Osama bin Laden Killed

President Obama announced at 11:35 pm EST that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the attacks on September 11, 2001 that killed more than 3,000 Americans, is dead.

President Obama announced tonight that 9-11 Attack mastermind Osama bin Laden has been killed by American forces in Pakistan

“The images of 9-11 are seared into our national memory,” the President said. “Nearly 3000 citizens taken from us leaving a gaping hole in our hearts.”

The President said that soon after taking office he directed CIA director Leon Panetta to make the killing or capture of bin Laden a top priority. The President then recounted that in  August, US intelligence received a lead with the help of the Pakistan government that bin Laden was living in a compound in Pakistan.

After evaluating the intelligence information, Obama said that he  authorized an operation to go after bin Laden.

“This event does not mark the end of our effort,” President Obama said speaking about the war on terror. “But we must reaffirm that we are not and never will be at war with Islam.”

Obama gave few details but said that a team of American military members went to the suspected compound where bin Laden was hiding. After a firefight in which no Americans were harmed, bin Laden was killed and the American military team took possession of his body.

“Tonight justice has been done,” the President said.



  1. Awesome news! Way to go SEALS!

  2. Stonebroke says:

    They should’ve brought him back to Time Square and hung him up and used him as a Pinata!

  3. I say a country wide pig roast is in order to celebrate!

  4. Barry Obama says:

    Where you at? How do you like me now?

    • What’s the old saying, “Even a blind squirrel find s anut every once in awhile”;)

      I’m just glad he didn’t jack this up

      • Fly on the wall says:

        THAT is the best you can come up with? Wow…I know it was a bad week for you – first, you took some egg to the face on that birther nonsense. Now, the CiC showed that he DOES have the stones to authorize the kill shot. By being glad that he didn’t “jack this one up,” are you meaning like “W” did 8 years ago with that stupid “Mission Accomplished” nonsense on the carrier?

        It’s a great day for Obama, those brave SEALS, and all involved. Give credit where credit is due.

        • I’ll give ’em credit, but I am getting a little confused. Obama said that he ordered a “kill mission” and the statement was made that “This was a kill operation,” the official said, making clear there was no desire to try to capture bin Laden alive at his Pakista hideout.

          But Brennan was just on TV saying that it was “kill or capture”. Which was it?

          But otherwise, good job all around.

        • Let’s be VERY clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found OBL and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!!

          • This was a collaborative effort of past and present presidents. It doesn’t matter if you are republican or democrat-this was a joint effort. Can’t we see it as such rather than each side take credit?

          • Smellin roses says:

            Nice cut-n-paste from a viral Facebook “update” makin the rounds last night…

          • Yep, It said “repost if you like this”. I DO so I DID.

          • Although I do not care much for the one sided mentality-it seems like the right always have to prove that they are right and no one else counts-wake up. Like I stated earlier, this was a collaborative effort. Get off your “Obama didn’t win this one” high horse.

      • Looks like there’s a new Sheriff in town!

      • Mr Mister says:

        The only way Sarge and the Faux News Disciples would give Obama credit is if the operation was a failure. Thank goodness it wasn’t. There were thousands of individuals behind this mission and only Obama’s name is tied to it right now.

        • And now, despite what Leon Panetta said just yesterday, there will be no photo because it’s “too gruesome”. Yeah. Nevermind what we see every night on TV via House, CSI, Bones etc. These guys can’t even get their stories straight about what really went down.

          It’s all good though. Move along, nothing to see here.

          Just remember, the government never lies

          • Too gruesome?

            How many times did we have to endure the networks repeatedly showing people on fire jumping from the towers? I think we can handle a picture of OBL with a head wound.

          • Agreed. Let it be released…those who want to look can, those who don’t, don’t need to. Seeing a dead bin Laden would be far less tramatizing than seeing Americans falling to their death from burning towers.

          • Yet Obama was so eager to release photos of alleged prisoner abuse…

          • And American coffins being unloaded at Dover………………….

          • Bob Kelly says:

            Use your brain. There is no reason to give his cohorts ANYTHING that will galvanize them behind their martyr. The Muslim world has obviously accepted that bin Laden is dead; his daughter is doing a good job of confirming the act. Nothing else need to be said or done.


            Osama bin Laden’s young daughter has told Pakistani officials that she saw her father shot and killed by armed Americans when they raided a house here early Monday, an official with Pakistan’s spy agency said Tuesday.

          • Seems there are plenty of others that think differently


            (NewsCore) – Across the Muslim world, the killing of Usama bin Laden has unleashed a swirl of conspiracy theories, with many Pakistanis, Afghans and Arabs refusing to believe US assurances that al Qaeda’s founder is actually dead, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday

            We don’t need to plaster it on the Times Square billboard, but I think a lot of Americans and evidently some arabs need to see a picture

            As for what Osama’s daughter said, take it with a grain of salt after you consider the source.

            Of course, considering that just last year Obama was going to prosecute three SEALS for giving a terrorist a fat lip, maybe they didn’t want Bin Laden whining to an attentive Eric Holder about how he was abused by the big, bad SEALS.

            I’ve heard from some military buds that because of crap like that, they are far less likely to take prsioners now.

            In the end, I really don’t care if they shot him while “resisting” or if they executed him in the compound, as long as he ended up dead

          • But what makes a picture more convincing than anything else? I personally think he’s dead…but photos can be photoshopped just like DNA matches can be lied about. Those who don’t believe it’s true, I don’t think are going to see a picture and just say “Oh, ok, he’s dead.” But maybe I’m wrong.

            I’d love to see the picture. Not because I don’t believe, but because I’m curious.

          • “…There is no reason to give his cohorts ANYTHING that will galvanize them behind their martyr…”

            Then why release the pictures of “abused” prisoners?

            Not even those in Obama’s administration are in agreement on anything regarding this operation.

          • Bob Kelly says:

            Step outside of your hateful little world, just for once. There is no linkage between prisoner abuse and the kill mission. Stop second-guessing the work of the Seals and the courage of our Commander in Chief. It makes you look small and mean.

          • Indeed there is a correlation Bob. One of the reasons given to not release the Bin Laden photo is that it would “inflame the muslim world”. And yet, just last year they were going to release photos that would have done the exact same thing.

            And I have news for you. Parts of the muslim world hate us nearly full time anyway. They are almost always “enraged” over something, and they are always shooting at our troops. So what difference would it make? Our troops are big boys and girls, and they have weapons to shoot back with.

            So the “considering muslim sensitivities” and not wanting to “enrage the muslim” world pap is pretty weak.

            But who knows, maybe by the end of this week the adminstration can get one story out and stick with it

          • Why don’t you step outside of your preconceived notions? I’m talking about the release of pictures. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t defend not releasing the picture of a dead OBL by stating that it would only inflame the terrorists when inflaming the terrorists is exactly what happened when the prisoner pictures were released. And being afraid of inflaming them is exactly how the terrorists want us to behave.

            And now we have our technology possibly compromised with the helicopter part that wasn’t destroyed or retrieved immediately.

          • Bob Kelly says:

            There is no linkage, but the Truthers will try to forge one.

            “And now we have our technology possibly compromised with the helicopter part that wasn’t destroyed or retrieved immediately.”

            And now question the integrity of the Seals? You have no honor.

          • Mike Jenkins says:

            Save your breath on these 2 Bob.

            They hate Obama, always have and always will. Atleast most people gave Bush a chance before he ignored terrorists warnings, started 2 unfunded wars paid for by a credit card, unfunded prescription drug plan, encouraged everyone to be a homeowner, gave tax breaks to the weathly without offsetting spending…..

          • “…There is no linkage, but the Truthers will try to forge one….”

            I like to think that I demand the truth, so thanks for verifying that there is a truth. The truth is, Obama fanned the flames of the hatred of America by releasing the prisoner photos, but says he doesn’t want to fan the flames of the hatred of America so he won’t release the photos of a dead OBL.

            BTW, I’ve found it kind of humorous that the media is now referring to Osama Bin Laden as USAMA Bin Laden. Guess the WH didn’t like the constant confusion between an idiot Muslim and a dead guy.

            “…And now question the integrity of the Seals? You have no honor.”

            Now you’re just grasping at straws. I question the fact that we knew that we had left behind technology and have yet to get back there and retrieve it before the Chinese Communists or some other nutcase winds up with it and reverse engineers it.

  5. An American says:

    FINALLY! To all those who thought the US troops should have backed out of there years ago…this is why we did NOT. God Bless America!

  6. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Congratulations to President Obama, the counterterrorist forces, the intel folks, and especially the Navy SEALS and others who carried out this mission. You make the USA proud!

  7. My 2 Cents says:

    Not to bad for a Democrat CIC huh Sarge!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tony Parrott says:

    It was a “Fine NAVY Day”! Hooyah
    The reality is this operation was years in the making and spanned several administrations. I understand the guy in charge gets credit and I’m ok with that even though I’m not an Obama fan.
    I do think it’s interesting that a piece of information that got this ball rolling came out of GITMO.

    • And it appears that “Enhanced techniques” were used to get some of the intel.

    • It didn’t come out of GITMO. It came out of one of the CIA’s secret prisons. But it did come from enhanced techniques.

      • I guess now Osama……..er……Obama is going to allow that nitwit Holder to continue exploring whether or not to prosecute the CIA interrogators that got the information about Bin Laden out of the terrorist prisoners.


        When the president approached her table, Burlingame said she told him that as a former attorney she knows he can’t tell the attorney general what to do – an assessment the president agreed with, she said.

        “And I said, but that shouldn’t stop you from offering your opinion. After all, we wouldn’t be here celebrating today if they hadn’t done their job,” she said. “And they have the hammer of a possible indictment over their heads. Can’t you at least give him your opinion?”

        The president replied that he wouldn’t, she said. She added, “And he turned around and walked away.”

        What a “gutsy” call. Sheesh

  9. Snowcat says:

    To All our service men and women…Thank You!!!

    Toby Keith put it very well…Brought to you courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.