Clarke County Exceeds Virginia Averages and Improves on ACT

ACT results were released to public schools on August 22, 2012. ACT results are reported on a scale of 1 to 36 in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Thirty-one graduating students from the class of 2012 were tested at Clarke County High School (CCHS).

CCPS ACT Scores - 1
CCHS students achieved higher scores in all areas this year as compared to last year with an overall increase of .06 in the Composite score.

CCPS ACT Scores - 2

CCHS students achieved higher averages than the State overall, with a Composite score 0.8 points higher than the state average.

CCPS ACT Scores - 3

The ACT, in collaboration with higher education institutes, has formulated benchmarks that suggest success in college. The benchmarks identify students who are prepared for first year college subjects including English Composition, Algebra, Social Science, and Biology. CCHS students achieved higher averages than the State overall, and are 6 percentage points higher than the state in all four of the core areas measured.


  1. Supportin' Clarke says:

    Clarke County grads will undoubtedly do well in their first year of college- and beyond. Great to know the schools are preparing our kids for success!

    • Looks to me like the composite scores were pretty much close to the scores from last year and the state average. What’s up with the college biology score though? That’s kind of scary.