CCHS Student in the Running for WVPT’s Online Fundraising Contest

WVPT, the PBS station serving the Shenandoah Valley and Central and Northern Virginia, has entered its last month of fundraising through TALENT WAR$ with more than $1,800 donated through more than 40 competing talent videos.

Currently, more than 30 contestants have uploaded their talent videos, from live performances and music videos to animated shorts. Most of the top contenders are from the Harrisonburg area, but the current fourth-place video belongs to Clarke County High School Student Khalil Nasar of Berryville.

The station’s first ever interactive, online, video talent contest and fundraiser is offering $6,000 in cash prizes. Viewers can vote for their favorite video by donating to WVPT until Jan. 3., after which the winners will be announced.

“TALENT WAR$ is one creative way that WVPT is responding to try and make up for hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funding cuts this year,” said David Mullins, president and general manager of WVPT.

Mullins said the competition, which harnesses the power of social media, is a way to spotlight the talents of WVPT viewers and provide a fun way for people to support the station.

“The competition is still wide open—so, really, all of the contestants have a chance to win,” he said. “We are encouraging our viewers to participate and encouraging contestants to promote their own videos to receive votes.”

Viewers can simply visit the secure website,, to view the videos, select their favorite and “vote” by making a donation to WVPT.  Every dollar “donated” equals one “vote” for the video. The three participants with the most $1 “votes” by the conclusion of the contest will win a first place award of $3,000, a second place award of $2,000 and a third place award of $1,000.


To enter TALENT WAR$ or view current entries, visit