Cabral Challenges Wolf for 10th District Congressional Seat

Tenth District candidate Kristin Cabral says that it’s time for a change in Washington and promises to inject new ideas into the US House of Representatives if she is elected.

10th District House of Representatives candidate Kristin Cabral – Photo Edward Leonard

“I will bring fresh leadership to our broken Congress in order to ensure that we preserve and grow the American Dream,” Cabral said in Berryville on Tuesday. “I have been blessed with educational opportunities that the American taxpayers provided to me and I want those opportunities to be there for future generations as well.”

Cabral, who is a lawyer and federal prosecutor, is the Democratic Party’s challenger to incumbent Republican Frank Wolf for a seat on Capitol Hill.

Cabral has made education a central plank in her campaign platform.

“I was the first person in my family to go to college and thanks to that educational opportunity I have been able to both practice and teach law,” Cabral said. “That increased educational support for young people is the key to ensuring that the American Dream will still be available for future generations of Americans. Education has allowed me to support my family. In order for people to achieve the American Dream of providing for a family we have to have better educational opportunities which in turn lead to better jobs and improved incomes.”

“Students need access to Pell grants and students loans, we need to support our community college so that we can provide technical training beyond high school,” Cabral said. “We need careful spending in order to create access to education so that our children have the opportunity to get good jobs. Right now we are winding down two wars. I favor using some of the funding being used in the wars towards the Federal debt but we also should use some the funds to increase spending on our children and current workers.”

Cabral said she supports reprograming some of the funds currently being used for the Iraq and Afghanistan towards improved education opportunities.

In addition to education, Cabral’s campaign platform incorporates a range issues that she hopes will appeal to area voters including fair pay for women workers. Cabral says that if she is elected she will also advocate for more job training and budgetary changes that she says Frank Wolf has resisted.

“Frank Wolf has 32 years of seniority and a track record of not delivering for our district,” Cabral said. “We should have better educational opportunities and better job opportunities. But Frank Wolf is part of the gridlock in Washington.”

Cabral also criticized Wolf for voting for budget sequestration, a decision that she says placed many families in the 10th District at risk.

“Frank Wolf is part of the Congress that kicked the can down the road,” Cabral said. “With 32 years in office he should be a stronger leader by now.

“Studies show that women only earn 77-cents compared to a dollar that a man earns for the same job,” Cabral said. “Not only are women are putting in the same amount of labor but earning less, they’re not being promoted to higher paying jobs.

Asked if there are companies in the northern Shenandoah Valley guilty of paying women less than men for the same jobs Cabral replied “There is a very good chance that there are.”

Cabral, who says that she supports the Afforable Care Act, believes that affordable access to healthcare is key to the American public’s well-being because it allows for citizens to care for their families and that.

Cabral said that prior to the Affordable Care Act women who had undergone breast cancer treatment had difficulty obtaining healthcare policies in the open market because of the pre-existing cancer condition.

“Too many Americans are underserved by the healthcare markets in this country,” Cabral said. “If that weren’t true the Federal government would never have had to intervene to begin with. The Affordable Care Act also means that women will no longer be penalized simply because they are women.”

Cabral says that if she is elected she will take immediate steps to address what she termed the “Federal budget crisis” in part by ending the corporate favoritism that she says Frank Wolf supports.

“In order to deal with the debt crisis we need to raise revenue,” Cabral said. “We need to reform the tax code and end the Federal subsidies to oil companies that Wolf supports. We need to make sure that American companies pay taxes and don’t hide funds in offshore banks. We also have to have a sunset on tax breaks for people with incomes over $250K.”

Cabral said that she favors rolling back tax rates to Clinton-era levels.

Cabral readily acknowledged that running against incumbent Frank Wolf was an uphill battle, Even so, she believes the effort is worth it.

“Resources are important to a campaign and it’s hard for a first time candidate in a battleground state where donors are already contributing to a lot of other issues,” Cabral said. “I’m doing my best to run a 200-day campaign against a career Washington insider. I’m just a regular person making a run for a House of Representatives seat. I hoping to earn the voters trust because I am representative of the people.”

Last week Cabral issued a challenge to Wolf to participate in a series of debates across the district. The debates will be sponsored by various community organizations and media outlets. Cabral proposed debate locations  in Winchester, Berryville, Great Falls and Manassas.

“Participating in these debates isn’t something Frank Wolf should do for me,” said Cabral. “It’s something that he should do for his constituents.”

The first of the four debates is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2nd in Winchester and sponsored by The Northern Shenandoah Valley Tea Party.

“The Northern Shenandoah Valley Tea Party would welcome the chance to host a debate between the candidates of the 10th Congressional District of Virginia,” said Chairman Jay Marts. “We want all citizens to cast an informed vote in November.”

“Healthy debate is a huge part of maintaining a healthy democracy,” added Cabral. “We need to give voters all across this district access to the candidates as much as we can throughout the next month and a half. If a congressman decides to only debate in certain specific areas of his district, what does that say about him and his perception regarding the importance of one particular area’s constituents versus another?”



  1. I think that Frank may finally have something to worry about this time around… Cabral has all “the goods” to give him a good run for his money!

  2. Another View says:

    “Cabral said that she favors rolling back tax rates to Clinton-era levels.”

    Does she support rolling back spending to Clinton-era levels?

  3. Got-A-Dollar says:

    After thirty-two years apparently Frank Wolf is part of the problem in Washington not a solution. He’ll win but he is bordering on being like Robert Byrd, he will have to be wheeled in to vote before he leaves.

  4. Wolf has served a good term but needs to be replaced. I do not support career politicians anymore.

    They have too many friends with special interests that no longer serve the public.

    Looking forward to the debate!

  5. 32-year-Congressman Frank Wolf opposes a jobs bill for returning veterans. On top of that, he just voted for legislation that is intended to help polluters damage our air and water so they can stuff their pockets with money. What kind of person would oppose veterans and vote to make our air and water more dangerous?

    Wolf owes us answers. If Wolf refuses to debate and defend himself, everyone should vote against him on principle.

    If he won’t even debate in front of a Tea Party group, his own supporters, they should work to help Kristin Cabral to send a message!

    I’ve heard that the Tea Party doesn’t support career politicians. So, they should vote him out anyway on principle. Of course, that would mean that the Tea Party stands for something. It will be interesting to see.

    • Another View says:

      Wolf might should be replaced, but it won’t be by Kristin Cabral, whose “solutions” are nothing but a regurgitation of Obama talking points.

      What we need is a Representative who understands that government is the problem, not the solution.

  6. Another Frank says:

    People often speak of Frank Wolf’s great constituent services. His office may be good at responding to questions, but unfortunately the answer is often not what you’re looking for.

    Ask Frank Wolf where he stands on the disastrous Paul Ryan budget (supported), the Veterans’ G.I . Bill (opposed), abortion (opposes in all cases, even rape or incest), expanding access to student financial aid (opposed) and more.

    • Another View says:

      What is disastrous about the Ryan budget, other than it fails to cut spending radically enough? It is a very modest, moderate document.