CCPS DECA Team Sets Record High Achievement

Congratulations  to our Clarke County DECA State WINNERS!

Front row; Andy King, Will Ravenscroft, Josh Dulany, Jesse Robinson, Scott Schutte, Davey Hardesty, Daniel Judge, Donald Tredway, Michael Arthur, Bruce Ward, Alex Jackson, and John Catlett (center front) Center row: Amy Legare, Clara Gilleland, Victoria Ewing, Bridget Acland, Natalie Flagg, Brittany Teasley, Michaela Garrison, Courtney Butterfass, Kendall Jenkins, and Anna Cantrell Back row: Ellie Kraft, Erin Hall, Amanda Robinson, Alex Harden, Madison Tyler, Lauren Kelleher, Andy Justice, Lisa Daniels, Emily Amos, Megan Allen, Allison Crandell, Amanda Gordon, Julia Shaffer, and Elizabeth Blight

It was another RECORD-BREAKING EVENT at the DECA State Leadership Conference held in Norfolk, VA on March 9-11, 2012.  There were almost 3,000 participants at the conference.  Thank you for everyone’s support of Clarke County DECA.

The following students were winners at the DECA State Leadership Conference


Anna Cantrell             1st  Place Overall – Hotel and Lodging Management Event  (49 competitors)


Michaela Garrison     2nd  Place Overall – Marketing Management Event  (58 competitors)


Donald Tredway      2nd  Place Overall – Professional Selling Event  (34 competitors)


Bruce Ward                2nd  Place Overall –  Hospitality and Tourism Personal Selling  (30 competitors)


Jesse Robinson       3rd  Place Overall – Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series  (53 competitors)


Amanda Gordon      5th    Place Overall – Food Marketing Series  (59 competitors)


Allison Crandell & Kendall Jenkins   6th  Place Overall – Hospitality Services Team Decision-Making   (60 competitors)


Daniel Judge          6th Place Overall – Business Services Marketing  (59 competitors)


Elizabeth Blight          7th    Place Overall – Business Finance Series Event  (40 competitors)


Julia Shaffer               7th  Place Overall – Retail Merchandising Event  (56 competitors)


Alex Jackson           7th Place Overall – Professional Selling Event  (34 competitors)

Scott Schutte             8th  Place Overall – Retail Merchandising Event  (56 competitors)


Emily Amos                 Event Finalist – Hotel & Lodging Management   Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play 1                         (49 competitors)


Michael Arthur           Event Finalist – Marketing Management    Top 10 Finalist  – Comprehensive Exam          (58 competitors)


Courtney Butterfass     Event Finalist – Automotive Services Marketing

Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play 1                          (55 competitors)

Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play 2


Victoria Ewing            Event Finalist – Hospitality & Tourism Personal Selling  Top 10 Finalist  – Comprehensive Exam           (30 competitors)


Alex Harden & Amy Legare

Event Finalist – Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making

Top 10 Finalist  – Comprehensive Exam           (49 competitors)


Lauren Kelleher         Event Finalist – Quick Service Restaurant Management

Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play 2                         (59 competitors)

Andy King                   Event Finalist – Principles of Finance

Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play                            (38 competitors)


Will Ravenscroft        Event Finalist – Automotive Services Marketing

Top 10 Finalist  – Role-Play 2                         (55 competitors)


Newly Elected 2012-2013 DECA State Historian:  Natalie Flagg – Representing 14,400+  DECA members in the state of Virginia

DECA Scholarships of $1,000 each awarded to: Donald Tredway & Daniel Judge (only16 awarded)


CTE Scholarship of $1,000 awarded to: Daniel Judge (only 1 awarded in the state to a CTE student who participates in one of the following organizations: DECA, FFA, HOSA, FBLA, FCCLA, SkillsUSA, and TSA)


DECA Merit Award Recipients


Michael Arthur Daniel Judge
Courtney Butterfass Donald Tredway


DECA Honor Society Inductees:

Bridget Acland Natalie Flagg Scott Schutte
John Alfaro Amanda Gordon Rachel Sefton
Megan Allen Davey Hardesty Julia Shaffer
Michael Arthur Olivia Hart Connor Shendow
Elizabeth Blight Kendal Jenkins Henley Shull
Courtney Butterfass Colin Johnson Brittany Teasley
Julianna Cantrell Daniel Judge Donald Tredway
Allison Crandell Lauren Kelleher Monica Warfield
Lisa Daniels Nicole Legare Nicole Zuleger
Jordan Donnelly Holland Robinson


The Clarke County DECA Chapter received the following awards:


¨      Perferred Award – DECA Chapter Annual Report

(2nd Highest honor with only 19 chapters receiving the award out of 195 chapters)


¨      Certificate of Achievement for VA DECA Day Activities


Former CCPS DECA sponsor Robin Eddy (center) receives the DECA Honorary Life Membership Award

Ms. Robin Eddy received the prestigious Honorary Life Membership Award presented by the   VA DECA Board of Trustees and given to only one person each year that has made significant contributions of time and effort to VA DECA.


Ms. Mary Elson was recognized as an Outstanding DECA Advisor. (only 12 recognized)


The following students are eligible to compete and participate in leadership development activities at the International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 27th– May 2nd, 2012.   Their advisors, Ms. Mary Elson and Ms. Rachel Mercke will accompany them.


Michael Arthur Michaela Garrison Jesse Robinson
Elizabeth Blight Amanda Gordon Scott Schutte
Courtney Butterfass Alex Jackson Julia Shaffer
Anna Cantrell Kendall Jenkins Donald Tredway
Allison Crandell Daniel Judge Bruce Ward
Natalie Flagg



Congratulations to all the students who participated!!!!


  1. great job!! I know everyone worked very hard for these acheivements!!!

  2. supportn Clarke says:

    Congrats to the DECA leaders! (students AND staff!!)