Broy Files Charges Claiming Discrimination by Shenandoah University

Shaun Broy was the Democratic candidate for Virginia's 27th State Senate District

Stephens City resident Shaun Broy announced today that he has filed the appropriate paperwork with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, field office in Washington, D.C., charging Shenandoah University with violation of federal laws prohibiting discrimination and retaliatory treatment in the workplace. The filing references the discriminatory and retaliatory actions taking place between July 25, 2011 and December 5, 2011.

“I have been unemployed since my termination from Shenandoah University on December 5, 2011,” Broy said. “This action is especially concerning to me due to all of the other factors that were involved, including my love and loyalty to the institution. My roots run deep there, but apparently not deep enough.” He added, “No one will ever know the full extent of the grief and persecution I endured on a daily basis. This is not that difficult of a situation to figure out. The residents of the valley aren’t stupid.”

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to discriminate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit. The laws apply to all types of work situations, including hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages, and benefits.

“Shenandoah University has committed an especially malicious and reckless act of discrimination against me and has caused a great deal of mental anguish, inconvenience, and loss of enjoyment in my life,” Broy said. “The EEOC system is in place for a very good reason, to act in the common good of us all and I am confident that it will find that Shenandoah University is in the wrong once this process has had a full opportunity to play out.”

“I can’t make any further comment at this time related to the specifics of the charges filed,” Broy added. “As for me, this is a difficult time of the year for this to happen to anyone, but I will be just fine. I wish everyone a very enjoyable Holiday Season. The truth will prevail.”

Director of Media Relations at Shenandoah University, Emily Burner, declined to answer specific questions on the matter limiting the University’s official response to, “The university is aware that Shaun Broy has filed a charge, and we are interested in letting the process run its course.”



  1. Some pertinent information was left out of this article. A complaint was filed against Shenandoah University, following Broy’s unsuccessful run for the 27th District state Senate seat against Jill Holtzman Vogel. The Democratic candidate that ran against Jill Holtzman Vogel in 2007, was also an employee of SU and treated very negatively by the university and was under intense pressure in order to keep her job.

    What the article fails to connect or even mention is that Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel”s father, William B. Holtzman, serves on the Shenandoah University Board of Trustees, and is a major monetary donor to the school. Is there a possibility that the GOBN [Good Ol’ Boy Network] is in play in the Valley? GASP!!!

    Respectfully, I’d ask that the Clarke Daily News and other local newspapers raises it’s performance bar for reporters, or show a little less partisan favoritism in it’s job of delivering the news. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Broy was fired by SU!

    • I don’t know, it’s not like SU, being an arts college, is a bastion of conservative thinking. Perhaps they just like people to focus on their jobs and not extracirricular activities

    • True journalists do not publish innuendo and blatant speculations. I commend the CDN on the coverage they provide.

  2. I do not think that this charge by Mr. Broy had anything to do with extracurricular activities, considering it is on the basis of discrimination. These activities are not protected under federal law. They may have been a precursor to eventual action by the university, but I seriously doubt Mr. Broy would proceed in such a manner without some sort of justification and evidence that covers this treatment under the umbrella of law. I have worked with him in the past, about five years ago and know he is very methodical about any move he makes. He was known as someone who knew the answers to the questions he asked, prior to even asking them in the first place. There is a lot more to this story than we know… You can bet on that fact!

    I wan’t a huge fan of his, until after he left the company. I think he is a very, very underestimated individual and unpredictable to say the least. I know that Shenandoah University is pretty concerned about the matter, and has had a few crisis intervention meetings in regards to this matter. This knowledge is thanks to inside information! Always nice to have….

    Something isn’t adding up here… and if I connect the dots, I will let you know! You know where I stand, but of course I could be in the wrong. :-/

    • Who knows? Time will tell.

      I might be more inclined to think he was somehow shafted, but this is the same cat that thought it would be a good idea to lodge complaints against the two sheriffs for not endorsing him during the election.

      Not a sign of someone who is “methodical” or thinks things through. In fact, from the outside looking in, it looks more and more like Mr Broy is someone that likes to play the victim card when things don’t go his way

  3. I think being fired from your job, a couple weeks before Christmas… considering the circumstances we know, would justify him as a victim of an unjust act in my book if you ask me. To be honest, I would throw the book at them if they treated me wrong and not be shy about it at all. This is a guy who ran for office and then filed charges against the sheriffs that were fully against party rules, then got fired from his job most likely because of Holtzman being on the college board and called for his head to roll. Let be honest here… Money doesn’t talk, it YELLS! This has dirty rotten politics written allllll over it and you guys know this is the case. Let the egos and political affiliations go for a moment or two… Let’s call it what it is and be done with it… WRONG!

    Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!

  4. Like I said, time will tell. If he let his job responsibilities go to **** while he was running, or did something stupid to get fired, then I really don’t care what time of year it is, employers have a right to do that.

    If the good ol’ by network did indeed go to work here , then he has a case, if he can prove it.

    And there lies the elephant in the room. Just like filing charges against the sheriffs, you have to ask, “What good will that do?”. Even if there was cronyism, can you prove it?

    Say he wins his case. Will SU hire him back? And what kind of work environment will he be in after all that? If he looks for another job, everyone will know him as a guy that raised **** over a technicality in an election that he lost handily and a guy that will sue you if you look at him wrong.

    A lose/lose

    My point is, move on with your life, don’t file charges or sue someone every time you feel wronged

  5. Voice of Reason says:

    Karen Schultz, Dean of the Pharmacy School at S.U.., ran a very vigorous campaign again Jill Vogel in 2007. She wasn’t fired. It’s not fair to either Mr. Broy or the university to pass judgement before the facts are better known. As for filing a suite; in today’s job market, would you rather say, in your next interview ,that you were fired or “wrongly” fired?

  6. Fly Swatter says:

    As stated before, this guy just loves the attention. As long as CDN continues to cover him, he’ll keep this up. This, is not news. Having a pedophile arrested, charged, incarcerated from within the community is news (not reported by CDN for some reason I might add).

  7. been here a long time says:

    Shaun has every right to file a lawsuit. That is what makes this country great, if you feel you are wronged then you have a means to address it. Whether you agree with it or not, please don’t think he should not have the right to do so.

    • Another View says:

      This country is great because you can file a frivolous lawsuit against another? I do not think so.

      No one maintains a right to another’s property or labors, and employers should be permitted to discharge an employee for any reason or no reason at all. Mr. Broy maintains no claim on a job at Shenandoah University.

      • I agree with your point about frivilous lawsuits but at this point in time, we have no idea if his lawsuit is legit or not. You shouldn’t automatically assume it’s not.

  8. Concerative Guy says:

    Perfect man for his party. Nothing he does could be his fault, instead of looking within he decides to lawyer up and sue his ex-employers. I notice that the CDN didn’t bother to tell us why he is suing them. How was this discrimination enacted? I heard a rumor the other day at the office, the employer can still discriminate against the unproductive.

  9. what allegations? the E- paper never says!! Once again this Blog does not idenify the articles content!

  10. Another View says:

    I have a hunch that Mr. Broy’s complaint is not cognizable under the law. This is likely just a sad attempt to gain attention, at the expense of his former employer.

  11. Conservative Guy says:

    Please Mr Broy, Tell us how you were discriminated against? Did you get a poor review? Did you not do your job correctly?

  12. To Another View —

    NO employer has ANY right to dismiss an employee without cause. That is obscene of you state that.

    Termination should only occur FOR cause.

    Virginia is a terrible place for workers. Corporations here have all the power and fire like nothing I have seen before. This is also the highest network of Nepotists that I have ever seen. “We hire family and only interview external candidates to stay within the arm the of the law.”

    I can list the companies that I’ve worked for here these last 13 years who fired 1 worker to hire on their out-of-work, down in the luck brother … with NO skills for the job or qualifications.

    Irresponsible of you to make that comment.

    • Why don’t you move to a “workers paradise” state like Maryland or New York then? If an employer wants to hire family members that are unqualified, that’s on them and their bottom line will suffer. Nobody “owns” a job unless they are the owner of the business. The free market weeds out those businesses that make poor hiring choices.
      Whats “obscene” is your communist drivel.

    • Another View says:

      First Clemato, I accurately stated the law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Second, it was not “[i]rresponsible” of me to make my comments. If I own a company, I also own the jobs. It is my money at risk. It is my reputation. It is my vision. If I choose to hire or fire someone, that is my decision, and no one else’s. If I make the right decision, I profit. If I make the wrong decision, I suffer. That sir, is life.

    • In Virginia, you have very little protection when it comes to your job. Unless you have an employment contract that defines how you can be fired, under Virginia law, you can be fired for any reason other than your race, age, gender or religious beliefs.

      Virginia is also an “at will” employment state which means employers (unless you have a contract that states otherwise) can let go of employees at will, without reason or notice.

  13. Roscoe Evans says:

    So, you think Maryland and New York are socialist states?

    Sorry, but that’s just not funny. And Clemato’s right: Virginia is a great place for new businesses in part because its laws simply fail to protect its workers. Any employment rights attorney will tell you that, whether he represents business or labor.

  14. Another View says:

    Maryland and New York are not only socialist states, they teeter on the communist borderline. The “Free State” [Maryland] is definitely not free.

  15. I can’t believe that anyone can read this and pretty much not instantly know that this action is politically motivated. Do not believe for one second that Karen Schultz didn’t suffer consequences from SU and college board member Bill Holtzman. (Aka “Daddy”and MAJOR college donor) She would never be allowed to publicly talk about “the truth” in which she almost suffered the same exact fate as Broy.

    This IS news. This made EVERY other area paper’s front page. It also seems to me that every time his name appears on here, some people (ALOT actually) seem to care. One article saw what had to be a record for over 100 comments! Afterall, Your reading it aren’t you????

    I have met Mr. Broy on many occasions and know of him to be a very caring, compassionate and respectful gentleman. He may have may some mistakes along the way with his campaign, and he has admitted that on here in fact. I am not afraid to admit that I have made some BIG mistakes along the way in this life of mine. It seems as though others on here go week after week as perfect individuals their entire lives. It was basically him against the world. The fact that he was able to get 25% of the vote, jumping in very late in the game, using pretty much no money, versus incumbent Senator Holtzman Vogel’s $500,000+ and campaign army is quite an accomplishment to say the very least!

    THIS is exactly the type of person I would want on my team…. Move on Shaun… Hold your head high…. Shenandoah’s loss! This does not reflect well on that place at all. Not much has since Dr. James Davis retired. Go figure.

    What goes around comes around….

    • Another View says:

      If Mr. Broy’s firing was “political”, then he does not have a legal case against Shenandoah U. But you have no evidence that his firing was “political”, just as you have no evidence that Karen Shultz suffered any consequences.

      Perhaps now would be a good time to cease the Holtzman bashing?

  16. Shaun Broy says:

    Hello all… I was surprised to see this story still up on the main page, but decided to check out some of your comments. As you realize, I am pretty much limited regarding what I can say, but I truly wish that I didn’t have all this drama continue in my life. It isn’t easy reading the “Broy” bashing either, but you just keep moving forward. A few weeks ago I was a state senate candidate, had a full-time job, car, and life seemed to be OK at least. I now am going to be on food stamps and struggling just to make it one day to the next. I certainly am I asking for, nor do I expect your sympathy.

    I do appreciate the kind words that some of you have shared and reading some of the other reasonable responses as well.

    I will make a basic comment to clear things up just a little. This action that I have taken with the EEOC is not based on politics at all. There is no mention of politics. The E.E.O.C. has nothing to do with political matters whatsoever and I am well aware of this fact. My charges fall under the umbrella of protections that the E.E.O.C. does work hard under federal law to enforce and protect employees from experiencing in the workplace.

    I am sure this will be a rather drawn out process, but I am confident in what I have to present and this only strengthens my resolve.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone all the best in 2012! God bless you all…

    Take care.

    • Another View says:

      He does not have a case.

      • Shaun Broy says:

        I don’t even know how one can even draw an opinion from not even knowing any facts related to something.

        I think we may have found our next great politician!!!

        What office are you running for? 🙂

        • Another View says:

          You were not fired for race, sex, or religious beliefs, that much I know. You made a vague reference to an “umbrella” of protections. Given the EEOC’s predispositions and activist staff, my guess is that you are claiming a sexual orientation discrimination. The problem with that is, of course, that it is not covered by existing statute.

          Am I correct?

        • Another View says:

          By the way; you are not limited by what you can say about this case. You, as the complainant, can say anything you wish. It’s called the First Amendment.

  17. Shaun Broy says:

    Hmmm… Good cheap shot at labelling me as a Homosexual. BUT… If sexual orientation was a protected classification under federal law, (which I have no shame in saying it should be) maybe one could let it slide as something other than a low blow and a prejudice remark making an assumption supported once again without one single fact. I support equality for all, in a country where all men were created equal. Your ignorance to the fact that someone can be treated differently in the workplace in terms of pay, performance reviews, promotional opportunities and yes even be fired for the simple fact that they are gay
    is perfectly legal under federal law is rather surprising for those of you whose arrogance of “knowing it all” no matter if you certainly do screw a lot of well known facts up. I am certainly not offended by your prejudice, I am proud to have had a lot of GLBT support and some very close friends in the community.

    I am however taken back by the gumption that many of you display on a daily basis, hidden by the masks of your user names. Your boldness is so brave that the magnifying effect that it has on your true cowardice is equally as bold. Playing a losing hand of this gotcha game is childish and again a poor opportunity you pounced on to call into question my sexual orientation. How little you each actually prove you know gets revealed with each comment you leave on these comment sections. It’s time to change those masks you all hide under, cause those old worn out, stained clown masks belong in a circus far better than you even deserve and are starting to really smell from all the **** you have been shovelling out on here day after day.

    Your ignorance, prejudice and true character can’t be disguised any longer. The fact that I lost a state senate election, filed complaints against two individuals who clearly and blatehtly broke party rules and have filed an EEOC case against my former employer have absolutely nothing to do with the true content of my character, but your very choice of words certainly have everything to do with yours. Yes… I am calling you out on the basis of your character, which I certainly would not be proud of having…

    Take your ignorance and character with you on the way down, when your time comes. They are expe ting you. You no longer deserve my attention or shall I waste anther single moment acknowledging your existence on here….

    Answer: Documented A.D.A. protected DISABILITY!!!

    And now you know the rest of the story….

    • Another View says:

      ADA is another way to describe being distracted by other activities, such as running for office, playing politics, and excoriating others with no basis in fact, other than poorly concealed anger.

      You scream for attention, then cry foul when you get it. Unless it is adoring you apparently think that you are off limits to criticism.

      Your character is defined by many things, including your actions. And your actions in filing suit against your former employer and attacking those who opposed your candidacy do not state positive things about your character.

  18. “You no longer deserve my attention or shall I waste anther single moment acknowledging your existence on here…. ”

    Sure you will, because it’s what you do, as demonstrated by your actions both in this instance and during the elections. Was it not you that said we didn’t know “The big picture” when you were defending your ill advised action as far as calling out the sheriffs? That you couldn’t say anything but it would come out later at a press conference you never showed for? Then you tucked tail and disappeared after the pubic backlash.

    Now you have this kerfuffle, come on here and say “As you realize, I am pretty much limited regarding what I can say” and yet…………….here you are, speaking when just a while ago it was a big state secret

    Someone called it earlier…………attention ho.

  19. Shaun Broy says:

    Bigotry to obviousy something to be proud of these days.

  20. Shaun Broy says:

    Cowardly bigots at that…

  21. ‘Cowardly bigots at that…”

    Got a joke for you. What do you call a conservative winning a fight with a liberal? Give up? A bigot. Get it?

    Like I said, you’re back…………..already. You can’t even keep to your own word in that respect.

    BTW, aren’t those on the left always telling us “gay is OK”, that it’s “natural” and all that hoo haa?

    If that’s the case, and it’s one of your core beliefs, why get so worked up?

    • Why must you continue to taunt him, Sarge? We get it…you’re no better than a sandlot bully. Give it a rest and just leave it alone.

      • Taunt? Nah. Pointing out the fooliness of his ways? Absolutely.

        Here’s a link to the EEOC website. Take a look. Another government agency soaking the taxpayers

        The EEOC has sued the nation-wide Texas Roadhouse chain of restaurants
        The EEOC has sued Bass Pro Outdoor World for employment discrimination

        Why am I, as a taxpayer, paying for this crap? Why am I paying for Mr Broy to go whining about his termination or some perceived slight? If you think you have been wronged, go get a lawyer on your own dime and sue someone then. Lord knows there are enough laws on the books to protect every group on the planet

        And as CC pointed out, it was Mr Broy himself that ANNONCED to the world what he was doing. Why? Why make an announcement to the whole world?

        Most people don’t conduct their lives in that manner. They take responsiblity and move on.

        Maybe he should do the same

  22. clarke conservative says:

    What I would like to know is who brought this lawsuit to the attention of the newspapers? I don’t think it would have been Shenandoah University. They would not want the publicity. I don’t think it would be public information yet because it is pending litigation. Why would someone want to continue to bring attention to themselves? I have heard the limelight is addicting, but at the price of bringing constant public ridicule?

    To paraphrase someone else.

    Hmmmm ……

  23. Another View says:

    Mr. Broy wants government to kiss his boo boo and make the other kids be nice to him. That’s not life, sir, and it never has been so.

    Instead of whining about your tough life, why don’t you put some effort into improving it, instead of blaming others?