CDN Growth Requires New Database

When we started the Clarke Daily News, we knew that our friends and neighbors were passionate about Clarke County. We talked with folks while sitting on porches and at school events and came to realize that everyone has a vested interest in knowing what was going on in the county. So, we started our experiment and called it the Clarke Daily News. For almost two years now we have been covering the issues that shape the county we all live in and our readership has continued to grow, and grow, and grow. In fact, our site has become such a nexus for news and discussion that this morning we outgrew our database. We were full. Full of stories, full of comments, and full of thumbs up and down. So today we were unable to load new articles and readers were unable to post new comments. We apologize for the inconvenience. The good news is we have seriously upgraded our database.  That work was completed around  5:00 PM. We can now continue on the path to bigger and better news for Clarke County. Thanks for your ongoing support


  1. Kathleen Fisher says:

    Thank you for your valuable community resource.

  2. Mr Mister says:

    I’ve been trying all day. Now I forgot what it is I wanted to say.

  3. Sharon Strickland says:

    Way to go! I sincerely appreciate your staying current with upgrades. So many friends read the CDN and as a civic leader, I think it is very useful to have an online paper. I always wish you well.

  4. sargewillis says:

    You have filled a void that has persisted since Mr. Byrd closed the Clarke County Courier and you did it with 21 century technology and class. Thank you CDN.

  5. Bill Bell says:

    CDN has done more good things to inform and engage the citizens of Clarke County than any print media was ever able to do. We not only learn what’s going on, we learn what our neighbors think about it – like it, or not.


  6. Thank you for your dedicated work. It is a valuable resource to Clarke County residents. The comments present versatile opinions and opens minds to another way of seeing an issue. I certainly hope this vehicle of information continues. Great job to all involved with CDN!

  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    I concur with Snowcat respecting the opening of minds. There is so much hysteria these days, especially on the supposed liberal/conservative political divide, that little communication occurs. You do a nice job here of focusing on Clarke County’s unique characteristics without encouraging insularity.