Byrd Announces Election Plans

March 31, 2011

First, I want to thank the voters of the Russell District for the trust and confidence they have placed in me for the last 12 years.   I have enjoyed immensely the opportunity to represent their interests and serve as their Supervisor.

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After much consideration, I have decided to run for re-election for Supervisor of the Russell District as an Independent.

During this next term I will be focusing my attention on four areas that are of great interest to me.

  1. Controlled Spending–The next four years will be challenging ones for both the Commonwealth and Clarke County, and like families and businesses, we must hold the line on spending. I will work hard to make sure that we look for ways to cut waste and better consolidate cost.

  1. Economic Development–There are individuals and groups actively working to make Clarke County and Berryville, Boyce, Millwood, White Post and Pine Grove tourist destinations. One such person was the late Billy Thompson, who set an example to follow with his innovative ideas and programs. I want to encourage the use of vacant shops and spaces for new businesses and also maximize the capacity of our business park.   Doing both of these things will bring more jobs to our community, help with keeping our youth locally employed and ensure more revenue to the county without increasing the financial burden currently weighing heavily on our families. Additionally, I would like to see Clarke County fully explore niche agriculture, an emerging form of economic development that helps keep our county green and brings in additional revenue.   Having grown up on a farm, I truly understand and appreciate our agriculture base and deeply value its importance in feeding our country.

  1. Youth Activities–As a former teacher and a mother of four, I will continue to encourage local organizations that work towards making our young peoples’ lives more structured and goal oriented. Organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, 4-H, FFA, the extension service plus CLEAN–all do a wonderful job teaching our young people to spend their time in positive and productive activities.   If we want these young people to become a part of our community and stay in this community, then we need to do what we can to support these groups so that will happen.

  1. Elder Care–Having joined the ranks of those who have taken care of or who are taking care of their elderly parents, I have become increasingly aware of the needs of our seniors and our elderly residents.   With this knowledge, I want to explore opportunities to enrich the quality of life of these deserving citizens. And, in that vein, I applaud the excellent work of Bonnie Dobson, her staff and her dedicated group of volunteers at our Senior Center.

With the recent redistricting, the Russell District will now include a portion of Battlefield Estates, which I represented during my first term as Supervisor.   It will be great to have that portion of the district back and I look forward to meeting with those citizens and learning about the issues that are important to them while I continue to meet with existing members of the district.

We are truly fortunate to have many concerned and talented individuals in our community and I welcome the opportunity to hear ideas, concerns and suggestions from our citizens regarding how we can make Clarke County a better place.

Barbara J. Byrd



  1. Tony Parrott says:

    I hear Pete Dunning is also coming back for one more term.

    April Fools! 🙂

  2. Stonebroke says:

    Now that was funny! Best one I’ve heard all morning!

  3. Just sayin says:

    This is the same lady who, earnest though it may have been, offered up a roadblock to the earlier attempts to build a new high school by proffering a design she whipped up on a piece of paper and tried to force the School Board to accept. She taught elementary art in Loudoun County 50 years ago, then quit to raise her children (all of whom went to private schools). She has overseen the county coffers for 12 years, and thus the decisions that have limited economic development (and the jobs for teens that come with it) in this county. After the last redistricting, she was quiet when Battlefield Estates and The Hermitage were built out, because they weren’t in her district any more. Now they are. I hope she truly does meet with us here on the western edge of town.

    • Clarke County is where the rich folks come to hide. They get like-minded rich folks elected to the BOS so they can keep the taxes artificially low, because they won’t ever use the services that the County has to provide to the minions anyway. That’s why they balk at building a PROPER High School ALL THE TIME! That’s why the Fire Departments don’t have paid staff! That’s why the Police has to get auxiliary officers and beg for funding for defibrillators! The current BOS is only interested in enhancing their way of life and not the County’s as a whole, and that needs to stop.

      • Bill Thomas says:

        Gee- perfectly describes the Republican party of today. You should know this Rightwinger.

        • Just sayin says:

          Bill, RW may be obnoxious and a downright crank at times, but he has explained that his screenname is from his soccer playin’ days.

      • Follow the light says:

        If I’m not mistaken you want City living.

        Rich folks! I came here to hide from people like you.

        • You are mistaken. I don’t want city living here. I only desire a decent school system, a decent emergency system, decent utilities, and a BOS that has the decency to provide them.

  4. Stonebroke says:

    It must be election time! Nobody ever wants to talk about Economic Development until then—Hmmm?