Clarke County Eagles Prevail After Trailing at Half

On a blustery autumn evening, a gathering of eagles descended on the “The Felt” as the Clarke County Eagles faced the Hedgesville Eagles from West Virginia. Both teams showed up ready to play and gave fans a full four quarters that kept the stands loaded till the final whistle. In the end, Clarke County overcame an early deficit, defeating Hedgesville, 29-21.

From the opening kickoff, Hedgesville dominated on both sides of the ball. Their offensive unit found early success drawing first blood with a a 17-yard touchdown run by Hedgesville quarterback Casey Horn.

Drew Paice turns the corner to take it in for the score. Photo Mike Dowling

On defense Hedgesville shut down the first three drives forcing Clarke to punt, and on Clarke’s fourth drive turned the ball over on downs.

The turning point for Clarke County came in the second quarter. Demetrius Mason intercepted a floating Hedgesville pass and   ran the ball down to the 4 yard line. On the next down the Hedgesville defense foiled a quarterback sneak and forced a fumble that popped into the air hanging above the line of scrimmage. The crowd held their collective breath as the spinning ball floated through the air ending up in Matt Moyers hands who plowed it across the line for the score. This put Clarke County on the scoreboard but left them trailing at halftime, 13-7.

Clarke coaching staff employed several key adjustments after halftime and the tide turned for Clarke for the remainder of the game. The Clarke Defense was able to pressure the Hedgesville quarterback forcing a total of four interceptions. On offense Clarke’s Grant Shaw was able to add two touchdown runs of 49 and 4 yards to pull away from Hedgesville and seal their fate.

Clarke County is away next Friday facing Stonewall Jackson in Mount Jackson. Kickoff is scheduled for   7:30 PM.

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  1. Great write-up, but it’s still summer…technically. 🙂

    CDN: Technically correct, but it sure felt like autumn out on the field last night. Maybe I should say autumn-like… 😛

  2. Terrific night…thanks boys…and also the band and cheerleaders for keeping the crowd on enthused. 🙂

  3. Fact Checker says:

    Thank you Mike. Great photos of the action.

  4. But wait! No pictures of the Band? But we did so well…..

    • Maybe if the band would stay until the game was over….? Dunno why they don’t, when the announcer said their first competition wasn’t until late September anyway.

      Maybe it’s how they’re treated?

  5. The band never stays until the end. It’s exhausting being in those uniforms and they’re not going to blow their lips for a stupid football game.

    • Fly on the wall says:

      Really? THAT is how a band member supports her football team? Is it not exhausting for the football players in their uniforms & pads? You sit in the stands for the majority of the time. I’m thinkin you just undercut some support for your cause.

    • “It’s exhausting being in those uniforms and they’re not going to blow their lips for a stupid football game”……

      Are you serious? THAT is your defense? A Stupid football game. Well, no wonder no one is taking the band serious! With a crappy attitude like that, you will never stand out with the community! If we are going to split hairs here, your band can’t even march correctly and cannot even memorize their music for parades. It a shame to watch the band marching in the Apple Blossom parade only to watch them wear ridiculous costumes and be the ONLY band in the parade to read their music. It’s a disgrace. Your lines are messy and you cannot march in sync.

      It’s no wonder the band is a joke. They get back what they put out….crap!

    • Please tell me you’re a child and know not of what you speak.

  6. I’ll say it again.

    Thanks again for the band and cheerleaders for supporting the team. 🙂