CDN Achieves Google Milestone

This news story is a little geeky but you don’t have to be an Internet Guru to understand what it means.

Google “Clarke Daily News” and you’ll see something that resembles the following:

CDN website achieves Google search "sitelinks" status

Notice the blue sub-categories, like “Education” that Google lists? The categories, called “sitelinks” are automatically generated by Google based on a “secret” algorithm. Most search results don’t show sitelinks; the search results that do are generally for websites that have a top ranking on most general searches.

Google has decided that if you search for events and news in Clarke County you’ll probably find what you’re looking for at the Clarke Daily News. Pretty cool!

The Clarke Daily News has reached another recent milestone that is a little less technical; over 75,000 page views in a single month! In newspaper lingo that means CDN’s stories are being read 75,000 times each a month! Who says that local news isn’t important anymore?

And readership continues to climb as more people tell family, friends, and neighbors about stories.

Clarke Daily News is growing because of your loyal interest and love for Clarke County, Virginia. Let there be no mistake, national and world news is important. But most of us understand that the most important impact that we make in life will be in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. Writing the stories is easy, but the magic ingredient is having a community that cares.

So far Clarke County’s community caring quotient appears to be on the rise as well.


  1. J.C.Coon says:

    well deserved!

  2. Michael Hobert says:

    Congratulations. The community appreciates your efforts and the quality of your work.

  3. Dave Zuleger says:

    Keep up the great work CDN!

  4. Bill Bell says:

    The best news source Clarke County has ever had. Interesting and fair reporting. What a novel concept. Thank you CDN!

  5. I moved away from Berryville after college and my friend turned me on to this site as a way to keep in touch with what is going on at home. Thanks for all of your great stories!