CCHS Chamber Choir Faces Financial Shortfall

By Wendy C. Kedzierski

They’ve been chosen as the only representatives from the state of Virginia to participate in an exclusive national festival in New York City this spring. They’ve got the talent, drive and commitment. So what may keep this group of Clarke County High School Chamber Choir students from attending the 2012 National Festival of the States? Money.

“As of now, we have raised $13,000 toward the trip. We still need $14,000,” says the group’s director, Dr. Ryan Keebaugh. The next installment is due April 1.

Sponsorships are available, and the group is grateful for those who have already generously donated. Current sponsors include Rappahannock Electric, Loudoun Pediatric Associates, Green Acres Lawn Care, Masters and Webb, Webb Business Center, Shenandoah Beauty Academy, Celtic Shipping, Champion Iron, RE/MAX Roots, and Breze Power Equipment. Specific sponsorship levels range from $100 to $1,500, but any donation is accepted with gratitude.

Raffle tickets for a “Golf Ball Drop” are also currently being sold. This unique fundraiser “sells” numbered golf balls, which will be dropped by helicopter on Feb. 25. The owner of the ball landing closest to a pre-set pin will win $1,000.00. Other prizes include a week’s stay at a condominium in Ocean City and an overnight stay at Historic Rosemont Manor. Jim Webb, parent of a Chamber Choir member, will be piloting the helicopter – as well as donating the condominium prize. Three tickets can be purchased for $20. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be shared with Virginia Search and Rescue.

The choir is also available for paid singing gigs. Questions can be directed to Dr. Keebaugh at Donations can be sent to CCHS c/o Ryan Keebaugh, 240 Westwood Rd., Berryville, VA 22611. Checks should be made payable to CCHS Chamber Choir.

The annual National Festival of the States features performing groups from each of the 50 states selected on the basis of recommendation from state and national music educators, governors, senators, congressional representatives and/or by audition. The trip includes four days performing venues ranging in location from standard public stages to auditoriums, exchange concerts, churches and memorials. Keebaugh says the Choir will be looking to perform at St. Paul’s Chapel by Ground Zero, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, historic South Street Seaport and The United Nations Building.

Raffle tickets can be obtained from any CCHS Chamber Choir student or from Dr. Keebaugh:


  1. How many kids are in this choir? How much is this hotel in NYC? What kind of transportation is being used to get there? 14k is a lot of money!

  2. wewerethere says:

    What an awesome opportunity. While $27000 is a lot of money, if you break it down…40 people going (just an estimate, I don’t know how many people are going)…that is $675 per person for 4 days including hotel, meals, transportation, tours of different venues and sightseeing. That is not that pricey especially in a expensive city.

    For many of our students, this may be their one and only opportunity to visit NYC. And what a great way to be able to see NYC and to perform at some of the World’s most respected venues and sites.

    Congrats to the Chamber Choir!! Clarke County should be proud of our children!!


    Is this what they’re hoping to attend? It’s a festival tour, organized by a musical tour company, not a competition. Still, it’s a worthy endeavor.

  4. Clarke Co Annie says:

    The only representatives from Virginia?
    Wow! I’m impressed and yes, very proud.
    Way to go Clarke High Chamber Choir students!
    What an opportunity for all of them.

    The article did not mention where the raffle tickets can be obtained – more info please.

  5. Wendy Kedzierski says:

    Raffle tickets can be obtained from any CCHS Chamber Choir student or from Dr. Keebaugh:

    Thanks for asking for clarification!

  6. Screamin' Eagle! says:

    Y’all are amazing! Keep up the excellent work!
    To anyone reading this: this talented group REALLY needs your help! Please support these lovely, talented students in this endeavor. They deserve this SO much. They have been working so hard to reach this point. They can only reach New York if they have your help and support.
    And thank you to Dr. Keebaugh for all of the work and talent you have put into this. We are so fortunate to have you!

  7. I went to Europe as a Senior in HS for one week. I remember lots of spaghetti dinners to help offset the cost, but by parents still paid some money for it. I will gladly eat you $8 spaghetti. Cultural niceties aside from the trip, it is more of a social thing than cultural.