Clarke County Earthquake

3:00pm (EST) – Reached by email, Clarke County Sheriff Tony Roper said that there had been no reports of any damage from the earthquake.  “Our office has answered NUMEROUS calls, but mostly folks simply wanting to know what happened” Roper said. “As of this minute, we have no reports of damage, or no physical injuries.”

2:27 pm (EST) – Reached by phone on Tuesday afternoon, the manager of Sweet Creations, a restaurant in Mineral, Virginia, said that customers in his shop “felt the earthquake pretty good.”

“It felt like a 5.9 earthquake, things were really a shakin’ here for a bit” the man, who declined to give his name, said. “But I can’t talk because I’m really busy right now. I can’t get to my customers because people keep calling to ask what the earthquake felt like.”

2:09pm (EST) – The Washington Post is reporting that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake “rattled” Washington DC this afternoon. According to the  U.S Geological Survey the quake was centered near the town of Mineral, Virginia.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake was centered in Mineral, Virginia, about 100 miles south of Clarke County

1:53 pm (EST) – A significant tremor shook the ground in the northeastern section of Clarke County, Virginia at 1:53pm this afternoon.

The tremor lasted for approximately 45 seconds and caused small items to shake back and forth. Window panes also rattled.



  1. 5.8 on the Richter Scale…pretty cool.

  2. Bville-Bud says:

    I felt the same thing.

  3. For a 5.9 quake that caused no damage or injuries, it seems like it’s an overraction to evacuate the White House, NYMEX, the Pentagon, et cetera. What do you think?

    POLL: Are building evacuations due to the 5.9 US East Coast earthquake an overreaction?

    • Birdonawire says:

      I think you might feel a little differently if you were sitting in the Pentagon on 9/11 when the place hit. I think those people have a reason to be gun shy.

    • Our building swayed and rumbled. Considering most Federal buildings are 50+ years old and in crappy shape to begin with, no, I don’t think evacuating was an over reaction

  4. Tony Parrott says:

    That was cool. Wonder how that 1st day of school is going for the kids??????

  5. No official evacuation here at ___, but lots of folks went outside to check their car radio to see what the heck happened.

  6. Not Happy says:

    I’m not happy that the new principal at Cooley told the children in his school that it was not an earthquake but the construction at the new high school. My son’s reaction at the dinner table tonight was “he lied to us.” How can I dispute that? He did. Also, what kind of values is that teaching our children – that it’s OK and acceptable to not tell the truth? There are plenty of ways that he could have addressed the happenings of the day in a non-terror inducing way and perhaps even turned it into a learning experience. Instead he chose to teach our children that lying is ok and that adults may not be telling them the truth…

    • Hal Reynolds says:

      Hmmm…while it does seem a mite odd to say that…blasting near the site could create a light shake. However, TNT don’t shake the ground for 45 seconds. Chalk that up to an unfortunate if well-intentioned “D’OH!” on the part of a rookie principal (albeit one who should’ve known better).

    • It was spur of the moment, and if that was his first earthquake he probably didn’t know any better and just wanted to keep the kids calm

    • well, adults don’t always tell the truth. there’s your lesson.
      also, it’s possible that he wasn’t aware at the time that it was an earthquake.

  7. I heard it was Bush’s fault. Get it?:)

  8. Sharon Strickland says:

    Friends, we did have damage to the brick on the outside of our house. I called State Farm only to learn that we did not have earthquake coverage. I was shocked. I always asked if we were fully covered but did not check for the add on for earthquakes. We are covered for wind damage (tornado) but not for hurricane. I feel my agent, after 41 years, should have alerted me better. I immediately added earthquake coverage. It costs about $440 a year more but that is cheap compared to losing your house and belongings. Everyone, check your policy now or call your agent. The 100 year earthquake really caught me off guard. Don’t let your home be affected. Also, if you are affected by an earthquake, you have to pay 2% of whatever amount you were covered for. That is about 10,000 for us. Be prepared. Don’t take your policy for granted. We have to hire a structural engineer to check out the cracks in our bricks.

  9. Unlike California, Alaska, Peru or Japan, earthquakes are not common in Virginia. So relax.

  10. Just thinking, I wonder, did anyone go in an check for structure damage in our public schools. Before allowing our children and grand chlidren to stay in yesterday or return to class today. I sure hope the county was smart enough to go through that process. Someone answer this thought if you know.

  11. Let me rephrase,

    I believe it was reported on TV3 news last night that this occurred.