Video: Roof Fire at Berryville Graphics

Fire and rescue units from around the area responded to a roof fire at Berryville Graphics in Berryville, Virginia today. The fire sent hundreds of employees into the plant parking lot as firefighters searched the building for the source of smoke coming from the roof.

Photo Edward Leonard

A commercial fire alarm at Berryville Graphics, located at 25 Jack Enders Boulevard, led to the discovery of a rooftop fire at the rear of the building. Fire and Rescue personnel from Clarke and Front Royal entered the building to ensure the fire was contained to the exterior.

Crews prepare to pump water onto the roof of Berryville Graphics - Photo Edward Leonard

Winchester, Jefferson, Frederick, and Loudoun county engine companies, as well as EMS Companies 1 and 4 were called to assist at around 12:20 pm.

Upon examining the rooftop Clarke and Front Royal firefighters located a smoldering area. Firefighters lifted material on the roof before locating the sources of fire.

Staff investigate the source of a fire at Berryville Graphics - Photo Edward Leonard

As of 12:35 additional manpower and materials were still needed to lift the “membrane” type material to search for additional smoldering spots or flare-ups.  At 12:50 pm the interior of the building was considered safe for employees to re-enter.

Meanwhile, fire and safety personnel continued to work on the exterior rooftop.

Personnel on the scene said that crews inside the plant were covering the plant’s printing presses and other machinery with plastic to prevent damage before water crews on the roof began spraying water to put out the smoldering fire.

An employee who had evacuated into the parking area reported seeing “black billowing smoke” in the center of the building when the fire alarm sounded. Another employee said that a new fire alarm system had been installed in the plant last week.

“It looks like the new alarm system works great,” the employee said.

There were no reports of injuries at the scene of the fire as of 1:00pm. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


  1. Just FYI…

    Front Royal was not on the fire. It was John H. Enders Fire and Rescue, Boyce Fire and Rescue, Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue, and Greenwood Fire and Rescue. The 2nd alarm that had been requested was going to bring multiple other companies from other agencies, but it was placed in service quickly due to the quick actions by the units on scene with the staff employees that had already started to attack the fire.

    Many thanks to everyone that was there from fire and rescue that assisted on the call!