CCHS Wrestler Wins One Hundredth Match

Pete winning #99 against Warren County. Photo credit Bud Gordon

Peter Levi joined the CCHS Wrestling Century Club last weekend by winning his one hundredth match, pinning Central Woodstock’s Skylar Wolfe at the Strasburg District Duals.

That is a pretty simple sentence but what exactly does 100 wins mean?  100 wins is more than a math exercise, tallying up the W column.  100 wins means that you have put in the time in the practice room, pushing yourself to improve through sweat, blood and tears; you have attended camps and clinics through the years in hot over-crowed wrestling rooms working until you can wring sweat from your shirt.  100 wins means that you have put in the time on the mat; you have stood alone, battling opponents whose entire goal for the day is to grind you into that very same mat, and you have come out victorious time after time.  100 wins means that you have shown dedication to the team, you have found a way to do well in school, finish the chores at home, and continued to grapple; you have not quit the team mid-season year after year.  100 wins means that you have fought through pain, refusing to quit when your leg or neck, or back hurt so bad it was hard to focus, you put the injury behind you and you stepped into the circle to enter the fray like a game cock who does not know when to quit.

You have made the grades, managed the weight, and embraced the grind of a long season; you went to war with the demons on the mat and those that are known only to you.  Congratulations Pete for entering the CCHS Century Club, we are proud of you.

Pete and his dad Jon after his 100th win. Photo credit Bud Gordon


  1. AnaBellie says:

    Way to go Peter!

  2. Clarkecitizen says:

    Great job Peter! You’ve worked hard and its paid off. Good luck the rest of the season.

  3. Tricia Ramey says:

    Congratulations Peter!! What an awesome accomplishment!

  4. good job young man!

  5. DAWN PRICE says:


  6. Great job Peter! Glad to see so much dedication!

  7. what grand dedication and what an accomplishment for this young man.