CDN Poll: County Considers “Welcome to Clarke County” Signs

County officials want to make sure that travelers along the County’s major thoroughfares know when they have arrived in Clarke. On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of erecting “Welcome to Clarke County” signs and asked the public to join in the discussion of what the signs will say.

“Some counties have welcome signs that define ‘who they are’,” said Supervisor John Staelin (Millwood). “We may want to do something that’s a little more tourist oriented. For instance, our sign might include our county website address to allow people with handheld devices to find out more about Clarke County.”

Clarke officials are considering placing “Welcome to Clarke County” signs at major entry points into the county.

Staelin pointed out that county welcome signs often address one of two goals; the sign either provides a slogan or image that identifies the unique characteristics of the local area or the sign can sometimes serve as an invitation to travelers to visit the locality.

“Fauquier County’s welcome sign says ‘Preserving Agriculture in a Business-Friendly Community’,” Staelin said. “We need to decide whether our sign should be more ‘identity’ oriented or something to reach people who may want to spend money here – which is my personal preference.”

In discussing the tourism-versus-identity issue several potential slogans for a Clarke County welcome sign were discussed including “Clarke County – Virginia’s Best Kept Secret” and “Clarke County – Discover Beauty, Adventure, History and Fun”.

If approved, the Welcome to Clarke County signs will be placed at the County’s major entry points on Route 7, Route 50 and Route 340.

Clarke County Zoning Administrator Jesse Russell, who has been involved in the sign design discussion, said that while sign message is important, making sure that people know that they have entered a new jurisdiction is equally important.

“People coming from Loudoun County or Frederick County often don’t realize that they are even in Clarke County,” Russell said. “Having a nice motto and logo are important but what’s most important is letting people know that they have entered into a new county and making sure that our website address is available in case they want to find out more about us.”

Clarke County Supervisor Chairman Michael Hobert (Berryville) concurred that good signage requires more than just a catchy slogan.

“In order to be effective a sign needs to have a good design,” Hobert said. “The words are very important but that isn’t enough. We need to have a designer involved once you have determined the words that you plan to use.”

Supervisor Staelin said that coming up with the best theme for the welcome signage, as well as a County motto, should be a community effort and invited County residents to get involved in the process.

“We invite the public to submit their suggestions,” Staelin said. “We’d love to have people’s thoughts and ideas.”

How do you feel about “Welcome to Clarke County” signage?


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  1. Right Winger says:

    Clarke County is NOT a tourist destination. FAR from it!!

    It’s a rich farmer’s hideaway, no outsiders are welcome. I doubt they’d put that on a sign, though.

    • Sage of the mountain says:

      I sort of like the slogan “Dont talk about farmers with your mouth full”

  2. Welcome to Clarke County! Please spend your tourist dollars here! We have Sheetz! We have McDonalds! We have 2…count em 2….7 11s!

    That’s about it, but we thought we’d spend money on the signs anyway. Have fun!

  3. The county can’t afford to have deputies on duty 24/7 and can only mow the grass every 17 days in the county. And you really want to spend money putting up signs. Priorities here?

    • Naive Son says:

      Bellie – signs are should always be placed where the bottom of the sign is higher than the vegetation (grass) can reach. No mowing necessary.

  4. Right Winger says:

    Welcome to Clarke County

    Preserving money in an anti-business atmosphere.

  5. “might include our county website address to allow people with handheld devices to find out more about Clarke County”

    Great idea…I wonder why no one else has thought of that…
    Oh I know because of the lawsuits from the idiots that try to use their phone while driving. Maybe it could include a disclaimer, “Intended for use by passengers only.”

    Maybe they should combine forces with Berryville’s effort to design wayfinding signage and create a retro 50s’ roadside stand to welcome visitors with vegetables and everything…

  6. Got-A-Dollar says:

    Just put them at Waterloo and Double Toll Gate, where county officials think commercial growth should be.
    Don’t bother with them near Berryville, heaven forbid if we have commercial growth there. Heck, a traveler may even want to stop and spend a buck.

  7. Nice thought but there are so many other priorities right now. Do you really notice welcome signs in other small counties as you are getting from point A to B? I don’t. Especially when most of the county is made up of empty fields or common housing.

  8. just the facts..PLEASE says:

    It is amazing to me that so many residents here in Clarke have such negative views of the county they live in and the people that populate it. Why are you here? Why have you stayed? What is with all this “farmer hating”?????

    The borders are open and the paradise so many of you seek of strip malls, fast food, apartment complexes, traffic, high taxes and crime is just a short move away! What are you waiting for?

    • Waiting forthe market to come back so I don’t have to lose everything that was invested. If you would like to give me $300,000 for my house that is now worth $200,000; I’d move tomorrow. A study was done that proved commuting (which 60% of the residents in Clarke do) doesn’t equal the “perceived” cost savings of cheaper housing and less taxes.Too bad this study happened after I moved here. The powers that be don’t have to worry though;they make their 6 figure incomes and don’t need to commute more than 10 minutes.

    • Well I think as you attempt to castigate those who voice their displeasure with the way the county is run you are illustrating the other end of what has become a polarized argument. It’s always”We want change” versus “If you don’t like it leave.”

      The real problem that underlies the discomfort is that this town and county are unsustainable. You can dig your heels in and say “it’s always been this way and we’ve been fine” but the reality is that the town in particular is on the fast track to economic death. College kids from here are not coming back here. There ar no jobs and the commuter jobs are drying up as well. Businesses look at low density population coupled with a high-level of community problems (like the highest sewer rates in the state) and you end up with a place that cycles through hobby businesses that pop-up, fail and never contribute to the economy.

      So when the geniuses on the BoS attempt to add what is essentially a vanity plate to the county in the form of a welcome sign it comes off as silly because they talk about Clarke being a tourist destination but have no economic plan in place whatsoever to make it one.

      If you want a sign it has to be part of an overarching plan to make this a tourist destination and then you have to actually market it as such.

      A sign is a part of a plan, not a replacement for one.

      • Bill Bell says:

        Well said James.

        The problem is the BoS stands on their comprehensive plan, which essentially says you can’t do anything new or different without applying for their premission (special use permit). Then they get to decide on a case by case basis if they like you or not. That’s their plan.

        How do you put that on a sign?

      • Naive Son says:

        Hi James – You make good points, but I get the feeling that people who have not been here all that long have never looked at the county website under visitors and seen the attractions that Clarke actually offers. The State Arboretum, Longbranch museum, Burwell-Morgan Mill, Appalachian Trail (which notes that the best day trip on the trail is right here in Clarke) Barns of Rosehill and the Shenandoah river just to name a few. Not all people traveling want the same experience for getting away as yourself and that has to be kept in mind.

        • All of which are wonderful, but how much revenue do they actually generate?

          Please tell me you just missed the ‘t’.

        • I couldn’t have illustrated the problem any better than you just did.

          No one would argue that there is an absence of attractions that potential tourists might find interesting. In fact there are quite a few as you pointed out. The County and Town have failed to understand, that a collection of tourist type attractions does not magically create a “Tourist Destination.” To be a destination you have to create a branded Destination and market it as an entity. The attractions are a necessary part, but a Destination is a thing in and of itself that is greater than the sum of its parts.

          Tourist Destinations make it easy for potential visitors to investigate their excursion and identify the things they want to do, places they want to eat and entertainment they would like to experience all in one place, packaged and easy. That doesn’t happen in a void. It takes vision and buy-in from the community and the local government. Grafting on an afterthought section about tourism to the County government site is a sad attempt to accomplish this on the cheap that is a complete failure of vision and execution.

          It is unfortunately the current paradigm in Clarke County to try to do things on the cheap to the point that they are preordained failures. It would be refreshing to see those tasked with the challenge of economic development work together to develop a plan and a budget number associated with it and see what could be done. If you put it out as an RFP to businesses who know what they are doing the results could be remarkable.

          Why not combine forces with the town and use some of the money they waste on faux economic development? It’s a pretty sizable number from what I hear and it is wasted.

          The opportunities are there, it just takes vision and leadership.

          Too bad those are the two things that have been lacking in local government for years

    • geezlouise says:

      All many of us want is just one other grocery store…holy heck, maybe two! One could sell fresh and local.

      Sad when you go to one of the local butchers and they say sorry, we’re saving up the meat for the farmer’s market in Alexandria…..

    • Right Winger says:

      It’s not that we view the County negatively, it’s that we view the County LEADERSHIP (Or lack thereof) that we view negatively.

  9. Typical for Clarke County. Clarke County. We cannot afford Police but we have a lot of great ideas on how to irresponsibly spend tax dollars.

    “Welcome to Clarke County Home of rich farmers, come spend your money here… Then get out!!!!”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, No deputies on duty… Enjoy”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, come see our new High School. It only took us a decade to build it”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Not much here but a couple Mom and Pop restaurants, tip your waitresses well because it’s our only source of revenue”

    “Welcome To Clarke County, Virginia’s slowest growing county”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Technological runt of Virginia”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Aren’t much here.. Welcome anyway”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Now turn around and go home you OUTSIDER!!!!”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Welcome to the 50’s, no Cable, no DSL and no high speed internet at all. But we don’t care”

    “Welcome to Hazard County Virginia”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Only county in Virginia with NO pharmacy”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Visit our website when you get back home. Internet here is almost nonexistent”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Just keep driving, nothing to see here…

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Home of nothing very interesting”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, enjoy your visit and be thankful you don’t live here”

    “Welcome to Clarke County, Aren’t our signs pretty? We spent a fortune on them

  10. Welcome to Clarke County: Home of THE ‘Barns of Rose Hill’.

  11. ElinorDashwood says:

    Ten or eleven years ago, I saw a t-shirt at the Daily Grind, (now the Newstand) that I found hilarious.
    It had a silhouette of a cow and said, “Clarke County. A sleepy little drinking community with a farming problem.” Put THAT quote under “Welcome to Clarke County”.
    I wish I had bought the shirt, CC has completely lost it’s sense of humor in the past ten years in its efforts to grow up.

  12. Another t-shirt idea: “I visited Clarke County, but I bought this t-shirt in Frederick!” or “What happens in Clarke County stays in Clarke County unless you ain’t from here!”

  13. Doesn’t sound like the community is in support of the signs! Maybe at the next meeting, you can come up with another bright idea!

  14. Too funny says:

    How about … Welcome to Clarke County! Don’t mind that nuisance smell of biosolids and, if you do allow me to introduce you to Clarke Counties Solgan: if you don’t like it leave

  15. Welcome to Clarke County…Head on into Berryville where our ABC store is open on Sunday. Nothing else is though

  16. I like a Mountain shaped sign with the slogan

    “Welcome to Clarke County
    Gateway to the Shenandoah”

    To me, it speaks to the Washington, Fairfax and Loudoun County residents who come here for the country, fresh air and peaceful environment.

    Just my thoughts.

  17. Uncle Jessie says:

    “Welcome to Clarke County- Where people move from Loudoun and Fairfax to and then complain how Clarke is not like Loudoun and Fairfax”

  18. Welcome to the machine says:

    AD thats hilarious, well done!

    Welcome to CC we are built on trust, just ask a Ruritan. Oooh SNAP!
    Welcome to CC we may have electricity today!
    Welcome to CC no Yanks are welcome here!
    Welcome to CC, dont mind the smell, we except human waste. Please deposit on any farm.

  19. goodgracious says:

    Welcome to Clarke! It is so quiet and peaceful here!

    That’s because everyone is shopping in Winchester

  20. Welcome to Clarke County–The only County in America where you can’t buy yourself a pair of Tennis shoes or Blue Jeans or Work Boots or anything for that matter!

  21. Got-A-Dollar says:

    First it was $10,000 worth of signs for the new school now signs for the county. Hey Economic Development Board this would be a great location for a sign company!

  22. one more says:

    Welcome to Clarke County
    Pathway to History and the Shenandoah Valley

    • Sam Card says:

      The sign proposal by “one more” is excellent! Put it on route 7 at Snickers Gap and US route 50 at Ashby Gap. On Virginia route 7 in Clarke County, there is a state historical marker calling it the “Colonial Highway”. US route 50 goes from Ocean City, Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri near the Gateway Arch and ends in Sacramento, California. West of Winchester, the Northwest Pike was later designated as US route 50. Clarke County broke away from Frederick County in 1836. It is beautiful here in historical Clarke County and the conservation easements preserve rural landscape.

  23. WLCM T CLRK CNTY! – (sorry, we bought these signs but couldn’t afford to buy the vowels.)

    • geezlouise says:

      I like it! Or, perhaps, we forgot we needed paint and couldn’t afford a whole can. 🙂

  24. 1hitwonder says:

    Welcome to Clarke County enjoy your day (please dont stay).

  25. The level of ingenuity, mirth, and sarcasm in these posts is apparently inversely proportional to the amount of effort the BoS has put into trying to determine Clarke’s “identity.”
    * 10 years to build a high school (and all of the political gamesmanship that went with it).
    * NO consensus on whether an economic development director should be full-time or part-time.
    * Crowing about the “industrial park” but, since it’s maxed out, haven’t come up with a plan for anywhere else.
    * Dithering about Double Tollgate, when the retail bandwagon passed them by on that one (see the FC Walmart just north on 522, or the retail hub just south in Warren County).
    * Handwringing over the proposed solar farm there by decrying the messed-up viewshed (Mrs. Byrd’s words) that includes the mountains, some fields, Dinosaurland, a power substation, and the prison. (Yeah, that’s a quality view.)
    * Picked a fight with Georgetown University over its retreat, which was being proposed to take advantage of the very bucolic vistas they want to keep.
    * Picked a fight over the height of a flagpole.
    * Insisted on “pump-and-haul” @ Waterloo and restricted “big-box” retail buildings to 5000 Sq.ft.
    * Say they want to promote agro-tourism and related things, then harass businesses and organizations that try to capitalize on that (Veramar Vineyards dustup a few years back, the mess with Long Branch and the Hot Air Balloon Festival – which now has no hot air balloons but does have decidedly more low-brow “punkin’ chunkin’).

    It would seem that the county, with that “committee” or without, might want to really think about what its “community identity” is first, and THEN get signs that address that. The BoS, especially the 3 farmer/land-owner types and the land-owner wannabe/bean-counter on that board, are late to the dance on being proactive in marketing CC and making it viable for business.

  26. Excellent summary……The Georgetown fiasco being one of the worst.

  27. Roscoe Evans says:

    Run, Tom, run. You nailed it.

    As for the sign proposal, it’s sort of dumb, mainly because of Clarke’s small size. I can just see travelers zipping through Clarke, seeing one sign on the way in, another on the way out, wondering, “Are they kidding? Is that all there is?”

    If there are going to be signs, they ought to be funny, warm, welcoming, and artful. I’d ask someone like Malcom the Artist to have his students work up a dozen proposals, all in color, all different, but with some unifying lettering. (Mentioning Clarke County, of course.)

    Tourism, business? Not from the signs, I am afraid.

    But be nice and friendly to the few tourists, hikers, bikers, and shoppers you see. They’ll spend a little now, and maybe come back again.

  28. sparkey says:

    Welcome to Clarke County where the rich get richer and the people just getting by, go broke. The rich put their land in conservation easements and pay little taxes and those just getting by pay more taxes to take up the slack.

    Winchester is just 8 miles west on Rt7 if you would like to buy anything because this County wont let any retail stores in so you can buy the things you need .But if your one of the Good Old boys you can open up a new restaurant on main street with no parking.

    Welcome to Clarke County the county that cant afford to staff it Sheriffs Department but can blow money on dumb signs like this.

  29. Missing Clarke County says:

    Why just put up a sign? Toll booths would generate revenue and create local jobs!

  30. Another View says:

    Since no one seems to actually like it here, maybe we should just close the County down. Merge it with Warren or Frederick Counties. Then we wouldn’t need the signs.

    • Chuck E. Cheese says:

      That merge happened years ago! I go to Warren for my Pizza–(Melting Pot) and I go to Frederick County for everything else!

  31. Oh, I like that idea, cut down on the speeders that whiz thru the county. (of course, clarke residents would not have to pay)

  32. dontaskme says:

    Welcome to Clarke County, you’ll be through it in 10-13 minutes depending on how fast you drive….oh wait, drive as fast as you want, chances are there are no sherriffs on duty anyway

  33. Well said Tom!!!! You hit the nail on the head….

  34. Burmashave says:

    Welcome to Clarke!

    Please have a Lark!

    Don’t stay after Dark!

    Cuz Everything’s Closed!

    Buy Burmashave….but not here, we don’t have it.

  35. An idea says:

    Welcome to Clarke County West Virginia.. meanwhile we could suceed and move to where we belong?

  36. not clarke native says:

    I really can’t see why people stay here, if its so bad leave. When my husband and I moved here we knew coming in that if we needed something we would have to drive to get it, this is such a great place to raise children. What do you want, this is such a great place to live embrace what you have and if your not happy with what you get move, nobody is keeping you here, but I guess this was somewhere that you could afford. CVS and others will not come here because we don’t have the population. Clarke County may have problems but it’s a great place to live and raise our children.

    • Chuck E. Cheese says:

      I guess you think the Senseny Road area has a bigger population than Clarke County? If they can build a CVS there, they can build one in Clarke County.

  37. Blossom Butt says:

    I applaud CDN for offering a poll to gauge the feelings of county residents. That’s more that we get from our current BOS. They have public meetings, but rarely do they really listen to their voters, and simply vote the way they were intending to all along.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      And yet you people that itch and moan every year on here keep re-electing them to office!

  38. Naive Son says:



    ….and Discover the Difference

  39. Loving Clarke County says:

    Clarke County

    Where Colonial America tries to live today

  40. Chuck E. Cheese says:

    I discovered the difference a long time ago! The difference is their BOS is sensible about the needs of their county!

  41. Too funny says:

    Clarke County … Gateway to the West

    As an aside … perhaps we can do away with the “If you don’t like it move”. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. Maybe we should be more focused on discussing things and proposing viable solutions to concerns that many residents seem to have.
    It doesn’t seem so unreasonable to want to be able to do a few things in your hometown … like go grocery shopping at a modern grocery store that has good quality food or fill a prescription.
    What seems unreasonable is to be told to shut up or get out if you have an opinion and dare to voice it.
    Change is a good thing. If you don’t rotate crops fields will become dormant. Life’s the same way.

  42. Welcome to the machine says:


    1. Where do you buy your groceries?
    2. How many times a month do you eat at a restuarant in Town?
    3. What pharmacy do you use?
    4. How many miles a week do you commute?
    5. Were/are your children educated in CC public schools?
    6. Do you know your neighbors?
    7. Do you read CDN?
    8. Have you ever left a comment?
    9. Do you use Biosolids on your farmland?
    10. Do you have a generator?
    11. Have you ever called REC and complained about all the non-related storm power outages/Blinks?
    12. Is there a plan in place for County residents to get water during a power outage?
    13. Hows your high speed internet?
    14. Have you ever called Comcast to ask why cable internet is not available here?
    15. Is your motto if you don’t like it leave?

    I know they will not respond but I will give them a chance. If anyone knows the answer to the questions feel free to answer for them. Or if you would like to answer, go for it!

    • Chuck E. Cheese says:

      1. Walmart
      2. 3-4
      3. Not one in Berryville! CVS- Winchester
      4. 5- Other 2 I usually commute to Winchester to buy my groceries or other goods.
      5. Yes. CC Schools
      6. Yes
      7. Yes. More for entertainment than for usefulness!
      8. Yes. Leaving one now! (?)
      9. Don’t own a Farm!
      10. No. Not sure what this has to do with anything?
      11. No. But I do get tired of setting my alarm clock every night!
      12. Doubt it.
      13.Great- Verizon
      14. No- But I called to get them to lower my bill or I was switching to Direct TV.
      15. No- Wish we could a few of the current BOS to leave.

      Good Day!

    • Another View says:

      I have Comcast Internet.

    • hhhmmmm.... says:

      1)Food Lion
      2)4 maybe 5
      3)CVS on Senseny
      4)total of 20
      5)yes. at least 5 generations of us
      6)yes. everyone of them
      7)yes. That’s how I saw this post
      9) No. My neighbors have Usually every few years. Alternate fields
      11)No. We haven’t had that problem
      12)Have no idea. never had the problem. If I’m low I ask a neighbor and vice versa
      13)Great. Satellite. Usually no problems
      14)No. Directv
      15)no my motto is if you have an opinion great. So do I. I won’t try to shove my opinion down your throat if you promise to do the same.if people would keep an open mind and listen to other ideas we might actually be able to see things differently and maybe even agree on something

    • 1. Mostly Food Lion but Walmart when other errands take us out of County
      2. 1 Budget too tight for more
      3. CVS Winchester
      4. 75
      5. Yes, and grandchildren yes
      6. Yes
      7. Yes
      8. Yes
      9. No farm & wished others didn’t use that product
      10. Yes
      11. Yes
      12. Not that I have heard
      13. Bearable
      14. Have Comcast
      15. No

      Being over 50, we are mostly self sufficient, have garden, generator and make do with what we have/need.
      Nothing material is so important that we would move from our home. Increased costs would.
      Very tired of larger landholders getting tax/conservation breaks with us expected to pick up the slack.
      So BOS if you in fact pay attention…We get buying DUR’s but not dropping tax costs by 75% or more to those who have larger parcels of land.
      And we sure don’t expect any of the BOS to respond.

    • Burmashave says:

      Just a guess on what a few might say. I wonder how close this is? Love that Burmashave!

      1. My maid does the shopping, somewhere.
      2. (don’t know where any of them eat)
      3. I use mail order to get my prescriptions. My maid does the other shopping, somewhere.
      4. 10 minutes, a few miles at most a day, when I go in.
      5. No,my children went to private schools, of course.
      6. Why would I want to know my neighbors? But I do say Hello during election season.
      7. Sometimes, especially if my name is in the paper.
      8. myob
      9. Yes, the biosolids present no danger.
      10. 3, to be exact, the animals might need one
      11. No
      12. No, we are looking into getting some from Winchester however
      13. Fine, I have comcast, doesn’t everyone?
      14. No, see above.
      15. Of course.

    • Mike Hobert says:

      Where do you buy your groceries? Farmers Market, Food Lion, Costco
      2. How many times a month do you eat at a restuarant in Town? 10-15
      3. What pharmacy do you use? Martins now
      4. How many miles a week do you commute? fortunate enough to be able to walk
      5. Were/are your children educated in CC public schools? yes, all four
      6. Do you know your neighbors? yes and they are terrific
      7. Do you read CDN? yes, even the comments
      8. Have you ever left a comment? a few
      9. Do you use Biosolids on your farmland? no farmland
      10. Do you have a generator? not yet
      11. Have you ever called REC and complained about all the non-related storm power outages/Blinks? yes
      12. Is there a plan in place for County residents to get water during a power outage? yes, but we all need to plan for emergencies
      13. Hows your high speed internet? fairly good in town
      14. Have you ever called Comcast to ask why cable internet is not available here? is in town; unfortunately they are big on counting rooftops/customers before installing
      15. Is your motto if you don’t like it leave? not really…. but would like a little less negativity

  43. How about

    Welcome to Clarke County

    There are a bunch of old timers here who think they own the place.

    • oh I got one says:

      Welcome to Clarke County
      Where newbies move here for cheaper housing and taxes and then complain that we don’t have all the ‘mega’ stores they left behind

      • Mr Mister says:

        At what point are you not labeled “newbie”?

        • oh i got one says:

          I guess when they act like they live here and they like it here. I guess when they can express their opinions and can still respect that we have our own as well. I guess when we can all agree on an issue…any issue.

          • Loving Clarke County says:

            I guess when they act like they live here and they like it here. I guess when they can express their opinions and can still respect that we have our own as well. I guess when we can all agree on an issue…any issue.

            My good Lord in heaven. You might as well have said when we agree with you.

          • oh i got one says:

            oh no that’s not what I meant at all. I like reading all different comments and ideas. Doesn’t mean I agree with them. On some of them I do. I actually do try to think of things in a different way. What I don’t like is that there is more negativity then anything else from my point of view. I’d like to see some positive points to Berryville. Maybe if we could agree on those then maybe we can also agree that, yes, there are things that could be changed for the better. But if all we hear are the negative things it just makes more of a rift between the people here and nobody gets anywhere.

        • I think you have to have about 3 generations buried in Green Hill

      • A relative "newbie" says:

        I moved here in 2002, So I guess I am a newbie in your mind. Are you one of those that thinks that if we had a Martins quality store AND a CVS, and by law, via the BOS limited growth to that and that alone we would be gutting the quality of life in Clarke County? Just to have a decent grocery store and a pharmacy thats open past 6PM on a Friday is going to change the sanctity of life here?
        I dont want McDonalds, Starbucks, etc, just the essentials and thats it. Without having to drive to Winchester. You own stock in a tire or gas company or something? Give me a break.

  44. Welcome to the machine says:

    Thank you all for particiapting. I’m glad some folks have a good sense of humor, TY! My point to this was to figure out how much money leaves this County and to see if our officials truly support their own Community. Let Folks know how it feels to be sort of new here and not feel welcome. I look for solutions and how to communicate better with one another.I’m going on my 5th year here, one neighbor introduced themselves and recently met one person I can call a friend.

    I didn’t move here for conviences or to try to change anything. I want to spend my money in CC, not to feel forced to go elsewhere.
    I am for land easements but I consider them a luxury, its something that shouldn’t be in our budget every year. KIDS NEED TEXTBOOKS!!!
    I believe the truth isn’t rude or being impolite.

    Why ask the BOS where they shop? So we’ll know if they’re satisfied and if they are truly loyal. Have any of them ever written or spoken to anyone from Food Lion and have our backs? The last time I was in Food Lion I saw rotten expired produce. I find dairy products constantly expired, I wait 10 mins just about every time at 4pm for 2% milk.
    Nobody in there smiles, seems to me they just don’t care and why should they — 80% of them do NOT live in CC .We have the worst Food Lion I’ve ever been in!
    I believe we all deserve the best produce, products and service possible and we’re just not getting it. Together we can make this happen!

    1. Where do you buy your groceries? FL for 4 yrs but I’m done. Costco has the best fish!
    2. How many times a month do you eat at a restuarant in Town? 3-4 I don’t eat fast food!
    3. What pharmacy do you use? I don’t
    4. How many miles a week do you commute? zero
    5. Were/are your children educated in CC public schools? no, grown up before moving here.
    6. Do you know your neighbors? One, I dont feel as I should have intoduced myself to the rest. A supervisor is a neighbor NOPE never met him and neither has my neighbor (lived here 12 yrs) or his! Yes his land is attached to many of us! No compaign knocking here!
    7. Do you read CDN ? YES, I would know nothing if I didn’t.
    8. Have you ever left a comment? Plenty
    9. Do you use Biosolids on your farmland? If I had a farm, NO WAY! My gardens are all organic.
    10. Do you have a generator? NO but I’m being forced into buying one before my costly renovations are done.
    11. Have you ever called REC and complained about all the non-related storm power outages/Blinks? YES, last time was the Monday before the dercho, 7 times on and off. I was told nobody else reports them and they should do so, so it can be resolved.
    12. Is there a plan in place for County residents to get water during a power outage? I wish there was, not knowing anyone besides my neighbor that drives to his parents house in Middleburg for water.Last power outage REC forgot about us AGAIN we had no power for 4 days!
    13. Hows your high speed internet? Works when it wants too, its Wild Blue satellite.
    14. Have you ever called Comcast to ask why cable internet is not available here? Yes. To the folks who want Direct TV we get no local channels and it’s way more costly.
    15. Is your motto if you don’t like it leave? I would never say that, its RUDE! My motto is why can’t we all just get along.

    Perhaps us so-called newbies should have our own gathering and get to know one another. It would make my YEAR!!!

  45. Loving Clarke County says:

    Food Lion management considers the Berryville store a loser as it does not have a pharmacy, which the BOS rejected when the store was created.
    They certainly run it as such, the merchandise is crummy and the “service” is horrible. Martins is a great store, but if i could get the same quality in town, I would shop in town.
    This is what we get from the BOS loyalty to Randy Vinson.

  46. ccresident says:

    clarke is a quiet little town with nothing really to offer. i go to winchester even thought i hate to shop there but i know that after 50+years cc will never change. if you want to live here you must accept that or move it’s your choice.

  47. Realistic Joe says:

    Regarding signs maybe the “Firewood” sign in the field just west of river on the north side should be addressed.
    With half of it being upside down it would make most traveling wonder just what kind of people live here.
    Plus, to me it looks larger than the Easter countdown sign. Mr. Russell?

    • goodgracious says:

      Well help the person out and turn it upright.

      Maybe people think they can buy firewood?

  48. Welcome to CC where the only activity is competitive underwater basket weaving

    Half of the firewood sign is right side up so if you flipped it the other side would then be upside down

  49. White Post Reason says:

    I want to spend my money in Clarke County. My family loves Camino Real & Mario’s. I would much rather help local businesses. Let’s face facts though, not everyone in Clarke County lives in Berryville. It is way easier for me to travel to Stephens City, 522, or Front Royal than to drive to Berryville and the dining options in Front Royal are superior. I only go in the Food Lion in Berryville for fill in items not a full shopping trip because they don’t have everything I need. If I had a Wal-Mart or Martins in Berryville, I’d choose that over the Food Lion. In Berryville, what is needed is a pharmacy that you can get into and out of (ie it needs parking) and a less expensive restaurant (McDonalds/Wendy’s/Burger King/etc) where you don’t have to sit down. You see if Clarke had some stop-in places along 7, people would stop as they drive thru, just as they do the McDonalds in Waterloo, which almost always has a line at the drive thru.

    I think everyone in the county is feeling the effects of more expensive gas and when we all have to drive out-of-county for our supplies, that adds to our expense. I think everyone loves living here and wants to spend their money here and thats the source of all of the frustration from both sides. We want to be able to afford to keep our homes, our farms, our livelihoods. We don’t want to live in Fairfax or we would. We want our teachers and store owners and farmers and government employees and doctors to be able to afford to live in Clarke. We want to support each other and a sadness comes with spending your money in other counties knowing they are enjoying the tax revenue from what you’re spending, which in turn means less money for Clarke to spend and therefore more we need to pay in property taxes to keep our services functioning.

    We’re not asking Clarke to change, just be open to the possibilities and look at what is best for ALL Clarke residents. If you don’t want to grow Berryville, that;s fine, there are many Clarke residents who would benefit from a little growth in Waterloo or Double Tollgate or even Boyce and all residents would benefit from the increased business revenue.

    • Realistic Joe says:

      As others said many times before…
      Its simple demographics; not enough population. Then add the “no growth, land conservation mindset of the county administration” there will be at best, minimal future growth.

      No large company will invest capital in a losing venture. Clarke Co’s website shows rolling hills, mountain vistas and lazy river pics. Attractive for families to live here but simply does not and will not sustain large businesses.

    • Sam Card says:

      Maybe a Wendys or Chik filet with a drive thru by the Food Lion would be a good idea. There is a lot of commuter traffic and high school students would like it. Subway has healthy food that is made quickly and you can take it away. Some people are in a hurry or on a budget and would prefer a Wendys than sit down restaurant in downtown Berryville.

  50. Nobody is asking for large businesses!