Broy Extends Second Invitation to Vogel for Debate

Democratic candidate Shaun Broy has renewed his call for an open debate with incumbent Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel. The Senator declined a previous request. Broy’s campaign released the following letter:


The Shaun Broy for State Senate campaign announced today that it has once again extended an invitation to Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel to debate at any time, any place. This is a participatory democracy that we are a part of and by dodging debates between the candidates; Senator Holtzman-Vogel alienates the citizens of our diverse communities.

Senator Holtzman-Vogel declined the original request issued by Mr. Broy on September 16, 2011.

“I believe all voters in our district, regardless of political affiliation, should hear directly from their potential candidates regarding their prospective platforms,” Broy said. “The voters deserve to understand where each of us stands on the issues that are important to their lives and debates give us an opportunity to distinguish ourselves from each other. This provides clarity for the voters.”

The justifications of such a challenge are outlined below.

  • The voters in the 27th senate district deserve to hear directly from all candidates who wish to represent them in Richmond. The recent redistricting has created a different and diverse district. Mr. Broy believes these debates will provide an opportunity to reach as many constituents as possible throughout the area which covers Frederick County, the City of Winchester, Clarke County, Fauquier County, parts of Loudoun, Culpeper and Stafford Counties. The voters deserve to hear how each candidate distinguishes them and where they stand on important issues.
  • Mr. Broy looks forward to working with organizations that want to hear from both candidates. Groups are needed who are willing to provide a fair and impartial moderator(s), as well as fair locations for the debates. Additionally, Mr. Broy wishes to work with the campaigns of Senator Holtzman-Vogel and Mr. Marro to ensure that these debates are held by mutually agreed upon rules.
  • Mr. Broy’s objective is to provide voters with thoughtful discussions regarding the issues that matter most. Through these debates, the constituents of the 27th senate district will have the opportunity to hear what the candidates have to say regarding fundamental, yet critical issues which directly affect the voters. Mr. Broy looks forward to distinguishing himself, in Richmond, as a voice of truth and honesty, who will fight vigorously on behalf of the citizens of 27th senate district.

“I look forward to the opportunity to participate with Senator Holtzman-Vogel and Mr. Marro in a series of good spirited discussions regarding important issues facing the 27th State Senatorial District and The Commonwealth of Virginia. The voters of our district deserve nothing less,” Broy added.


  1. I think Mr. Broy should stop wasting his time on getting Jill to debate or even appear on the same stage with him. Her posture on the debates issue speaks for itself. She is a coward and considers Mr. Broy beneath her because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth like she was…

    Support BIG OIL… Vote Jill HOLTZMAN Vogel.