Broy Clinches Democratic Nomination for 27th District State Senate

The Shaun Broy for State Senate campaign announced today that it has clinched the Democratic Nomination for the 27th District State Senate seat currently held by incumbent Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel and a spot on the November 8, 2011 ballot.

The campaign was officially notified by a statement from the district’s nominating committee on Monday morning that states: “Shaun Broy was the only candidate that filed by the deadline for the Democratic Nomination for 27th District State Senate seat, and his filing was correct, in order and included a cashier’s check for the filing fee.   Pursuant to the Democratic Party of Virginia rules, the caucus scheduled to take place on August 16, 2011 shall be canceled and we officially declare Shaun Broy as our nominee. Please notify our local constituents that Shaun Broy is our nominee,” said Suzette Matthews, Chair of the 27th Senate Nominating Committee.

The campaign that started out as an independent bid for the seat, changed course and was able to land the Democratic Nomination in just 20 days.

“I am honored to accept the Democratic Nomination for the 27th District State Senate seat. We look forward to continuing our campaign, with the firm belief that our politics must change, so that government will work again and produce better results.” Broy added “We fully expect to win this election. We are in it, to win it,”


  1. I wish u the best Shaun, however I don’t think you can compete with the Money Machine that is Jill Vogel…. Best of Luck….

  2. Thank you… But… I believe that I speak on behalf of the majority of voters in the 27th District… when I say… THIS SEAT IS THE PEOPLE’S SEAT AND IT IS NOT FOR SALE!

  3. Good move on your part ditching the whacko green party

  4. “Pay to play” & disproportionate special interest access are undisciplined practices of ‘career politicians’ and have played a large role in nearly ruining our political system. These practices are more geared towards preserving power than representing the taxpayers effectively. Voters are fed up with the destructive foolishness of ‘business as usual’ politics. And, that frustration has been motivating people (just as effectively as campaign dollars) to do something about it at the polls! See you in November!:)

  5. I say we go with our hometown boy! Broy was born and raised in Clarke County… We’d finally have someone that would definitely fight for us down in Richmond!


    • I guess you haven’t seen what Obama and the Democrats have done to the country the last three years, huh?

  6. No, but I saw first hand what Dubbya did for 8 yrs and caused all this Colonial!!!!!