Breaking News: The Barns of Rose Hill

Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville Virginia. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Friday afternoon Ann Lesman, Chair of the Board of Directors for the The Barns of Rose Hill announced they have reached an agreement  with the Wolf Trap Foundation regarding the name of the Berryville arts center.

Ms. Lesman said,”Wolf Trap has agreed not to pursue litigation if we drop ‘The’ from our name and refer to ourselves as ‘Barns of Rose Hill’ on everything we publish.”

Also, as part of the final agreement, the Barns of Rose Hill will change the subtext of their brand so that it does not include Northern Virginia and will now say, “A cultural center for the Shenandoah Valley.”

The final stipulation was that, the Barns of Rose Hill had to agree not to oppose the Wolf Trap Foundations continuing attempts to secure the trademark on the words, “The Barns.”

The Barns of Rose Hill has agreed to all of the stipulations and shall now be known as the “Barns of Rose Hill”.

Ms Lesman said she was very pleased with the results of the negotiations that took place. “The town had a very emotional reaction to the potential loss of the name and through this agreement we will be able to retain that name.”


  1. Birdonawire says:

    Good news! Yipee!

  2. ElinorDashwood says:

    So…they are no longer The Barns of Rose Hill, just the Barns of Rose Hill. 🙂

  3. While I still think Wolf Trap was being mighty petty…I’m glad that things have worked out amicably.

  4. A Neighbor says:

    They agreed to not pursue litigation because they found they could not win. Glad that it’s settled however, they should have been sent off into the cold night with their tail between their legs and not given a moral victory and the capability to announce to its supporters (donators) that they were able to protect their name and that we were compelled to change ours.
    Big bully with a big stick wins again.
    I’m glad Loudon’s on the other side of the mountain!

    • A Neighbor,
      I, too, am pleased that the situation has been quickly resolved. Let’s remember that this was a mutually agreed upon resolution between the two boards. However, speaking as a Clarke County resident, I would like to encourage our community to invite the Wolf Trap President / Board of Directors to visit our wonderful Barns of Rose Hill – to see what a small community can accomplish thru the hard work and generous donations of its citizens and why we are so passionate about it – and I hope that those guests would be received with the gracious, warm hospitality that Clarke County is known for.

    • Well said. I myself could care less what go’s on over at wolf trap.glad it is on the other side of the mountain. It’s to crowded anyway!

  5. goodgracious says:

    So all that over “the”

    Wolf Trap is pathetic.

    Glad the name recognition is still there.

    the the the the good grief.

  6. All that fuss over a capital letter? Those peeps need to get a life!

  7. I’m not impressed with wolf trap. Are we supposed to thank them for their generosity?

  8. Isabelle Jaynes says:

    I still feel bitter towards Wolf Trap.

  9. The barns of rose hill may not want to oppose wolf trap”s desire to trademark the term “the barns” but if I can find out how to oppose it I will. What continued arrogance on their part.

  10. The massive response via media, social and otherwise, to Wolf Trap’s suit meant that WT got less than it wanted. At the outset it clearly wanted to bully BRH into dropping not only “The” but “Barns” as well. This turned out to be a terrible public relations blunder for them, as suddenly they were cast as the “Big Bad Wolf” and pubic opinion was heavily against them, making them fret over their image in the eyes of their customers and patrons. It’s not an oversimplification to say that they had the money and BRH had the ethical high ground. All this over a little “The”? Yes, but when you consider what they really wanted and what little BRH gave up in the end, it was a great outcome for the Barns of Rose Hill. All those who came to its defense have good reason to celebrate and to feel proud.

  11. Copyright/trademark “The Barns”??? Why not “The Earth” or “The Sky” or “The Park” or “The Playground”? Sheesh.

  12. Bottom line…they lost and they know it. In more ways than one. I will never feel as I once did about Wolf Trap. BIG blunder on their part.

  13. Sharon Strickland says:

    Our Barns of Rose Hill came out of this smelling like a Rose. Onto spring and summer and other great events coming our way at the “Barns” of Rose Hill.

    • Farmer Brown says:

      “Our Barns of Rose Hill”… Replace the “The” with “Our”… What a great Idea!! Afterall they belong to us all, the community… “Oour Barns of Rose Hill” Its got a nice ring… Someone needs to trade mark “Our Barns” and fast!!!

  14. Kathleen Fisher says:

    Congratulations to Ann for negotiating an acceptable compromise settlement.
    I am so glad that The Barns will still be the Barns and will reflect the heritage of the county.
    I agree with ProArte that in light of what Wolf Trap wanted, this is a great outcome.

  15. So only WTF can use the word “The”…so ridiculous…they honestly have nothing better to do with their time and energy?

  16. Are they attempting to make us believe that “The” is a word only they can own?

  17. I live on a farm, and now I’m afraid to call that old building outside “the barn.” I might get sued! There are barns all over the country. Why can’t they be called “The Barn(s) of . . . ” whatever location? It’s the location that distinguishes the difference, not the word “the”! I, too, think Wolftrap is being very petty.

  18. George Archibald says:

    Congratulations to Ann St. Clair Lesman and directors of The Barns of Rose Hill for heading off Wolf Trap’s bullying lawsuit. It’s obviously a pyrrhic victory for Wolf Trap that Berryville’s “Barns” agreed to drop the “The.” because that agreement is not binding on all of us in the general public, and it does not undo the actuall history and all prior publications that have The Barns of Rose Hill as the name. We can all still call it that, and this will always be the customary name regardless of what the Wolf Trap Foundation people want. Virginia will always have “The Barns of Rose Hill” in Berryville, and our state motto, “Sic Semper Tyrranus.”

  19. chip schutte says:

    It is rather difficult to refer to ‘those’ Barns at Rose Hill without an ‘article’ in front of it-“I’m going to a concert at Barns of Rose Hill”-sounds ridiculous, but face-saving often has crazy results. Just glad its over. Please refrain from using the word “the” and “Barns of Rose Hill” together from now on; maybe we can call them ‘da’ barns at rose hill……..

  20. Clarke fan says:

    Im curious. Who is going to pay for the changes that Barns of Rose Hil wil have to make to their website, signage around town, any letterhead or other admin supplies that have the word “The” in them? Is Wolf Trap going to cover the costs? I would suggest that Barns ask them to since Barns has limited budget and did not bring this issue into themselves.

  21. I’ll be curious to see whether they actually can trademark “The Barns”. Just because they want to, doesn’t mean they can.

    Regardless, this is definitely a victory for the Barns of Rose Hill. It’s pretty apparent, at least to me, that WT settled because of the ridiculousness of it all and the public outcry that reflected such.

    And at the very least, the Barns of Rose Hill received some free advertising, compliments of “competitor” WT!

  22. Crocodile Dundee says:

    How about Da Barns of Rose Hill?

  23. Farmer Brown says:

    The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew our “The” down… I will always call them “THE Barns of Rose Hill”. I ain’t afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF!!!
    With all the coverage about children bullying each other in school this is an excellent lesion to them that only those with big money can bully others.
    I am glad we got to keep the word “Barns” though. I still see and always will see Wolf Trap as The Big Bad Wolf Bully.

  24. Gee — Maybe congress could take a leaf out of our book. I am sooooo proud of our “Little” town standing up to those who thought they could blow us away. Nice try guys. You picked the wrong town.We weren’t originally called Battletown for nothing!