CCPS to Remember September 11 Attacks

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the attack of September 11, 2001. In remembrance, Clarke County Public Schools will participate in a Division-wide moment of silence to be held on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

During this brief time we will join with other members of our community and those from around the nation and the world to remember those loved ones who fell in this attack on America. We will also pause to remember their families and the heroes who rose during the aftermath of the tragedy and their continued struggles.

Our school community feels it is important to reaffirm and restate our resolve that no life lost in the September 11 attack should be a life lost in vain. Once again, we reaffirm our belief that the people of the United States of America stand together as a community and as a nation, celebrating democracy in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In addition to a moment of silence, remembrance activities and/or discussions may be conducted as appropriate.


  1. It’s great that they are doing a moment of silence but the real message of Sept 11 that we need to teach our children is one of tolerance for and acceptance of others. The hatred that was shown for human life on that day should never be repeated. I’m surprised and saddened that the history classes in the middle and high school barely approach this tragic event. It’s far more important for todays children to understand the hows and whys of what lead to this day in history than it is for them to learn about the Mesapotomian people and what they traded. So while I am thankful for the moment of silence, I would prefer an open discussion.

    • America is a tolerant society, whereas, Islam is an intolerant religion and culture. Children need to be taught that there are extraordinarly bad people who wish to harm us, the United States of America. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “There are rough men who protect us at night so we can sleep in our beds safely.” Furthermore, the educational system in this country will not allow an open and honest discusstion due to “political correctness”. Tell the 3000 plus victims from September 11th how tolerant and peaceful and God loving these terrorists were when they deliberately used airplanes as weapons to kill innocent civilians.

  2. That was one of a few moments in my lifetime that we all stood together as a nation.

  3. life is good says:

    What we need to teach our children is that there are extremist nuts out there, in any and every political or religious persuasion.

  4. ….and not to join ranks with ANY of them.