CCHS Swim Team Results

Clarke County Swim Team
Clarke vs Madison vs Manassas Park – 12/10/2011
Dual Meet Scores

Manassas Park  High School 48.00  – Madison County High School 39.00
Clarke County High School 71.00 – Manassas Park  High School21.00
Clarke County High School 65.00 – Madison County High School24.00
Madison County High School 60.00 – Manassas Park  High School24.00
Clarke County High School 69.00 – Manassas Park  High School17.00
Clarke County High School 60.00 – Madison County High School 33.00




  1. Right Winger says:

    What do these scores mean? It looks like Clarke won, but there’s so many different scores, I can’t make heads or tails out of them.

    Way to go swim team!!

  2. I agree, not much of an article! No names, races, team photos ect! Front page news? You show cased it, follow it with some useful information.