Clarke County 4-H Wins at State 4-H Congress

Clarke County 4-Her, Josiah Alway

Clarke County 4-Her, Josiah Alway, recently competed in the State 4-H Public Speaking Contest held in Blacksburg, Virginia during 4-H Congress.   Josiah gave a speech on the Constitution and the Importance of Voting.   The State judges were impressed with his speech as well as his presentation and enthusiasm.   He placed first in the competition and received a medal, blue ribbon, and a certificate.

This was Josiah’s first year of competing in 4-H Public Speaking Contests.   He earned his opportunity to compete on the State level by competing in the County and District Contests earlier this spring.   In April at the County Public Speaking Contest, he won first place.   This qualified him to compete at the District Contest where he won first place and also received a purple ribbon.   Purple ribbons are given to those participants who are considered “Best in Show that Day”.

Josiah is the 16 year old son of Gerald and Hanna Alway of Berryville.   He is a homeschooler who will be going into the 11th grade this year. He is a very active member and President of the Clarke County Paws and Claws 4-H Club.

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  1. Right Winger says:

    Any way we could get the text of his speech? I think a lot of people would benefit from learning more about the Constitution.

  2. Josiah Alway says:

    Thank you for your comment! A few people have asked me to put the speech on utube, so I think I will. I can send the text of the speech to you if you would like.