Clarke County Drinking Water Clinic

Boyce Fire Hall, Boyce, VA
Does your water come from a well, spring, or cistern?
Do you want to learn more about the quality of your water?
How it works:
1. At a brief informational meeting, pick up a sample kit and get
instructions to collect your household water sample.
2. Collect a sample from your tap at home and complete a short
3. Drop off sample at a designated location and time.
4. About 6 weeks later, come back to get your confidential
test results, an explanation of what the numbers mean, and
information on how to handle any problems that are present.
Where: Boyce Fire Hall, Rt. 340, Boyce, VA
Cost: $45 (includes sample analysis cost to test for selected chemical and bacteriological constituents)
Register: Clarke County Extension Office
(540)955-5164 or email:
Frederick County Extension Office, (540) 665-5699