Buy a Bucket, Fund a Robot

Clarke County High School FIRST Robotics team RoboGenesis has buckets for sale! The team is selling clean, white 5 gallon buckets to raise funds for this year’s competition. 

They have 50 buckets with lids and 125 buckets without lids. Buckets are $2.00 each without a lid and 2.50 each with a lid.

These buckets are very useful and are being sold at a great price. Similar buckets would cost at least  $4 at home improvement stores.   First come, first served!   If interested contact Ed Novak at 955-6137, x270 or“Buy now while supplies last! We appreciate your support!”

In case you’re thinking, “I don’t need a bucket,” The Clarke Daily News would like to take this opportunity to share some of the many important things you can do with a five gallon bucket:

  1. Holds water (The obvious)
  2. Tool boxes
  3. Portable chairs
  4. Makes really big sandcastles
  5. A fashionable footstool
  6. Fill with cement and use as anchor
  7. Porta potty (last resort)

Give us your other brilliant uses and go buy a bucket or two (They make great gifts).


  1. When I worked in construction I took an old pair of boots and screwed a bucket to the bottom of each boot to make an pair of instant stilts for taping drywall ceilings.

  2. Spell checker says:

    I have bought three…dog food, cat food, bird food…very useful!

  3. Dave Zuleger says:

    They work well for carrying Baseballs, Softballs and Tennis Balls.