Clarke County and Public Schools Complete Major Network Infrastructure Upgrade


Brett Networks, LLC has completed a major network infrastructure upgrade for the Clarke County Public School System and the Clarke County Government. The re-designed network merges the County and Public Schools onto a modernized system that incorporates cost efficiencies and service enhancements.

“We were confronted with two piecemeal infrastructures featuring aging components that lacked the flexibility to support new technologies. In addition, more recent advancements failed to integrate effectively across multiple systems,” explained Dr. Mike Murphy Superintendent of Clarke County Public Schools located in Berryville, Virginia. “Faced with today’s budgetary realities, we needed to leverage and ensure that investments in the existing infrastructures were feasible, eliminated the complexities of operating two similar networks, and enhanced our combined system with modern features.”

To implement the re-design and OSPF migration of the WAN converged core network and underlying infrastructure, the Brett Networks team had to address various issues including:

  • Evaluate the current infrastructure environment to serve as the foundation for the project plan, making the best use of installed systems, existing fiber plant and converging of the multiple networks
  • Determine design and integration improvement opportunities to current network operations
  • Identify enhancements that enable expansion for VoIP, educational learning applications and administrative software applications
  • Institute WAN network standardization and migration from proprietary protocols to open standard protocols that offer greater efficiencies

“Clarke County needed to deploy a single county wide network that featured state-of-the-art functionality standards based WAN protocols on the existing and new infrastructure,” said Marcas Burton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brett Networks. “These are the kinds of challenges on which we thrive. We made a thorough assessment of current networks and determined what could be repurposed and what needed to be upgraded. Coupled with the advantages of open standards technologies, we were able to deliver Clarke County a converged network with reliable performance, expansion capabilities to accommodate growth, enhanced tools to ease administrative tasks and significant cost savings now with a strategy for ongoing cost controls.”