CCHS Yearbook Receives Hall of Fame Honors

When Kathy Campbell took over as sponsor of the Clarke County High School Yearbook Club four years ago she did it with a goal in mind.

“I wanted to create an award winning yearbook” Campbell said. Now Campbell has gotten her wish.

CCHS Year Book Sponsor Kathy Campbell displays Hall of Fame honors - Photo Edward Leonard

The 2010 Clarke County High School Yearbook has been inducted into the Walsworth Publishing Company’s Gallery of Excellence. Chosen yearbooks are distinguished by their comprehensive coverage, innovation design and superior copy and photographs. The 2010 CCHS Yearbook was chosen because it met these criteria and represents excellence along with yearbooks from across the country.

Campbell said that she and her 15 student contributors are very pleased with the award. “I’m thrilled” Campbell said on Sunday while hosting CCHS’s IB Art exhibit for the Clarke County Studio Arts Tour.

Campbell’s students are fortunate to have an instructor with both artistic skill and business expertise. Campbell has twelve years of experience in the publishing industry. Before joining Clarke County Public Schools Campbell worked at the Reston Times newspaper, Spur Magazine, an award-winning national bi-monthly devoted to English equestrian sport as well as a respected advertising agency in Middleburg, Virginia.

In an electronic mail message CCPS Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy praised Campbell for her leadership. “Only a small number of yearbooks are chosen for this distinction” Murphy said. “These yearbooks are used by the Walsworth national sales force as quality examples, are loaned to schools across the country to serve as idea generators and are displayed at regional, state and national conventions and workshops.”

Congratulations to Kathy Campbell and her students!


  1. Congratulations Mrs. Campbell! A very well-deserved award!

  2. Sandra Stickovitch says:

    The school system is fortunate to have such talent on their staff. Congratulations Kathy!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Way to go Kathy! You put your heart and soul into it and your student staff followed suit.

    A great yearbook and a well deserved reward!

  5. Dwight Brown says:

    Way to go Kathy–super job. we are so excited and happy for your success and good work. blessings, Dwight and Cathy Brown