Clarke County 4-H Members Attend Virginia State Poultry Judging Contest

Senior Team (left to right): Josiah Always, Monica Wisecarver, and Melissa Denson

Local 4-Hers attended the Virginia State Poultry Judging Contest.   The senior team members included Josiah Alway, Melissa Denson, and Monica Wisecarver.   The senior team placed third in the state and individually Josiah Alway placed 6th, Melissa Denson placed 7th, and Monica Wisecarver placed 13th.


Two junior teams participated in the Contest as well.   In the junior division, team 1 placed 1st in the state and included Courtney Walls, Matthew Cather, and Vicitoria Miller.   The second junior team included members Zach Morris, Bayne Gordon, and Coby Wiley.   They placed 6th high junior team overall.   Individually, Courtney Walls placed 1st, Matthew Cather placed 4th, Victoria Miller placed 8th, Zach Morris placed 15th, Bayne Gordon placed 16th and Coby Wiley placed 19th in the state competition.

Junior Team #1 - First Place in the State: Victoria Miller, Courtney Walls, Matthew Cather, Coach Brian Cather

The teams judge birds for egg productuion, grade interior and exterior quality of eggs, grade ready to cook birds, identify chicken cuts, and grade cracked out eggs for quality.   They were coached by Brian Cather, leader of the Paws and Claws 4-H Club.