Candidate Forum – Shaun Broy

CDN Editor: Three candidates are in the race for Virginia’s 27th District which includes Clarke County, Fauquier County, the City of Winchester, Frederick County, and a portion of Loudoun County, Stafford County and Culpeper County. This is the second of three articles in which the candidates respond to issues of specific interest to the residents of Clarke County, Virginia. This interview was conducted with Shaun Broy via electronic mail.  

Shaun Broy


Shaun Broy is the Democratic candidate for Virginia's 27th State Senate District

CDN: Clarke County has long had the most active conservation easement programs in the area. Proponents of conservation easements say that easements reduce costly tax payer requirements to support residential sprawl. Opponents says that the program is simply a tax shelter for the wealthy that unfairly shifts the tax burden to small property owners and makes it difficult for new businesses to enter the county.

What grade do you give Clarke County’s conservation easement program and why?

Broy: GRADE B –  Clarke County has accomplished it’s goals in regards to reducing urban sprawl. The main problem that this has caused over the years has prevented the county from expanding it’s tax base by limiting opportunities for businesses to locate in the county. There has to be more of a middle ground when it comes to allowing commercial growth to occur in specific areas, such as Double Tollgate. This would begin to lessen the tax burden on small property owners and promote smart, controlled growth while continuing to support the integrity of Clarke County’s valuable wide open spaces.

CDN: Clarke County’s affordable broadband access is largely limited only to its population centers. While options like satellite and WIFI exist, such service is expensive, slow and often unreliable making it difficult to operate rural-based businesses that require Internet access. Do you have plans to address this problem?

Broy: You create a climate that fosters demand for businesses that provide affordable broadband solutions to make Clarke County a priority. This is an issue that impacts residents and businesses alike, and should be first addressed by the Board of Supervisors. Then we can take a mandate from the Board of Supervisors to the next level, which could be the state government or other pathways that provide the means necessary to make this happen. I will do whatever necessary to make this a priority.

CDN: Clarke County’s education programs have seen significant cuts in funding from the Commonwealth. Elected school officials have said that there is a direct link between declining student performance and education program funding cuts.
Has Virginia’s education funding dropped to the point where it is negatively impacting student learning? If so, what message are we sending to our next generation of Virginians?

Broy: Clarke County’s education programs have seen significant cuts in funding from the Commonwealth. Elected school officials have said that there is a direct link between declining student performance and education program funding cuts. Has Virginia’s education funding dropped to the point where it is negatively impacting student learning? If so, what message are we sending to our next generation of Virginians?

There is no doubt in my mind that these cuts have directly impacted declining student performance. I believe that our teachers are one of the state’s most valuable assets, but we treat them as much less. The message that we are sending to our next generation of Virginians is that they are simply not a priority. That same message indicates that Virginia’s future is not a priority as well. We deserve better.

CDN: The Environmental Protection Agency is gearing up to implement new measures meant to protect the Chesapeake Bay. In Clarke County, these measures likely will place higher costs on local farmers. Similarly, Virginia Power has won approval to place a new power plant near Shenandoah National Park even though opponents argued that the power produced in the plant would largely be used in New York and New Jersey. How should local citizens view the costs and impacts associated with regional and national environmental issues like the Chesapeake Bay and acid rain mitigation? 

Broy: I would be mad as hell that while we fail to fully fund vitally important things locally such as quality schools, we are even talking about how to keep the lights on in New York and New Jersey. Our environment should be a priority for everyone, as it in some way shape or form impacts us all. We should dedicate more resources to preserving our natural resources and go further by actually investing in green, renewable energy solutions for Virginia.

CDN: With commercial development to the south in Warren County, commercial zoning to the west in Frederick County and the availability of a sewage treatment facility from the Virginia Corrections Department, many citizens see Double Toll Gate as a natural location for expanded commercial use. Yet the Clarke County Supervisors have decided that the cost of providing water and sewer to the area is simply too expensive for the County to underwrite. 

Do you see a role for your office in facilitating inter-county discussions that could improve the economic health of the region?

Broy: Elections have consequences. This is a local issue. The voters of Clarke County have elected their Board of Supervisors to represent their best interests. These issues should not become a state issue until the localities request the state government to get involved. When such a request is made, as your senator, my office would act quickly to provide as much support possible to assist Clarke County with this issue or any other issue. I was born and raised in Clarke County and it will always have a special place in my heart and it will be a high priority for me to advocate for in the State Senate of Virginia

CDN: Of the candidates that you’ve heard so far, who do you believe has the best chance of winning the 2012 presidential race? Who do you support?

Broy: I believe that the President of the United States has the best chance of winning in 2012, unless the Republicans come forward with someone without as much baggage as many in the current field bring t the table. I was honestly intrigued by Governor Chris Christie when he was toying with the idea of running for the presidency. I like his straight forward talk and the “swagger” that he brought to the field.

I do support our President, and believe that he is finally hitting his stride by fighting for the middle class and talking with some common sense about everyone paying their fair share when it comes to multi-millionaires paying more taxes than the rest of us. We have to start generating revenue from somewhere and creating jobs for Americans. All this talk about tax cuts for the rich producing jobs is a bunch of B.S. if you ask me, just for example, where are all these jobs that the “Bush Tax Cuts” were supposed to create? Enough said.

About Shaun Broy:

Shaun Broy was born in Winchester, Virginia and grew up in Clarke County. He is a graduate of Clarke County High School and studied Political Science and Public Administration, with a minor concentration in Mass Communications at Shenandoah University in Winchester.

Broy says that he also spent nearly three years in higher education student affairs, as Coordinator of Student Activities & Athletics at Lord Fairfax Community College.  During his tenure at LFCC, he is credited with developing the college’s first athletic program and served as head coach of the LFCC Cannons Men’s Soccer Team.

Shaun Broy, who resides in Stephens City, hopes to make history by becoming the youngest member of the Virginia State Senate.



  1. I commend the Clarke Daily News on this format of asking the Senatorial candidates questions that are of great concern to citizens of Clarke County. It gives a clear example of a candidate’s aptitude and understanding of those issues.

    I hope CDN will also use this format for the candidates in the 10th HOD race.

  2. This just strengthens my support of Broy for Virginia State Senate. He doesn’t talk down to others, like some have on this site recently. He proved to me that he knows a lot about Clarke County and I truly believe he would be our very best advocate in Richmond. I like his style and there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t back down from a fight when it comes to advocating for what’s RIGHT… without regards to those on the right or left of a particular issue. I’ve talked to a ton a people in the county who have come around to being strong backers of his campaign and would be surprised if he doesn’t at least carry the majority of precincts in the county. Who wouldn’t want to see the underdog, home town boy, take down the huge Holtzman-Vogel political machine!?!? Talk about making headlines… Wow! All we HAVE TO DO IS VOTE on NOVEMBER 8th!!!

  3. I have to admit that I thought this guy was a bit of a joke at first, but I was totally wrong about him. He has impressed me enough to get my vote on election day. That is saying ALOT, since I normally vote Republican. He is the very best choice, especially for those of us in Clarke County. I may very well vote Minchew for Delegate, but I am now definitely voting for Broy. I don’t care what party he represents! I just hope he ends up as our next state senator. Please join me in supporting Shaun Broy for State Senate!

  4. Naked Truth says:

    I have only seen one sign for Broy along the road. I get that he doesn’t have the funding as the others, but he has to get out more somehow.

    I too will be voting outside of my party. Go Broy!

  5. The Washington Post has just published their list of endorsements for the regional Virginia Senatorial races.

    It will come at no surprize to anyone who has a pulse the Washington Post favors Democrats. In fact this year they have endorsed Democrats in EVERY Senatorial race … except for one. Can you guess which Democrat candidate the most left-wing newspaper this side of the Hudson River decided they would NOT endorse?

    Congratulations Shaun, you have made history!

    (Sorry Mr. Marro – WAPO endorsed Jill Vogel)

  6. This comes as no surprise. I could tell that they weren’t thrilled with some of the things I had to say… Believe it or not, these would be a few of the more conservative issues in which I believe in and support.

    I haven’t made history though… unfortunately… 🙁

    The Washington Post endorsed Jill Holtzman-Vogel over her Democratic challenger, Karen Schultz back in 2007, which was the last state senate election.

    • In 2007 the Washington Post wrote:

      “District 27 : In this open-seat race, we support Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel, a lawyer who made her name as counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign during the Florida recount of 2000, as chief counsel to the Republican National Committee and as a political appointee in the federal Energy Department. She’s also been heavily involved in state and local affairs, which has given her a solid grounding in the issues facing her largely rural district, comprising parts of Loudoun and Fauquier counties and points west. Articulate, fast on her feet and pragmatic, she is the sort of moderate Republican that has become scarce in Richmond. Her opponent, Democrat Karen Schultz, is a respected, hardworking educator, school board member and community leader but lacks Mrs. Vogel’s spark and command of state issues.”

      In 2011:

      “DISTRICT 27: Jill Holtzman Vogel, the Republican incumbent in this district, which includes Loudoun County, is a lawyer with an impressive command of state and local issues, zest for her work and a record of achievement that includes expanding access to higher education. We disagree with some of her initiatives, such as leading Virginia’s legislative attack on the Obama health-care law. But Ms. Vogel remains a thoughtful lawmaker and a better bet than Democratic challenger Shaun D. Broy, a political novice.”

      I never thought I could say this, but even I can agree with the Washington Post occasionally.

  7. What great debate we have on the Clarke Daily News.!!!
    I hope everyone can attend the Northern Shenandoah Valley TEA Party (NSV-TP) Meeting on Thursday. CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION.!!!!

    Thursday October 20, 2011 – NSV-TP Meeting
    @ Camino Real Mexican Resturant, 16 Crow Street, Berryville 22611-1328
    Refreshments @ 6:30p, Meeting begins at 7:00p
    SUBJECT: Clarke County Candidates Election 2011
    Dave Weiss (R) Board of Supervisors – BuckMarsh
    Beverly B. “Bev” McKay (R) Board of Supervisors – White Post
    Jennifer A. Welliver (I) Incumbent School Board member – Berryville
    Jim W. Brinkmeier Jr. (I) School Board member – Berryville

  8. CC, my hats off to your hypocrisy.

    You demean the Washington Post for being “liberal”, a terminal offense in your view for reasons that may be related to your fondness for the 19th century, but then you elevate its endorsement of Mrs. Vogel to the level of an announcement from a burning bush. Do you read your own remarks for consistency?

    The Washington Post praised Mrs. Vogel’s legal skills, grasp of issues, energy and support of education. Say what? Legal skills from what, working for the Republican Party? In election law? That’s germane.

    Grasp of issues? Compared to whose? The reporter? Mine? Seen my website, CC. I daresay one reason Mrs. Vogel disdains debate is her grasp of issues is rote, talking points focused and lacking any empirical foundation or context. Like Michelle B. Or Sarah P. Or other conservative Republican lawyer/politicians.

    But she has charm. That’s got to be worth something? Nah.

    Energy, I concede. And that’s not something Broy or I have in sufficient amounts, do you suppose?

    Support for education? Did you read my letter to the editor of this paper? What support? The support she claimed (like her Sheriffs’ support based on a bill she claimed was hers and wasn’t and which failed) but isn’t shown in voting records generally or on the budget bills. Mrs. Vogel had three education bills, two regulating the school calendar and one bill on character education that she put in for me. CC, Mrs. Vogel supports education like Gore invented the Internet and George W. knew, just knew, Saddam had WMD hidden in the folds of his wife’s burqa.

    The Washington Post got it right that Mr. Broy is a political novice. But so was Potts when he was elected, and so was Mrs. Vogel when she was. And don’t denigrate Mr. Broy, CC. He is running, you’re just writing. He may make history (notwithstanding the liberal dupes at the Post) if he does as well as Schultz did and I withdraw. Which I might just do if he continues to show as much strength and character as he has thus far.

    Wouldn’t that make you just beside yourself with glee?

    • Yes, the Washington Post is liberal. 1 Republican endorsement out of 12 regional Senatorial races. It is hard to get more bias than that.

      My point, which you fail to comprehend, is even the Washington Post with their extreme bias recognizes the need for some minimum level of competency in our lawmakers. You say Jill Vogel was a novice in 2007 but her involvement with the 2000 presidential election, Republican National Committee and Energy Department, puts her experience miles above her competitors in 2007 and 2011.

      Grasp on the issues? It seems everyone except for Mr. Marro recognizes Senator Vogel’s outstanding contributions to the Senate. The Washington Post need not comment on her “record of achievement that includes expanding access to higher education” if they did not think it relevant and reflective.

      Yes I have read your website, and letters to the editor. My impression is you are a highly articulate and thoughtful person who has not idea what you are talking about.

    • Travis Goodwin says:

      The problem, Mr. Marro, seems to be that your own arrogance gets in your way. You seem to revel in the role of political gadfly, not unlike Ross Perot or Ralph Nader of yore.

      What MORE does Mr. Broy have to do to get your support and endorsement? How much is your endorsement truly worth? You have no signage up, you openly scoffed at the conventional doings of a political campaign, you openly harangue those with whom you disagree…really, it seems like you only yearn to see your name in print, but not necessarily for the right reasons. I hope I’m wrong, but that paints you as a rather shallow individual. And, thus, this independent voter is going to vote for Mr. Broy.

  9. CC, many thanks for staying with this. And now Travis Goodwin has joined us as well.

    CC, you must decide whether the Washington Post is a liberal rag not worth the time it takes to read or the $. 75 it costs to buy, or is instead authoritative, responsible and an inspiration to all it reaches. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you can just criticise what you don’t like and praise what you do, and hope no one notices.

    And CC, much as your friends and family and those who are otherwise obliged to you might have told you how trenchant your killer ripostes are, when one disagrees with you, it isn’t that they don’t get your point, it is that they don’t think very much of it. Run by me again where Mrs. Vogel’s purported involvement with the 2000 Presidential Election (at age 30 – what did she do, make sure the coffee had sugar?) gave her anything that translates to competence? She doesn’t even have the temerity to mention that – what are you, her astrologer?

    And CC, how did Mrs. Vogel’s service to the Republican National Committee do anything but let her rub shoulders with other career opportunists (wasn’t that how someone described Mrs. Vogel?). And what was there that Mrs. Vogel did at the Energy Department that you feel makes her competent. So far as I can tell, her Energy Depatment stint was so inconsequential that even Mrs. Vogel (who has regularly endeavored to make a silk purse from a faux sow’s ear) doesn’t mention it. So she found her way to the District, is that what you mean? think that makes her a cartographer? Do better that that, my friend – maybe Mrs. Vogel can help you.

    And CC, I wonder if you can elaborate on Mrs. Vogel’s “outstanding contributions to education”. What exactly were they. Bills she patroned? Noooo. Committee assignment? Noooo. Being in Richmond when funds for education were cut? Yes!! But you really think that’s such an outstanding contribution? Oh, you’re using conservative Republican logic? Sorry. Sure, it’s a wicked great contribution! She’s a regular Horace Mann.

    And CC, thanks for saying I’m articulate and thoughtful, which is the fruit of scholarships and a public school education the blasted government should have spent on defense, or maybe tax subsidies for the Kochs. But then with a grand rhetorical flourish you withdraw your gracious compliment to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m shocked, CC, shocked. Can you imagine a politician that doesn’t know what they talking about? CC, you’ve saved me from myself and the great state of Virginia from disaster. In your dreams.

    Still there, Travis?

    May I first congratulate you on having a real name. It is real, isn’t it?

    And to you I’m grateful for writing without including any substance or references to whatever it is that you think supports your conclusions, but no doubt that doesn’t concern you in the slightest. I’m sure those also named Travis or Goodwin will instantly forgive this and rally immediately to your side. Those that aren’t, or who like their insults to be based on some small factual support may think as little of you and your arguments as I do.

    But Travie, don’t despair. I don’t suffer fools gladly, and I foolishly believe the philosophical proscription that we have a moral obligation to be well-informed on issues affecting our lives and society. And I’m delighted to be a political gadfly, goad, polemicist, rabble-rouser, provocateur, catalyst, et alia. Plato was first to use that simile when he described Socrates that way – I’m honored you think of me in precisely the same way.

    But Travie, I don’t get the leap you made (and without a rhetorical safety net – well played, sir) to supporting Shaun Broy. Would I be less a gadfly if I supported Mr. Broy? Or would I perhaps be less shallow? Help me, Travie, before I do something that may stunt my growth.

    • virginiacop says:

      Interesting campaign strategy. Bicker with citizens, insult them, question their position when you not they are running for office, compare yourself to Socrates and then call them names.

      I expect more from my kids, certainly from my representatives.

      My wife and I will not be voting for Mr. Marro.

    • wow. i’m with you virginiacop. this comment speaks volumes!

  10. I think I have made it quite clear I think the main value of the Washington Post is the coupons in its Sunday edition, but even I can admit that occasionally they may get something correct. Their endorsement of Jill over her opponents is evident of that. (did they even call you? I did not see your name mentioned)

    Your rant of Jill Vogel’s lack of accomplishments is your opinion. You are welcome to that. I value the judgement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, VA Farm Bureau, VA League of Conservation Voters, National Rifle Association, Virginia Family Foundation, all the local Sheriffs (except one who should not be Sheriff) and countless other leaders and politicians who have endorsed Jill. It would be interesting to know the community leaders who are endorsing your campaign?

  11. CC, I see your fingers are limber this morning. Bon jour.

    Let’s go slowly through your points:
    the Washington Post did not get it right with Mrs. Vogel and wrong with the other endorsements. By your reasoning, the only endorsement that was correct was for Vogel, whereas the Democratic endorsements were prejudiced. CC, I think your nose is growing.

    I declined to be part of the Washington Post endorsement process since I regard that paper’s coverage of this area generally and this race in particular to be so insipid and rankly amateur as to be meaningless.

    Let’s take their nonsensical reason for not endorsing Mr. Broy – because he’s a political novice. So was Vogel. I already disposed of the Post’s reasoning for endorsing Vogel (legal skills, grasp of issues, zest, education support) but let’s review that disposition again since you, like so many others like you, listen only to dog whistles. Vogel’s legal skills are limited to election law, her grasp of issues is to parrot the conservative Republican talking points (you couldn’t compare her to me at all favorably on the issues, substantive analysis and reasoning by matching her website to mine, for example), her zest is conceded but hardly unique, and her education support is a patently unsupported claim as I’ve already shown before, a figment of her imagination and neither fact checked nor capable of having the grounds for an attack on this claim refuted, even by you.

    That get’s me to your new grounds, endorsements by others: the NRA, Farm Bureau, League of Conservation voters, Virginia Family Foundation, Sheriffs and National Federation of Independent Business. As to the NRA and Farm Bureau, they would endorse Hitler if he gave them their guns and subsidies (with permission to the Farm Bureau to pollute and to treat farming not as a land stewardship or family enterprise but divine calling, which it ain’t no mo’). As to the League of Conservation Voters, I’ll show you the emails apologizing for that endorsemnent, which was awarded, the League’s President said, because they “received” my responses late. As to the Family Foundation, that bread is stale – women’s reproductive rights are not a matter for state intervention. As to the Sheriff’s, that “support” was a posterior protecting exercise purportedly based on a bill, SB329, that wasn’t Vogel’s and didn’t pass because conservative Republican Commonwealth Attorneys – with legal skills presumably even more germane than Vogel’s – opposed it. And you denigrate the Sheriff who did no go along to get along – shame on you, CC. Sour grapes, was it? The National Federation of Independent Business is not familiar to me, which means they never contacted me or I declined to be bothered, but what a surprise, a lobbying group endorsing (and contributing to) an incumbent.

    CC, I don’t even know any community leaders except John Staelin, Peter Schwartz and Holder Trumbo – all of whom are free to endorse me if they wish to invite Vogel or conservative Republican retribution, and likewise any Democrat who might want to endorse me is here freed by me to endorse Shaun Broy, which is much the same thing in my view in any case. But, CC, why is that significant? Are endorsements expressions of free will and very carefully awarded? Or is it something quite different. I have a website with all my positions. That’ll have to serve you and the inquisitive electorate. Or don’t you vote that way but the way others tell you?

    Will you have new grounds next time?

  12. I see we have another anonymous stalwart, virginiacop. Greetings to you, sir.

    And thank you for your campaign advice. While it is clear reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, I will tell you it was Plato that first used the gadfly simile, calling Socrates a gadfly, and so I was honored by that characterization. No, no, don’t apologize – just move your finger faster when you read.

    And your kids and you and your wife don’t bicker! Oh lucky man! An example for us all.

    But you think I needlessly bicker. Sir, I’m hanging my heads in shame for having the temerity to challenge the wrongheaded positions based on flawed, faulty or no logic of the electorate, or the general public, for whom I should have the greatest respect and as to whose comments I should nod reverently and thankfully.

    Not in a miilion lifetimes, Anonymous. I am under no obligation to listen to or turn the other cheek because of misinformation, misguided or deliberate.

    And were you going to vote for me when you thought I didn’t bicker? Or was that gesture as empty as the rest of your contribution? Frankly, Anonymous, I’m not sure you’re even likely to vote, but if you were, you should know I’d only accept votes from those voting for me because of my positions if I could. Youy see, I’m running to serve a well-informed and sensible electorate, not one basing its votes on style, charm, hate-mongering, signs, mailers, recommendations of party, or a willingness to suffer fools gladly. So vote for Vogel.

    Or better, vote for Broy. He’ll try to change things for the better, not the few.

    And he didn’t grow up in my neighborhood and acquire my many bad habits.

  13. You debase endorsements but isn’t politics ultimately just a popularity contest? Therefore endorsements, ‘free will and very carefully awarded’ alcolades, are just an expression and measurement of that popularity before election day?

  14. CC, you’re limber AND philosophical this morning – let me hitch my wagon but first, yet another one-named and anonymous writer has surfaced….valerie……perhaps virginiacop’s wife, perhaps not.

    Also not voting for me, Madam? I’ll soon be in negative numbers if there are many more anonymous stalwarts in CDN’s readership – what happens then, I wonder?

    No, CC, politics isn’t a popularity contest – Dody Stottlemyer of the Apple Valley Tea Party (how nice to talk with someone, not here to be sure, with two names, when most of you are customer service reps or professional wrestlers) lambasted that piece of cynicism quite effectively in my view. Because the electorate does behave that way, and are seen as just so many “chumps” (my grandfather Tony’s favorite expression – I can still see him as he said it, running his extended fingers from neck to chin in a common salute but not, as my guinea friends know, “un caro saluto”) by politicians, we have the government, economy and catastrophes we do.

    But don’t change a thing, CC, just be a cynic or worse, a conservative Republican.

    Are there any among you who’d care to take issue with Mr. Broy’s position on issues, or mine, or say what Vogel’s are and why they should trump mine and Mr. Broy’s; would, or can, any of you anonymous stalwarts actually articulate positions on issues, or are you content with bumper sticker comments, dittoes, and bereft of the power of reason, voting as CC suggests you do.

    Surprise me.

    • sorry, i’m not married to virginiacop.

      actually, i don’t think i have ever agreed with a single comment virginiacop has made on this forum before today.

      know what they say about assumptions?

      seems travis hit the nail dead on the head when he said your own arrogance gets in your way.

      why in the world would you want to represent a people you obviously feel are so below you? your comments ooze pretention.

      nope, voting shaun broy. and i’m an independent.

    • In your manifesto, in the section ‘Ideas, Not Money’ you say, “… ballot requires signatures of 5% of registered voters” Since you only received 4.21% of the vote in the election in 2007 don’t you disqualify yourself?

  15. “But don’t change a thing, CC, just be a cynic or worse, a conservative Republican.”

    Ahhh, there it is. It took awhile, but it finally came out.

    That’s pretty much sums you up

    Shawn Broy is an Obama supporter, despite the latters utter failure in just about every department over the last three years

    I think that only leaves one choice for conservative like myself

    • Clarke Life says:

      Kinda like 2000 to 2008 were utter failures! And yes we know Sarge/Clarke Conservative (Same Person) thats he has been gone for 3 yrs.

      • Heh heh. Don’t quit your day job with an expectation of making in the world of private investigation

  16. Oh look, we woke Sarge up! So now it’s valerie the Independent and two conservatives. My demographic.

    easy one first: Sarge, I ran last time and this time because I detest the elitism and nihilism of conservative Republicans. If that wasn’t crystal clear, change your prescription and bulk up on carrots. How any one could be sympathetic to a crowd that denies healthcare, jobs bills, Wall Street regulation, women’s reproductive rights, gender and sexual orientation equality while promoting subsidies and guns has a terminal case of Stockholm syndrome.

    valerie: so, not married to virginiacop but regulars here, and I brought you together. something good will come of this, I just know it My comments don’t ooze pretension by any definition of that word from Webster or American Heitage but rather contempt for anonymous writers; contempt for lazy thinkers who believe that because their fingertips reach the keyboard, their thoughts are worth passing on; and contempt for those who judge candidates by some imagined smile scale but not issues. Meet CC, he at least reads. Albeit poorly.

    CC: admire your staying power, my friend. Not your effort to confuse, however. I said 5% to be on the ballot for public funds when there is public funding of elections so brandmeisters don’t make Jill Vogel into Horace Mann and Michelle Bachman into responsible, reasonable and a tax attorney. But you did look at my stuff! Were you wearing sunscreen? Any other misquotes for the gullible you’d like to essay?

    Good night. Time for Shields and Brooks. Not for you Sarge. Wait for Hannity.

    • Again, just like Virginia cop said, but maybe it didn’t sink in. Here, I’ll repeat.

      “Bicker with citizens, insult them, question their position when you not they are running for office, compare yourself to Socrates and then call them names.”

      Sorry, the CDN doesn’t have REALLY big font or crayola colors, but I think I can say it in fewer word

      You’re a snob

      Don’t bother sending any literature to my house

  17. HOW ‘BOUT THEM EAGLES?!?!? I BLEED ORANGE AND BLUE! I am just proud to be from Clarke County… and I know a lot of pretty good folks in Clarke County that won’t vote for me, but I know a lot that will do just the opposite and vote for me… Regardless… I will be honored to have the votes that I am fortunate enough to get on Election Day. If you all choose to vote for someone else, I can’t say that it wouldn’t upset me a little. I will still be proud of where I was born and raised… and respect the choice you made at the polls. Life will go on… and I will have no regrets about deciding to run for senate or they way in which I have ran my campaign. If I get the honor of representing all of you in the Virginia State Senate, I will work just as hard for those who have bashed me along the way, as I will for those who have been strong supporters. It’s just the right thing to do… That is my word. My word is my bond. I’ll leave it at that…

  18. Welcome back, Sarge. En garde.

    I don’t suppose you’ve noticed that virginiacops comments were disposed of earlier, and had no particular value or interest to me the first time around, or when valerie (not Mrs. virginiacop, by the way) dittoed them, or now when you’ve decided that putting your imprimatur on them will add spark or pungency to them. My friend, they were trite originally and tiresome now. Bickering isn’t an apt description but even if it was, so what – it’s apparently what those of you who write most prefer. I’ve detected precious little substance except from CC, and we seem to have been enlightened that this towering figure amongst my correspondents isn’t you.

    And then, unsatisfied that endorsing virginiacop’s remarks wasn’t enough (probably because you don’t have access to large fonts or crayola colors), you add your coup de grace (sorry, Sarge, it’s a snob expression – you can skip this part if you get brain strain from reading further): you call me a snob. Me, Socrates.

    I’m devastated, Sarge, deflated, hanging my head in contrition. Like that image? Too bad, it ain’t happening.

    If that’s the best you can do, turn in your keys. And don’t wait by the mailbox to intercept any literature from me. While it probably never occurred to you that I wouldn’t know you if I gave you CPR because you were choking in public, I don’t believe the “literature” you’re expecting from me is substantive and more than fear-mongering, which your idols do but I don’t. Feel free to boycott my website ( instead.