Clarke Art Displayed in Manhattan

Pulsing between 29th to 30th Streets at 6th Avenue, in the heart of midtown Manhattan is a new New York City cultural venue called Big Screen Plaza. Last weekend, Big Screen Plaza’s 30 x 16 ft HD-format LED screen hosted art work by some of the nation’s most talented young artists. Not surprisingly, two young Clarke County artists made the exhibition list.

Clarke County High School junior, Grayson Twigg and Johnson Williams Middle School 8th grader Sarah Bender both experienced the thrill of seeing their original creations displayed in one of the biggest and busiest urban centers in the world.

Self portrait of CCPS junior Grayson Twigg on display at Big Screen Plaza in NYC

“It was a really wonderful feeling to have my work recognized and exhibited in Manhattan,” said Grayson Twigg. “Having 20 seconds of fame anywhere in New York was really exciting. I hope to work my way up 15 minutes sometime in my life. I enjoyed seeing the amazing work of other students from around the country. I also enjoyed the opportunity to speak with other art educators during the display. My day was highlighted by sharing the excitement with my art teacher, Mrs.Campbell, and JWMS art teacher, Mrs.Schmohl, as my work appeared on the screen.”

JWMS 8th grader Sarah Bender created this self-portrait collage

Established in 2010, the 10,000-square foot Big Screen Plaza outdoor multimedia venue hosts major events and screenings of an eclectic mix, ranging from cinema to sports, from the arts to fashion. In the past, BSP has hosted major media events with the the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the New Art Dealer’s Alliance, the Streaming Museum, Leaders in Software and Art, Telegraph21 and other partners. The BSP is currently featuring Movie Nights with an array of classic films from all genres in an urban incarnation of the old drive-in.

The Big Screen Plaza art show was made possible by, an online student art gallery which Clarke County Public Schools participates in.

Twigg and his family traveled to NYC to see his art displayed at Big Screen Plaza

Big Screen Plaza is located just south of Herald Squarein NYC

Sarah Bender's self-portrait on display at Big Screen Plaza in NYC

Correction: An earlier version of this story listed Grayson Twigg as a CCHS sophomore. He is actually a junior. CDN apologizes for the error.


  1. Right Winger says:

    TOO COOL!!!

    Way to go Grayson and Sarah!

  2. Wendy Kedzierski says:

    Great job!

  3. Mary L. C. Daniel says:

    Grayson Twigg, I’ve never met you – but any 7th grader who can work a self-deprecating reference to Andy Worhol when being interviewed about art can call me a fan! Congratulations to you both, and to your terrific instructors.

    • Grayson Twigg says:

      I would like to say thank you, but you’re unfortunately mistaken. My work was the pencil sketch self-portrait above, I am the Sophomore(actually Junior). But thank you for the congratulations!

    • Grayson Twigg says:

      I offer my humblest apology if I sounded unappreciative of your support. Thank you so much for it, it’s much much appreciated. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t accept praise that wasn’t mine to accept. But thank you so much for your congratulations and support.

  4. Michelle says:

    Beautiful work Sarah!

  5. Wow! Grayson! Congratulations! Totally awesome! and I also think you are way cool for working in Warhol’s iconic quote. But I’ll bet you anything that you are going to get more than just 15 minutes in this life!

  6. Aly Kerby says:

    Great job Grayson! You totally deserve it! I wish I’d known it was there, I would’ve loved to go see it!

  7. April O'Leary says:

    Grayson – congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. I enjoyed seeing your artwork in the halls of CCHS and can only imagine the feeling you had seeing it in a much larger venue! Congratulation to you as well Sarah! The art program at CCHS is always providing such interesting visuals throughout the halls – I hope this will continue in the new high school.

  8. Clarke has some amazing kids!! Artists and Musicians performing in New York! Let’s be sure we keep funding those art and music programs!!

  9. Livin in Clarke says:

    Awesome students; awesome teachers!

  10. so proud of my neice- way to go Sarah!!!