Broy Lodges Complaint Against Local Democrats

Shaun Broy, who lost his bid for the 27th District Virginia State Senate seat, has filed formal complaints with the Clarke County and Winchester city Democratic parties claiming that officers of the two forums violated party rules by endorsing the incumbent candidate Republican Jill Vogel during the recent election.

In letters filed with both the Clarke and Winchester Democratic parties, Broy alleges that Clarke County Sheriff Anthony W. Roper and Winchester Sheriff Lenny Millhollland, both members of their local Democratic Committees, supported Republican Vogel in violation of Democratic Party rules.

A campaign mailer issued by Republican Senator Jill Vogel featured Clarke County Sheriff Anthony W. Roper and Winchester Sheriff Lenny Millhollland

“Mr. Roper and Mr. Millholland blatantly supported, endorsed, and assisted Republican State Senate candidate, Jill Holtzman Vogel in the 2011 election” Broy said in complaints sent to MaryDale Jackson, Chair of the Winchester Democratic Party and Sue Liggett Clarke County Democratic Committee chair. “Mr. Roper and Mr. Millholland submitted a letter, along with other area sheriffs, to various newspapers endorsing Senator Vogel’s candidacy and appeared in numerous mailers sent out by the Republican candidate highlighting support of her candidacy.”

Broy is formally requesting that Roper and Millholland be removed from their respective Democratic Committees, an action that Broy says should be “automatic” based on a widely circulated “letter to the editor” and on a campaign flyer issued by “Vogel for Senate” late in the campaign.

Broy calls the two documents “clear and convincing evidence” of Democratic Party rule violations.

However, Clarke County Sheriff Tony Roper says that at the time of his endorsement for Vogel he was not aware that Broy was the Democratic Party’s choice for the Senate race.

“During the recent campaigns for elected offices, I attended many meetings of the Democratic Party, particularly early in the summer months as the party was choosing the candidates for the November elections” Roper said on Sunday. “This included the mass meeting/caucus where the candidates were actually designated. During that process, I do not remember Mr. Broy ever being present, and he certainly never spoke to me about his campaign. I am certain that I missed meetings, but based on what I read from Mr. Broy he was seeking the Senate seat as an Independent candidate.”

At some point during the campaign season – Roper says that he’s not certain exactly when – he was asked to endorse a letter of support for Senator Vogel from several local Sheriffs. Roper says that he agreed to sign the letter because “Senator Vogel has been a steadfast supporter of Sheriffs during her tenure in the Senate, and I agreed to sign on to the letter explaining our perception of that support.”

Roper said that his support for Vogel was not a repudiation of his allegiance to the Democratic Party.

However, Broy disputes Roper’s recollection of the campaign’s chronology. Broy also says that has never been a nominee for the Independent Green party or supported an Independent Green party candidate, although Broy says that he is unsure whether or not the Independent Green party may have endorsed him at some during the campaign . However, Broy did confirm running for three days as what he termed as an “Independent Democrat” while trying to gather signatures to get on the ballot.

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“I was declared the official Democratic nominee on Monday, August 15th” Broy said. “Mr. Roper was very aware that I was the Democratic nominee, when I interacted with him towards the end of the Clarke County Fair where I spent four nights at the Democratic booth. He stopped by another night as well to say ‘Hello’. He was fully aware that I was the nominee.”

Broy also says that Sheriff Roper posed for the photos with Senator Vogel well after the September 28th “letter to the editor”, which Broy says was originally written by Sheriff Millholland and then signed off on by Sheriff Roper as well as others, had been published.

“Sheriff Roper continued to support her candidacy with full knowledge of my candidacy,” Broy said.

Broy’s says that he is filing his complaint is based on the Virginia Democratic Party Plan’s Section 10.8 regarding Party Support:

“No Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee. If a Democratic committee member is accused of undertaking such public activity, the appropriate Democratic committee shall vote on whether the member has undertaken such public activity.  The member’s removal from the committee shall be automatic if the committee finds that the member has engaged in such public activity. Such action shall not be taken without at least ten (10) days written notice to the accused member and an opportunity for him or her to refute such charges.”

Broy said that weekend discussions with Winchester’s MaryDale Jackson indicated that the Winchester Democratic Party may meet as early as Monday to consider Broy’s complaint. Broy said that he had not been able to reach Clarke County Democratic Party chair Sue Liggett as of Sunday evening.

“These committees are not going to be very thrilled to say the least about this news. To be honest, that is of very little concern to me right now,” Broy said on Sunday. “They had plenty of opportunity to deal with this during the election, as letter after letter was published and mailer after mailer hit mailboxes. Their silence spoke louder than any words they could say. It is what it is, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with very little support.”

Jill Holtzman Vogel ultimately went on to win the Virginia 27th District Senate seat with 24,532 votes to Broy’s 7,629.



  1. Shaun Broy says:

    That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, supported by actual facts and evidence, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know in your heart is wrong. People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest. Mr. Roper is a GOOD man, but sometimes good people make mistakes… Decisions DO however have consequences. It is just an unfortunate situation. I believe the Sheriff fully understood what he was doing was against Democratic Party rules, whether it was in September when the letter of endorsement was signed or October, when the pictures for Jill Vogel’s campaign materials were taken. I attended the August, September, and October meetings of the Clarke County Democratic Committee and Sheriff Roper was not present. The news of my nomination was reported on here, as well as the other area papers. This is the truth. It is also an unfortunate situation, but ultimately this action in which I have chosen to take is the appropriate step in addressing the situation according to the Democratic Party rules, which any Democratic committee member, candidate, or elected official is held to following if they chose to be a member of The Democratic Party. Truth is generally the best vindication of all… and by far the only safe ground to stand on. It speaks for itself. I have no further comment at this time.

    • good keep it that way.. your embarrassing yourself..

    • Those first two sentences could have been spoken by John Adams (specifically regarding the quasi-war with France). Truth is an absolute defense. Seems to me that if the Democratic Party wants to gain ground here in Clarke, then members of their own committees ought not to be supporting candidates from another party. I can understand if Sheriff Roper wants to support Jill Vogel. But if doing so violates the rules (section 10.8) then he should recuse himself.

      Whether Mr Broy’s filing will be detrimental to his political future with the Democratic Party I will leave for others to debate. It may, however, be in the best, long term interest of said party. I do not support all of Mr. Broy’s views but the filing seems justified.

      • If someone else filed the complaint with the local Democrat committees then it could possibly be construed as a stickler pursuing the letter of the law. I am sorry, with Mr. Broy filing it sounds like ‘Sour Grapes’.

        The outcome was 74.7% to 23.2%. News flash – Sheriff Roper endorsing Jill Vogel is not the reason you lost.

        • I lost decisively. There is no doubt about that…

          This is an issue regarding the Democratic Party and it’s rules. Do I think that if these gentlemen didn’t endorse Vogel, that I would have won? NO.

          I know both of the Sheriffs personally and believe they are very competent public servants, but they clearly broke party rules.

          If they want to vote for someone else other than a Democrat, then that is their right and I would fight to protect it. They should have walked softly through the grass, kept their opinions to their selves and voted for who they believed was the best person for the job.

          They showed serious lack of judgement and disrespect towards not just me, but their party by choosing to basically shout their support of Jill Vogel from the mountain tops. They broke the party rules. There are ramifications for breaking such rules. It is that simple.

          I encourage them to become Independent officials/candidates, so that they can do as they please from now on. They both would be just fine. They are fine public servants and wouldn’t have much trouble at all being reelected.

          I honestly wish them both only the best.


          Shaun Broy

  2. “A famished Fox saw some clusters of ripe black grapes hanging from a trellised vine. He resorted to all his tricks to get at them, but wearied himself in vain, for he could not reach them. At last he turned away, beguiling himself of his disappointment, and saying: “The Grapes are sour, and not ripe as I thought.”

  3. Kristine Stubbs says:

    I was at the Frederick and Clarke County Fairs with Shaun. It may not have been clear for the Frederick County Fair, however I can assure you that for the Clarke County Fair, it was well known that Shaun was the Democratic candidate. I can tell you that by August, it was clear that Shaun was running for the Democratic Nomination. He was directly involved at the Clarke County Fair with the the Democratic Booth and their information was within 5 feet of each other. Again I did not see Tony at the July Clarke County Democratic Committee meeting.

  4. Shaun – Why have you failed to file your legally required campaign finance reports??? Still.

  5. Kristine Stubbs says:

    I know that Tony Roper would have had to have first hand knowlege of Shaun’s upcoming senatorial election. Shaun helped with the Clarke County Booth and Tony’s literature was within feet os Shaun’s. It may have been questionable in July, but there is no excuse that they could not have known by October when the picture was taken. Shaun regularly attended all of the 27th district committees from July on. I don’t know the rules but I am positive about the facts.

  6. “Broy also says that has never been a nominee for the Independent Green party or supported an Independent Green party candidate, although Broy says that he is unsure whether or not the Independent Green party may have endorsed him at some during the campaign”

    As I recall, the fact that you appeared on the Green Party website, and appeared to have Green Party support, was pointed out to you awhile back right here in these forums.

  7. Another View says:

    Son, burning a bridge while standing on its span is just not smart.

  8. I thought you said you jumped in aas you saw that no one else wanted to run! I for one along with a lot of people I know around the county had no idea who you were and being a democrat did not vote for you because of the lack of knowledge about you. Makes me feel better knowing that our sherrif just does not just voete because of the party that he is in but waits for the FACTS! you certainly are not building up a good reputation for any future endeavors…………I call this just a sore loser syndrome!

    • Really? you voted without knowledge of both candidates. That is smart, don’t you think? Broy is right for doing what he did, as a past officer of the Republican Party, we would have and did, kick any Republican out that publicly supported a Democrat. Good job Mr. Broy….

  9. Stonebroke says:

    Don’t join the committee–if you don’t want to support it!

    • The odds were long against me getting elected, but I felt called by civic duty to run when no one else would,” Broy said. “I was behind from the beginning in almost every category imaginable. But, whatever the result turns out to be tonight I plan on holding my head high knowing that I gave it my best. In the end I just didn’t have the resources necessary to reach the summit.”

      And don’t run as a DEMOCRAT just because no one else was running! This is a direct quote from the canidate himself. He was an unknown to many and now he will only be remembered because of this!

    • Vogel has vigorously supported law enforcement, republican or democrat. You don’t see her constituency crying about any betrayal… It is only right and just that sheriff’s and for that matter people in general will support the folks that have supported them… We all want the best people in these positions.. It’s nice to see at least locally Dems and Rep. can support one another because they obviously can get [redacted] done in Washington…

      • Fly on the wall says:

        I think you’re missing the point, GOPJunkie…Sheriffs Roper and Millholland, both known Democrats and at least one (Roper) being on the local Democratic Committee, openly supported a non-Democrat candidate. They were shown both in her mailers, and in pictures taken on Election Night and published in the Winchester paper sharing in the local Republican victory at their party. If they, as local law enforecemnt officers, wish to support the incumbent candidate (and…to be sure…she has done some good in her position), that is their prerogative…BUT…given the very clear wording cited above…perhaps they should have NOT been on the committee and thereby commit a major breach of party support. Both of these sheriffs are good men, and solid law enforcement officers…but, again…if true then this is an unfortunate conflict that they created, not Shaun.

        The whole point of being on a party’s committee – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, whatever – is to work with like-minded folks to get the candidates of your party elected. By participating in Sen. Vogel’s mailer well after Shaun was established as the Democratic candidate, Roper and Millholland should have either (A) not endorsed her or (B) stepped down from their respective committees; this would not have negated their personal membership in that party, but it would have sidestepped this thorny issue.

        For those of you crying, “Sore loser,” well…you’re overreacting. This mechanism is in place for just such a situation.

        • Shaun Broy says:

          I must comment on this one…

          You have head the nail on the head. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

          Thank you,


        • You seem to miss the point.. Forget getting the people in your own party elected… how about getting the best people elected.. which clearly happened in this instance.. Great job Sheriff Roper… If I were Roper i’d take that picture year after year… Broy didn’t just burn this bridge he blew it up…

      • GOPjunkie,

        Yes but it is against the party rules. I don’t care what the party is… and if Williamson had supported Shaun. You don’t think we the Republican’s would have booted him. I would have been the first to write the letter.

  10. What a waste.. It’s amazing how peoples true colors come to light when they fail to win… People that finish second have failed to win.. when you act in this manor Broy is when people use the term ” the loser”.. Being in Law Enforcement myself I fully support Vogel and Roper for his decision to to support her… You have only ruined your own insignificant reputation here…

    • Hey, the rules are the rules. If one cannot follow, then get out of the committee. Otherwise, follow the rules!!

      • Get quality candidates and maybe they will stay in committee.. Broy is immature joke and no one with any credibility would support him…

        • Travis Goodwin says:

          And you’re wasting taxpayer dollars posting on here while you should be doing your job, Junkie. It’s about the process, which clearly wasn’t followed by these two sheriffs.

          • I have these cool time frames in my work week that are called days off… On these so called days off I can do things at my free will like post comments on the Clarke Daily News.. But really thanks for your constructive comments…

    • Are you a registered Democrat and did you publicly endorse Vogel? Then you have no right to talk to this matter. Any member of law enforcement should be supporting Vogel, but over one piece of legislation. How do we know Mr. Broy wouldn’t have voted the same if he was in Congress? And how do you know that Vogel didn’t support this just to get the endorsement of the Sheriffs

  11. Stonebroke says:

    I’ll beat Robina to the punch!

    manor== should be manner!

  12. It will be interesting to see if, and how, the local Democrat Committees vote on this issue. Mr. Roper could very easily leave the Democrats to become an ‘independent’ like John Staelin recently declared.

    • Yes agreed, and he would still win Clarke, just like Millholland would win Winchester. Neither need a party to support them.

  13. Kim Thompson says:

    I think that if I was in the same position that Mr. Broy was in, and held to Democratic Party guidelines concerning everything else, then why should Mr. Roper be excused from following the same rules. Roper turned his back on his party and they did nothing. Broy was being honest and awfully brave in taking action against something that is clearly spelled out in black in white which IS NOT ALLOWED. The Republicans wouldn’t have put up with such a stunt by an elected official of their own!

    I hate politics, but just because these guys are Sheriffs, doesn’t mean they are exempt from following the rules.

    A simple review of the BASIC facts = Roper was WRONG folks… DEAL WITH IT!

    • Deal with it?? ok so kick him off the committee!! your man still lost… Roper will be Sheriff for as long as he wants it… And your guy will never be anything other than disgruntled….

  14. Richie Blick says:

    Shaun, for your first run at public office you should be proud. You were an unknown name (unlike Holtzman) and grabbing what…. something like 1/4 of the vote despite the shortcomings of your party leaders and apparent confusion of your party affiliation. Thanks for wanting to serve us Virginian’s. As said before, at least you are off the couch and trying to do something. Admittedly typed as I sit on my couch!

  15. Clarke Life says:

    Yes, but crying over spilt milk now after he lost makes him look bad. Just my thoughts.

    • Agreed. He should be proud of the job he did. And whether he is just being a sore loser or truly trying to make a wrong right, it makes him look bad. Shaun, you’d have gone a lot further if you had of just held your head high. I don’t disagree that maybe the Sheriff’s broke a rule but(though I don’t think they meant anything negative by doing such) you definitely look like you are making this complaint for all the wrong reasons.

      And why are you only filing this complaint AFTER you lost? Would you still file it had you won?

      • Kim,

        I waited, and waited for the local committees to handle the situation. They told me they would. Then it came down to the wire and I chose not to file these charges specifically because I did not want it to appear as cheap shots… grasping for votes.

        The committees should have been the ones handling something like this, but they just turned and looked the other way.

        Then when I saw Mr. Millholland’s picture in the Winchester Star at the Republican Victory Party. smiling onward…. It just made me sick.

        It made me ill each time I had to go to my mailbox and pull one of those mailers out featuring these two Democratic Sheriffs, while no one did anything at all.

        The election is over now, and these two are just the beginning of those who will have to answer to some pretty tough questions. My party has betrayed me, from top to bottom. It’s time to clean house.



        • Thank you for addressing that. While I do agree that filing these charges previous would look like cheap shots, I don’t think by doing so after the election, they look any less cheap, whether they are or aren’t.

          But I wonder, are they really betraying you, or just supporting who they feel is right for the job? One doesn’t necassarly equal the other. You seem to feel as though this was a personal attack on you, and I can’t say that it wasn’t, but what makes you feel that it was?

  16. This clarifies the situation pretty well, for those of you who have no regard for the truth…. then don’t worry about watching this coverage by TV3. I lost. I lost bad. That is not the point folks…

    • Ok so Sheriff Millholland says it all.. He supported the best candidate.. I get the rules thing but you are only burning your bridges.. The Sheriff’s lobby is one of the most Influential in Virginia second behind the teachers lobby, so yo think this will help you become Lt. gov.. You are in so far over your head it’s not even funny …. You just want to be something or somebody,, it doesn’t matter to you what it is! lol

      Your done in Virginia Broy… Best to move to another state and start over…. I think it says allot about the character of these Sheriff’s to choose who they believe best, rather than sticking with party lines and supporting a substandard candidate.

      I respect them more and more and you less and less!!! As you say you lost and lost bad, but you had the respect and dignity of the people for your efforts…. Now you have nothing….

  17. Sheriff Millholland’s Comments in the [redacted]…. This is the right answer, This is exactly what needs to be said!

    Millholland continues to support his decision to endorse Vogel, a Republican who won re-election last week.

    “If the Democratic Party wants to smack my hands for doing what I did, more power to them,” he said. “… I would do it again tomorrow.”

    Millholland said he supported Vogel’s opponent, Democrat Karen Schultz, four years ago, “but Jill Vogel beat her and Jill has been very supportive of sheriffs and jails across the commonwealth,” he said.

    “All the sheriffs that I talked to all appreciated what she did for public safety across the commonwealth,” he said. “I’m a Democrat. I ran with a ‘D’ beside my name, but in this case, I can’t support a ‘D’ when the ‘R’ was the best person for the citizens of the commonwealth.”

    Millholland said being punished for such an act is an infringement on his First Amendment rights, and said if the committee kicks him out, “They just need to bring it on.”

  18. [redacted]

    “But Winchester Sheriff Lenny Millholland defiantly said he supported the best candidate in the race and would do the same thing again under similar circumstances.”

    He said he supported Karen Schultz, the party’s nominee for the state senate seat in 2007, because he favored her platform. However, after working with Vogel for four years and comparing her to Broy, he gladly backed the Republican.

    “If a competent and reasonable Democrat were to run tomorrow for an office,” he said, “I’d be right there standing beside them. In this case, I thought Jill was the best candidate, and that’s why I gave her my support.”

    Millholland said if local party leaders were to censure him in any way, he might switch party affiliations.

    “If the Democratic Party has a problem with who I endorsed and what I did,” he said, “then maybe I don’t need to be a Democrat. If I think someone will serve the interests of our area best, I’m going to support them, vote for them.

    Of the complaint, he said he “can’t believe somebody would be that childish to question who I endorse.”

    Broy’s website has a post indicating that he will explore running for lieutenant governor in 2013, Millholland noted, and the sheriff questioned whether the complaint was filed to gain publicity.

    You want to run for Lt Governor? Ha ha ha ha ha. You got trounced running for a Senate seat. And Vogel didn’t even really campaign. After this little stunt, you’ll probably be lucky to be elected dog catcher.

    And consider this, maybe it’s the thought of you doing something “childish” like this, or maybe something even dumber, that kept a lot of people from voting for you. Something to think about

    And as one of the repercussions of this little stunt, you have an elected official considering leaving the Democratic party. Way to go Idaho!

    File this under “How NOT to make friends and influence people”

  19. Jeremy Carter says:

    Firstly…someone said something about Vogel hardly campaigning…..sure..why would she have to? She was given, I don’t know, 200+k ? Shaun raised, what, $760? You can barely print flyers for that…….

    I give him props for running. Period. A ‘no-name’ candidate running up against a big name….he did pretty good if you ask me. Still got 1/4 of the vote, with…..a 32nd of the money? ha! Like another person said, at least he tried to do something. That’s more than most can say in general……’re roughly 90% of what’s wrong in America and politics today. You’ll rep your ‘party’ up and down the streets no matter what happens. And then talk about ‘the right person for the job’…when clearly you have no idea. I don’t think anything else need be said about you here. You’ve said enough to show everyone just how dumb you really are. Yapping about someone being a ‘joke’ and ‘disgruntled’. Please. Clearly, the law is the law. That about sums it up.

    • I am 90% of what is wrong with politics? Because I believe in supporting the best candidate? That is wrong? Isn’t that the whole idea of an election?
      Ok, I concede I’m wrong and I’m sorry… Sheriff Millholland and Roper you bad, bad boys.. you should have supported your democratic brother and forgotten everything Vogel has done for law enforcement. You should have supported a no name candidate that hasn’t even been on a town or city council or a county board member, nothing….
      What would you have them do? Tell us Mr. 90% what’s right with American politics… Would you have the Sheriff’s forget the good that has been done by the current representative and vote in a guy who was credited with developing the college’s first athletic program and served as head coach of the LFCC Cannons Men’s Soccer Team. Oh yea, lets make him a Senator…
      Yea I’m the problem, shame on me…

  20. Jeremy Carter says:

    I think you misread my post. I think you need to go back and re-read. Not once did I say anything about Roper or Millholland being ‘wrong’..or anything to that effect. I DID say..the law is the law. And that’s what the complaint is about.

    From your comments all through this thread…you haven’t once shown me you’re about ‘supporting the best candidate’. The only thing you’ve shown me, is that you voted for her: 1) b/c you’re in law enforcement, as you stated, and ‘she’s done so much for law enforcement’ 2) there doesn’t seem to be anything else here….- not really signaling that she was ‘the best candidate’.

    Then to top it all off, you’re in/on here bashing this man for at least trying…when no one else would step up to the plate. Name calling and what have you.

    You voted. Your vote was heard. Why bash this man for doing what he feels is right?

    Once again, the law is the law, and that’s all that matters at this point. Tony had to have known that endorsing another person, on a different party system, while being on the democratic committee, was not allowed. ‘Bad’? No. Wrong against the code that he sits on? Yes.

    Also, back to bashing… really want to bash the guys credentials as far as what he did for a sports team? Really? I’m just curious…why don’t you go ahead and list out your immaculate credentials here…and then run for office. If you have something better, maybe you’ve got a shot..and you can be the best candidate out there. How do you think one starts in politics? You’ve got to start somewhere right? I don’t care if he was the head of the tiddly wings division at the pre-school down the street. It’s what they stand for that matters.

    Now, you go out and go vote for Rick Perry. Don’t worry, when he gets in office…then he can figure out what 3 branches of the government he’ll get rid of……once he remembers…

    • Fly Swatter says:

      Jeremy, Broadstroking the GOP certainly seems close-minded and undermines your effort to give Shaun ‘props’. Credibility = fail

      • Jeremy Carter says:


        Just how did I broadstroke? I didn’t give any indication of ‘for’ or ‘against’ please enlighten me on how I did that….I was merely shining light on GOP’s comments…with a bit of sarcasm at the end…

        So Credibility is still = there…..the failboat hasn’t come just yet……

  21. Well now you’re just being silly… Ricky Perry isn’t qualified to run an ice cream stand.. John Huntsman on the other hand seems to have a grasp on reality at least, and would be my choice.
    Next I’m not necessarily bashing his credential as much as pointing out if he needs to start somewhere how about the school board, a county board member something to gauge his record on. Jumping straight to Senate is not starting somewhere it’s going for the gold straight out of the gate. I am a republican but would vote for Clinton again in a second. George Bush 41 was a great president in my opinion George Bush 43 was a disgrace to the Republican Party in my opinion. There are qualified people and there are non-qualified people. I don’t have to list all of Vogel’s good qualities here the Sheriff’s stood by her based on her record in supporting law enforcement. And for the second time it’s NOT A LAW!!! IT’S A RULE!!!!
    Best candidate is not like the best chicken.. KFC or Popeye’s! Best in this context is best for the needs of the 2 men were talking about here. Vogel is the best of the 2 for law enforcement. Broy does not even mention law enforcement on his web site of important legislative issues.
    1. Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Success
    2. Political Reform
    3. Individual Rights
    4. Education
    5. Environment & Natural Resources
    These are his important legislative issues which I find just fine but how about public safety? Police, Fire, nope not a mention.
    Vogel has spoken in favor of public safety and backed it up with actions…
    And as far as listing my credential’s I can say that I could run for office but I have to be realistic in my opinion of myself and my creds to know when running a soccer program is not enough to get me elected to Senate. With today’s environment we need leaders with records to use as evaluations to their performance as a potential candidate. Jobs, education, public safety, etc. once again not bashing the man but common I’m going to send him to Richmond because he was instrumental in some athletic achievement? Nope not me… Run for Board of Supervisors and I’ll vote for you and then we can see some of what you stand for and get a record going.

    • And what political office(s) did Mrs. Vogel hold before running for state senate? just curious

      • Before being elected to the Virginia Senate Jill held national legal and policy positions in and out of government, including serving as Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Energy during the Bush Administation. As managing partner of a law firm that specializes in charity and non-profit organizations, election law and ethics, she was named a ‘top lawyer in her field’ in the Washingtonian Best Lawyers editions for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

        Slightly more qualified than a box office manager.

        • Nice job copying and pasting from her campaign site, CC. She got her job at the Energy Dept. because she was a GOP legal eagle operative who worked on the Bush v. Gore court challenge, and has money connections via her dad. Sid’s question asked what “political office” she’d held before becoming state senator…the answer is that she never held elected office before then, used some questionable (at best) tactics to help shove Mark Tate to the side, and fought a rather bruising campaign against Dr. Schultz; if it hadn’t been for that malcontent from The Plains, she just might have lost that election. But…all of that is moot now…

          The simple thing is that she coasted to reelection in a decidedly “red” district. It’s unfortunate she chose not to debate Mr. Broy, but – again – what’s done is done. Mr. Broy is right to lodge a complaint, but – perhaps – making such a public stink about it wasn’t the best option.

          • I didn’t say she had political office. Said Jill was more qualified then than a box office manager is now.

            Now we can say she is one of the most respected Senators in the Virginia, recognized for her work on both sides of the aisle … and had the endorsements from two prominent local DEMOCRAT Sheriffs !

        • Shaun Broy says:

          I prefer to be called my rightful title in which you imply when you speak of me… “pheasant”

        • so no political office? interesting

          • Yes, in 2007 neither Karen Schultz nor Jill Vogel had held previous elected political office but both had some experience in public policy (For Jill see cut-and-paste above, Ms. Schultz w/ School Board, etc). Maybe that is one of the reasons it was a close race. Sheriff Mulholland admits he endorsed Schultz in 2007.

            In 2011 Jill Vogel had accumulated four years of experience as one of the hardest working and well respected Senators in Virginia. Thus she received endorsements from politicians on both sides of the aisle … like Sheriffs Mulholland and Roper.

  22. Jeremy Carter says:

    Well, at least you started to make some sense…so that’s at least all I can ask for from you. And yes…I most certainly was being silly, thank you for noticing….it’s in my nature to be that way.

    I will say, my apologies for using ‘law’. You are correct…..a rule is not a ‘law’. I definitely used law in a bad way.

    What you did say about where he should start is your opinion. You’re most certainly entitled to it, but I’d suggest a more ‘subtle’ way of bringing it forth…rather than your ‘down the throat’ type. Which, works for some people.

    If you ask me, which you didn’t, I’d say, hell why NOT go for it!? I reach for the sky brother. Don’t tell me I can’t. Not everyone lives by that creed. But I would have if there was a slot open. I want to make things happen.

    Sadly, I’m almost to the point where I think that someone like Broy needs to step into office…and SEE if it changes anything. Someone that hasn’t been weathered by the ‘political storm’.

    Lastly, when you make comments like below..I start to question your line of thinking on just about anything. We can’t ever begin to ‘work together’, if this mentality is harvested and shown:

    “.. when you act in this manor Broy is when people use the term ” the loser”.. Being in Law Enforcement myself I fully support Vogel and Roper for his decision to to support her… You have only ruined your own insignificant reputation here…”

    “And your guy will never be anything other than disgruntled….”

    “Your done in Virginia Broy… Best to move to another state and start over…. I think it says allot about the character of these Sheriff’s to choose who they believe best, rather than sticking with party lines and supporting a substandard candidate.”

    “I respect them more and more and you less and less!!!”

  23. Fly Swatter says:

    – “Sadly, I’m almost to the point where I think that someone like Broy needs to step into office…and SEE if it changes anything. ”
    – I would hope that most voters don’t throw darts like this. Hopefully all candidates are researched and vetted to the point where we can feel comfortable that we voted based on the best candidate.
    Unfortunately, I understand your quote… ‘Hope and Change’ comes to mind.

  24. I’m a straight shooter no bs kinda guy.. I know I get more thumbs down due to the way I state the message more than the message itself.. But that’s me. The only mistake you made is thinking I’m die hard republican and have no other thought process…

    But I stand by my comments no matter how good or bad they are taken.. I’m not going to dance around the issue like a little girl. You know where you stand with me and thats what makes me, me!

    In my opinion 90% of whats wrong with politics is the fact the Politicians don’t do the same thing I do. Talk straight or shut up! For what it’s worth I think you talk straight, a little polite for me taste but we can’t all be perfect.. 😉

    • Jeremy Carter says:

      Nope…I understand indeed. I actually am putting it politely just for the board. lol. I have no intention of ‘bad mouthing’ anyone at all….and I’m a straight shooter myself. I like an animated debate…keeps things interesting.

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion…….I have mine as well! I’m an ‘educated’ guy..but I certainly don’t want/try to throw around that I know absolutely everything in the world either.

      So, actually glad we got to debate a little bit! I had fun… ain’t so bad after all! 😉

      Now, if/when I run for office, which I’ve already announced my Presidential campaign elsewhere……I’ll look for your vote! 🙂

      • We already had a guy named Carter and we all know how that went…. But I’ll give you a try if I can be Chief of Staff..

  25. I know I can be a little crass of times but I am a straight talker I don’t dance around issues like a little girl. I realize that I probably get more thumbs down for how I say things rather than what I’m actually saying. Unfortunly that is what makes me ,me!

    Honestly I think the only mistake you made with me is thinking that I can’t think outside the republican party. Thinking that way would simply negate the whole point of all my post, which is that we trying choose the best qualified people.

    I’ve dedicated enough of my day to this, I’ll have to catch up on the rest of these posts later.. Happy debating all…

  26. Sorry for the double posts I didn’t think the first one went through.

  27. And let me leave you with a bit of life advice. There’s something in the business world called “cost/benifit analysis”. People do it in real life as well.

    It’s where you ask yourself, “What will be the repercussions of the action I’m about to undertake?”

    In your case, it goes like this


    I did the right thing

    That’s about it


    I’ve annoyed, if not outright pissed off two local sheriffs, who belong to an organization that weilds a lot of influence in the area

    I’ve lost some support among people who formally supported me, as seen in these posts

    I’ve made it so that at least one Sheriff is considering leaving the Democrat party if he hears any gruff over your complaint about a minor rule, there by taking support away from the Democrat party

    I look like a sore loser

    Notice how the “costs” far outweigh the benifits for you? Now I know you being an idealist think you’ve done the right thing. But this is where the rubber meets reality, and the reality is you’ve annoyed some people. And for what? Nothing. You still lost the election.

    Now if the election was say, 49% to 51%, or 50-50, I could see having a gripe. But you got TROUNCED.

    So again, what was the benifit?

    Answer. Nothing.

    And it’s the height of irony that you’re whining about this rule while still having not filed your campaign finance statements.

    It’s action like this why I was against your candidacy. You don’t have enough experience in life, nor do you apparently have enough saavy to get around in the circles you need to travel

    Stay at the box office. It seems your speed

    • You win the post of the day award from me!! We said…..

      • hate politics says:

        and now I understand how people like Sarah Palin stand a chance in elections…it is people that stick to the party and do not look at the canidate! this is why I no longer vote at all….if they don’t win they fight about insignificant things and when they do win…they sling mud!

    • Shaun Broy says:

      You can speculate and insult all night long… The Cost/Benefit Ratio was obviously taken into consideration. This is a very small part of the very big picture. Begin with the end in mind… and I have done just that… Thanks for your comments.

    • “I’ve lost some support among people who formally supported me, as seen in these posts.”

      But he has also gained some support. I can’t say it’s 50-50, but it’s not 100-0 as you would make it seem.

      “I’ve made it so that at least one Sheriff is considering leaving the Democrat party if he hears any gruff over your complaint about a minor rule, there by taking support away from the Democrat party.”

      He was NOT supporting the Democratic Party anyway (at least for the race in question).

      • You make an interesting point…

        This isn’t about Millholland and Roper’s shift from Democratic to Republican support, it’s about the support of one individual who happens to be on the other side of the party line. I think that’s something that seems to have been lost in the shuffle.

  28. What was the benefit you ask? Maybe he feels strongly about doing the right thing and supporting the party in which they are closely associated with! He was strong enough to speak up about the way he felt. (Without hiding behind a screen name) And it’s obvious he doesn’t care who he pissed off in the process! (I’m sure he thought about that beforehand)

    • True politicians always care who they piss off. The real clincher is when the Democratic Committee doesn’t do anything to Roper and Millholland. They’re not about to lose 2 of their best local stars for Shaun Broy… Not a chance!

  29. Shaun Broy is an opportunist.

    As I understand Shaun had never been involved with the local Democrat committee before signing on as the only, and thus by default, Democrat candidate for the 27th Senate race. I am surprised the Democrats accepted a complete unknown as candidate. I bet they won’t let that mistake happen again. Prior to this folly Shaun was heavily affiliated with the Virginia Green Party. He is credited with creating their logo.

    Shaun is using this charade as a way to extend his 15 minutes of fame by another 3 minutes, gain some standing within the kooky left fringe of the Democrat Party (and/or his friends at the Virginia Green Party) and stroke what ever is left of his pathetic ego.

    You lost … and lost BIG. Get over it. No, just go away.

  30. Mr. Broy continues to insist he was never running as a Virginia Green candidate. That is 100% false.

    On the Virginia Greens website they have taken down much of the Broy endorsements (cache picture saved illustrated above in CDN article) but below is a press release from Virginia Greens date 6 jan 2011 that is still on their website –

    Shaun Broy Independent Greens State Senate gather sigatures close to home.

    Candidates considering running for a state house or senate seat in Virginia in 2011 should still be out gathering signatures and conducting campaign activities now. The incumbents are not permitted to be engaged in fund raising while “in session”. So get out there now like Shaun Broy is in Northwestern Virginia.

    Shaun is already conducting door-to-door activities to gather e-mails from voters who want to follow campaign, phone numbers for those who want to volunteer, and asking for people to host him in a block party type venue to meet their neighbors.

    The IGVA crew is standing by ready and willing to help. Contact us ASAP! scroll down to 6 jan 2011 for article.

    If he continues to lie about his involvement with the Virginia Greens why would anyone take him seriously otherwise?

    Sheriff Roper and Mulholland are very good men. They do not deserve this.

    • Shaun Broy says:

      Well… for the 78th time… I have never been a candidate for the Independent Green Party, or involved in officially representing them at all. I know one of the gentlemen who started the party, and was asked to help design a logo for them. I was happy to help out!

      If you had ANY actual knowledge of that group in the first place, it only has three main topics/issues that it supports. It’s efforts are primarily centered around getting more candidates from across the political spectrum engaged and on the ballot.

      The three main things this “cult” or party of “evil” is all about are…

      1. More Candidates, Less Apathy

      2. More Trains, Less Traffic

      3. Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible


      Again… Never a candidate… Definitely designed the logo… and I actually happen to agree with ALL three of these focus issues that the group is all about… Horrific. Right???

      You continue to lead this crusade against me, or should I say obsession about me… You sure are a BRAVE soul!!! How many user names do you use on here now exactly??? It was two… now 3? 4?

      Lets continue to see just how wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off course we can get with this discussion.

      Two Democrats… Blatantly broke party rules… tons of evidence to support this… and because I lost BIG, I should just sit back and shut up???

      Not a chance.

      Your bravery inspires pheasants like me, that happen to have a decent job that pays the bills. Not once has anyone mentioned JOBS… and the skyrocketing poverty rate in Virginia. Instead… almost a hundred comments about two guys that made mistakes, broke some rules, but just because they are who they are… they shouldn’t be held to the same rules as other members of the party.

      I am the Devil, and we must worship Saint Millholland! HA… Yeah… I will get right to that…

    • Jeremy Carter says:

      I had to come home..and hit refresh….to see this. I’m much dumber for having read everything you’ve said CC. This goes for the other comments on other articles involving Shaun…and making fun of his job. Get real.

      And, I typed up a very good, long response to this…that was deleted by CDN. SO my true feelings apparently can’t come through here.

      But, now we know that your copy/paste function works on your computer. Thanks.

  31. Shaun Broy says:

    Just to address the exaggeration that no one has done more than Mrs. Vogel for law enforcement in Virginia. First, the bill used as emblematic of her efforts wasn’t her bill, and didn’t pass. And careful examination of her record shows no legislation from Mrs. Vogel on behalf of Sheriffs. What pertinent legislation she had was largely opposed by Sheriffs, having to do with guns in glove compartments, for instance. There isn’t a single law enforcement officer in the United States that favors guns in the glove compartments, especially when traffic stops or road rage are likely to lead to use of that gun.

    So really folks???? Hail Vogel! Champion of our Sheriffs!!!! Seriously???

    This whole topic has nothing to do with the REAL issue. Obviously, explaining this fact goes nowhere… If you want to talk issues, then bring it. I am tired of being portrayed as a complete idiot, but since so many of you like to insult my intelligence… PLEASE inform me of allllllll the great things she has done for law enforcement across the state!

    Try not to take up too much space now, because this comment page is getting pretty long…


    • Virginiacop says:

      I could care less if a law abiding citizen has a gun in their glove compartment, or on their person for that matter. None of the police officers I know and work with care. I’d venture to guess I’ve made a couple thousand more traffic stops than you.

    • He’s cracking folks the pressure is getting to him… Yea Vogel hasn’t done anything for Sheriff’s that’s why 3 of them are standing by her side in the photo you are crying about… We cops always support people that treat us like crap.. You know if you ever make it to Richmond you will see how support is not always there for all to see.

      Two Democratic Sheriff’s jumped party lines to support Vogel… As I posted earlier you fail to even mention public safety on your web site… [redacted].

      8 to 10 thousand traffic stops in my career and haven’t lost any sleep over a gun in a glove box yet..

      Sheriffs for Vogel
      September 28, 2011

      As sheriffs who serve the residents of the 27th Senate District, we write to express our support for Sen. Jill Vogel and our appreciation for her untiring work to make the Commonwealth of Virginia a better place to live and raise a family.

      Throughout Sen. Vogel’s four years in the Senate, she has been a great champion of public safety and an effective leader on the issues that affect our region. No one has worked harder or done more to support the men and women who protect the public. She has not only distinguished herself as a leader in public safety, but also among her colleagues as a thoughtful, fair, and deliberative legislator who is not caught up in partisan politics. She has a history of reaching across the aisle and working for the best interest of the people, of the district and state.

      Sen. Vogel has been a great partner with law enforcement — supporting us, advocating for our issues, and speaking out on our behalf. Her service on the Rehabilitation and Social Services committee is extremely important to sheriffs. All the jail amendments and proposed bills go through that committee, and she understands the complexities and has consistently supported the sheriffs.

      A great example of Sen. Vogel’s service to public safety was the vote she cast in the 2010 session in support of SB 329. She was under extreme pressure to vote against that bill. But she also understood that passage would prevent the lay­off of countless deputies around Virginia. The senator stuck with 123 sheriffs and the bill narrowly passed the Senate. We need that kind of leadership and support to effectively serve and protect the citizenry every day.

      Time and time again, Sen. Vogel has proven she has the best interest of public safety and the safety of our citizens at heart. We express our deep appreciation for that work and that support.

      SHERIFF LENNY MILLHOLLAND Winchester Sheriff’s Office SHERIFF ROBERT T. WILLIAMSON Frederick County Sheriff’s Office SHERIFF ANTHONY ROPER Clarke County Sheriff’s Office SHERIFF CHARLIE RAY FOX Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office SHERIFF CHARLES E. JETT Stafford County Sheriff’s Office

  32. Shaun Broy says:

    As to the substance of the letter, the Sheriffs purportedly all came together spontaneously to praise Mrs. Vogel’s support of their efforts, in particular as demonstrated by a bill, SB 329, in the 2010 session. A direct quote reads that “no one has worked harder or done more to support the men and women who protect the public in the Commonwealth”. Say what?

    Let’s look first at SB 329 – it FAILED. Why? Because a former Commonwealth Attorney of Mrs. Vogel’s own party voted against it. Not to mention the “often mentioned” fact that Mrs. Vogel was insufficiently persuasive with her own party to get her OWN colleagues in the House to pass it. AND IT WASN’T EVEN VOGEL’S BILL!


    • It doesn’t need to be Vogel’s bill for her to provide support… Your grasping for straws.. I guess all the sheriffs are just wrong? So let me ask you since your now involved.

      Why do you think they supported Vogel?

      What is your record on public safety?

      Tell us what you would have done for Sheriff’s?

      • Shaun Broy says:

        Why do you think they supported Vogel? MONEY

        What is your record on public safety? I DON’T HAVE ONE…. REMEMBER?

        Tell us what you would have done for Sheriff’s? IT WOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN MUCH TO MATCH THE EFFORTS OF SENATOR HOLTZMAN-VOGEL.

        I am still waiting for someone to PLEASE enlighten me regarding alllllllll the things Senator Holtman-Vogel has done to support law enforcement over the past four years…. Anyone????


        • “Tell us what you would have done for Sheriff’s? IT WOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN MUCH TO MATCH THE EFFORTS OF SENATOR HOLTZMAN-VOGEL”

          That’s not answering the question.

  33. By the way Broy Fox is a democrat also…

    • Shaun Broy says:

      Because my reply has been deleted 10 times… I am done wasting my time trying to reply to your breaking news flash about Charlie Ray Fox… I will give it one last try…

      I know.

  34. Shaun Broy says:


    Sheriff Tony Roper: Publicly supported, endorsed, and assisted a candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee.

    Sheriff Lenny Millholland: Publicly supported, endorsed, and assisted a candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee.

    The Deal: They engaged in such activity which is clearly against Democratic Party rules.

    Consequences: The removal of each of them from their respective Democratic Committees.

    Reality: They will both be tossed out of their committees and will move on with their lives, and continue to serve their communities to the best of their ability. This has become an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. It is what it is…

    There is no reason to say anything else.

  35. Shaun Broy says:

    Oh… May I add just one little piece of information that may just be a bit related…

    Glen Williamson (R) – Sheriff of Frederick County…. Reported on May 11, 2011… Millholland gave $125.00 to help fund the campaign of his REPUBLICAN counterpart.

    He has supported quite a few Republican candidates for office in the past couple years. Mr. Millholland… Please just go join the GOP and be done with it… You are not the Democrat that you would like to portray yourself as in the media.


    • Glen Williamson is not the Sheriff of Frederick Co. Robert (bob) Williamson is the Sheriff.. Glen Williamson Bob’s Brother is the Commonwealth Attorney.. I can see why he stood beside Vogel you don’t know who he is.. 😮

  36. Ok, I’ve got your point. But let’s say the committee actually kicks them out which I very seriously doubt will happen. You have accomplished by my view nothing… I get the fact you are saying they are not supporting Dems so why do we need them in the Dems committee. But if there was a dem that had the credentials to run and supported public safety they would support that in which the claim to be. You say show me the proof she “Vogel” has done anything to support public safety! I see several laws involving gun safety she has supported and etc., but forget that. I’m not the (5) sheriffs that supported her and saying over and over she has been supportive to public safety. The most trusted men in our communities, i.e. the leaders of our local law enforcement, say she has been supportive of law enforcement, it would be hard for me to disagree with 5 sheriffs. Next little tid bit is 95% of cops are republicans… It shouldn’t come to a surprise that Sheriff’s support a republican when it comes to public safety. I’m not saying for sure these guys are or are not republican or democrats at heart but I’m just saying.
    The sheriffs are under pressure no to loose funding every day. In my opinion they will do what is right for their segment of the community, for them and their offices over what’s stated in democratic committee rules.
    Now with that said I have been very hard on you on here but to take a moment and drop the sarcasm and make a point from a voters stand point. I want the same things the Sheriffs want.. The most qualified people to be in Richmond that will help public safety move forward for the good of the communities they service.
    You are young and have allot of time to build a record that can be voted on and supported, but I don’t think your there yet. Some have said kudos for trying and getting involved, and that is fine as well. You can see what happens when you enter into something that you are not qualified to take on. Clint Eastwood in the movie Magnum Force said “ A man’s got to know his limitations” a stupid movie but a great quote! I think you got into something you were not prepared to undertake.
    So as you say back to the original point.. Kick them out if you can! You have not helped yourself at all. It changes nothing.. I feel that if you had given this much effort to become a more electable candidate instead of trying to remove two of the communities more popular elected officials you might have gotten elected…
    These 2 sheriffs could be republicans and would support a democrat if they thought he or she were the best person for the position.
    It shows me how messed up the process is that we can’t belong to a party and then think outside the box.
    Do you want Sarah Palin to be president? How about Rush Limbaugh? I’m a republican, if I thought like you there is a chance these people could be president of the United States… I agree the sheriff’s broke the rules but in my opinion, thank goodness they did. Not because you’re the candidate that lost but rather because it shows we still have independent thinkers out there that will do what they feel is right over what a political party advises them to do.

  37. Dude, honestly, give it up. You’re becoming the court jester here. Ever hear of “picking your fights”? No one but you and a couple of others care if the sheriffs busted Roberts Rules of Order, or whatever you’re protesting. And apparently you’re not adroit enough to see that you’ve done nothing but harm your chances of any other political office.

    The Green Party probably won’t even endorse you again after this episode. Maybe Ron Paul awaits in your future

  38. So, didn’t even bother to show for the press conference you yourself called.

    What say you?

  39. I’ve been looking everywhere for it……… That explains it………. A no show…………… Nice!

  40. Fly Swatter says:

    Eventually your supporters will realize that you thrive for the attention instead of being someone who cares about the state. Hopefully the media will soon join the ranks.


  41. I concur with what GOPJunkie said at the beginning of the week … “You’re embarrassing yourself”.

  42. Shaun Broy says:

    There most definitely was a press conference held. At the location that was originally set. The Senator and her office were featured, and interviewed. I thought it was top notch coverage, especially by The Winchester Star!

    It served the exact purpose for which is was designed to serve. I am sorry if it didn’t meet each of your standards, but thank you so very much for your feedback.



    • Someone is living in an alternate universe. [redacted]

      “The defeated Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 27th District Senate seat failed to show for a Wednesday evening news conference he called to explain why he was challenging the Winchester and Clarke County Democratic committees”

      Broy notified area media in an email Monday that he had retained an attorney and “in the best interest of addressing questions regarding the situation” had planned a 6 p.m. news conference at the Aloft Hotel in Winchester on Millwood Pike. The hotel desk clerk said she had not been notified of the news conference and that no conference rooms had been rented.

      Broy did not return a phone call Wednesday evening.

    • I bet 23.2% of the voters who came out on Nov 8th are now wishing they could have another chance to do it differently.

    • From another news source that CDN wants to redact for some reason

      Broy notified media outlets by e-mail on Tuesday he planned to hold a press conference at the Aloft Hotel on Millwood Pike at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Broy said in the e-mail he would “have no further contact about the charges in which I have filed or my plans on addressing them any further in the future, until the scheduled press conference.”

      Representatives from two newspapers and photographers appeared for the press conference but left when Broy did not show.

      Reached by telephone Wednesday night, Broy said he had sent a notice around 1 p.m. stating he had canceled the press conference. Broy apologized the message didn’t reach all media representatives.

      So which is it? Did you cancel to press conference, or not have it at all?

      I’m starting to seriously wonder about your state of mind

  43. Shaun Broy says:

    There most definitely was a press conference held. At the location that was originally set. The Senator and her office were featured, and interviewed. I thought it was top notch coverage, especially by The Winchester Star!

    It served the exact purpose for which is was designed to serve. I am sorry if it didn’t meet each of your standards, but thank you so very much for your feedback.



  44. Shaun Broy says:

    Listen… You guys are a lot brighter than this… I obviously am not commenting on anything for a reason. Now… If you would like to chat about something like the weather, then I would be willing to give you a few seconds of my time.

    I have enjoyed your insults and derogatory characterizations of someone that you do not know at all…. Me.

    After the storm…. I shall nod in your direction with pride….

    I bid you farewell!

    • “Listen… You guys are a lot brighter than this… I obviously am not commenting on anything for a reason”

      Yeah, you got a lawyer. Who probably told you to keep quiet. Afterall, you’ve contridicted yourself numerous times right here over the last few months. Don’t need any more of that ,eh? Did he also tell you that you’re breaking the law by not filing you campaign finance forms as well? Or did you? You said here that the website was not up to date and that you had filed late.

      And yet the papers say you still have not filed.


      Honeslty, I’m soooooooooooooooooo glad you didn’t win.

      And let this be a lesson to those that voted for you for Obama-like reasons. “Hey, he’s from Clarke County!”. “We need someone like this!”. “He’s coooooooooooool”. Do a bit of research before you push the button

  45. Oh, and I know since you’re not bothered about the law (as far as filing required paperwork) that you probably won’t be bothered about what I’m about to say either, but the law requires that you pick up your roadside signs.

    Political candidates are responsible for picking up their signs off roadways, but if you see political campaign signs on roadways that are causing a safety hazard call the Virginia Department of Transportation’s customer service center at 1-800-367-7623 (1-800-FOR-ROAD) to have them removed.

    Under state law (§33.1-373), these signs may not be placed on roads, medians or right of ways, which include sidewalks or ditches, and the area between utility lines or fences on the outside edges of state roads.

    On private property, campaign signs should be taken down within 15 days after the election.

  46. Stonebroke says:

    Sarge, I thought you said you didn’t have time to run for an office? You sure do spend a lot of time on here!

  47. Congratulations to Shaun as he did bettter than I predicted in the Virginia Senate election. Now, he is coming across as a whiner and sore loser. He is correct to file his complaint and Sue Liggett is wise to allow some cool off time and address it in January. The Democratic Party in Clarke County supported Shaun. For example, I saw Shaun at the Clarke County Fair campaigning inside the Democrat’s booth. There were campaign signs for Tony Roper, Shaun Broy and others. JIll Vogel has a record and the burden of pursuasion and proof was on Shaun to convince the sheriffs and other voters before the election that he would be better than her. Karen Schultz was an excellent candidate in the previous election and she lost to Jill Vogel, Unlike Shaun, Karen showed dignity and maturity after her defeat and continued to focus on her public service. Tony Roper has a citizen’s right to vote as he chooses. As an independent thinker, he chose who he thought would be most supportive of his public service. As a man of integrity, he chose thinking for himself over party loyalty. Citizens want thinkers and problem solvers in public service and not robots who conform to political party expeectations.