business when something so serious is going on. All we can do is pray for him. People are going to be starting false rumors, and it will just make everything worse.

  5. Dmax I agree it should never have been printed. Unfortunately the media thrives off of tragedies. As another family member I agree with Laflamme, this is a very painful time for everyone involved. The status remains the same. Please continue to pray for healing of not only the victim but the entire family.

  6. Reality check says:

    All the above comments are all concerns of well wishers.

    I think you should all be grateful that the people of CC care!

    I sure do hope this person pulls through, the people of CC care.

  7. Laflamme – what were looking for on here anyway?

    Nothing negative here, just genuine concern. I know the family and like you I am a friend too. Updates would be helpful to stop untrue rumors being spread. It is unfair to lash out at people asking for updates. No one here is asking for gory details.

    The article brought the situation to the attention of the public. I see nothing more than heartfelt comments.

    Prayers to the three of them .

  8. I heard this man has passed away.

    Prayers to the family during this difficult time.

  9. He did pass away on Tuesday night. Please continue to pray for his family.