Clarke County Marching Band at 2012 Apple Blossom – Video

The Clarke County High School Marching Band gave a stellar performance as they made their way through the streets of Winchester for the annual Apple Blossom Festival Grand Parade.

Way to go Screamin’ Eagles!


  1. Great job to the band. and Mario Lopez, very sexy.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Looking great Clarke Co Band!!!

  3. Screamin' Eagle says:

    Such a fun time. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.
    Love you, band!

  4. Guess Who says:

    Marching with the band was like eating an Ice Cream cone. It’s great and fun but when you get to the end you wish there was more. Great job, Screamin’ Eagles!

  5. Screaming' Eagle says:

    I’d rather compare marching with the band to braiding hair: once you lose concentration, it all falls apart. Nice job keeping your concentration, band. It certainly did NOT fall apart.

    • Guess Who says:

      Negativity is never the answer and the band was very positive and lively during the parade. Awesome job, screamin’ eagles! 🙂