Brother of Gail Smith Charged with Solicitation to Commit Murder

As a result of the ongoing investigation into the July 2009 murder of Berryville resident Gail Smith, authorities have charged Timothy Smith Jr., brother of the deceased council member, with solicitation to commit her murder.

Timothy Smith Jr. had previously been charged for this same offense by a Prince Edward County Grand Jury in January 2011. That indictment was set aside by an order of nolle prosequi by the Prince Edward County Commonwealth’s Attorney in January 2012 due to logistical concerns with a witness for the prosecution.

Now Smith has been re-indicted in Prince Edward County and charged with solicitation to commit murder based on additional evidence in the case. On April 17, 2012 Investigator Greg Frenzel of the Berryville Police Department presented the Prince Edward County Grand Jury information stemming from the murder investigation of Gail Smith which uncovered an alleged solicitation to commit murder plot during May through July of 2009. The Grand Jury returned a true bill indictment, and subsequently Timothy Smith Jr. was arrested in Prince Edward County on April 24, 2012 for the charge of solicitation to commit murder.

Timothy Smith Jr. is currently being held without bond at the Piedmont Regional Jail. He is scheduled to appear for an advisement hearing in Prince Edward County Circuit Court on April 26, 2012.

The matter of the July 2009 murder of Gail Smith continues to be an active investigation being conducted by members of the Berryville Police Department, Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, and Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations.


  1. livein22611 says:

    Very glad to see progress on this case. I understand why things are moving slow but hopeful those who did this horrible crime will serve a lot of time. (Redacted)

  2. Out of curiosity, the crime was committed here, why is he being charged in PE county?

    CDN Editor: We’ve passed your question on to the Clarke County Commonwealth Attorney and will post the reply (if received).

    • The murder was committed here. But, the crime charged to Mr. Smith is “solicitation to commit her murder”. Which I believe, according to reports happened in Prince Edward County..

  3. Suni Mackall says:

    Prince Edward County I believe has indicted on “solicitation” to commit murder. Their “solicitation” evidence stems from matters that happened in Prince Edward County, not Clarke County. And the actual murder involved a different set of circumstances…..which is still under investigation.

    Suni Mackall, Clarke County Commonwealth Attorney

  4. no good! says: