Clarke County Museum to Appear in Upcoming PBS Program

Clarke County Historical Association Museum in Berryville, VA

The latest episode of   “Road Trip to History” will feature seven Shenandoah Valley Museums, one of which will be our own Clarke County Historical Association Museum. The series airs on PBS and features half hour programs on the history and culture of different towns, regions or events in America.

Wayne Bronson, Executive producer with Oak Tree Productions and creator of the “Road Trip to History” series,   focused the upcoming episode on some of the outstanding museums located throughout the valley.   Wayne said,”While we were taping the Road Trip programs we discovered that several of the historic communities we had featured in the series had outstanding museums.”

Wagon that carried John Brown to the gallows (from the Jefferson County Museum)

Wayne’s experience   with local historians, teachers, and storytellers presented an opportunity for a different spin on the areas they had previously visited. “There is nothing that celebrates and unites a community quite like a museum. Many museums start with a simple gift, a treasured family heirloom; a gift of an item that represents a cornerstone of local history.   Around this gift the community gathers, first to touch and hold the item, and then to protect and nurture, and soon a museums is born.   Museums provide a place to study and preserve our history, culture and heritage.”

The Museums featured in Shenandoah Valley episode are:

  • Jefferson County Museum in Charles Town, WV. Home of the wagon that carried John Brown to the gallows.
  • Clarke County Museum in Berryville, Va. This museum also includes the Old Mill in Millwood, Va.
  • Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg, Va.   Each quilt tells a story.
  • Woodstock Museum of Shenandoah County.   Located in two historic homes in the heart of Woodstock.
  • Mount Jackson Museum, with a fantastic display of Civil War items.
  • Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Va.   Living display of Shenandoah Valley history.
  • Warren County Museum in Front Royal, Va.   Located in three historic homes including the Belle Boyd Cottage.

The episode is scheduled to air as part of a “Road Trip to History” pledge drive Thursday May 19th starting at 8 PM on WVPT Public Television. In addition to Shenandoah Valley Museums, WVPT will also include in this pledge drive, The Battle of Shepherdstown, Civil War in Jefferson County and The Historic Gardens of Virginia.


  1. RasputinSays says:

    Can’t wait to see how they present the museum. Between the Wendy’s commercial and a PBS show Berryville is really getting some great exposure.

  2. sAy WHAT? says:

    I think it is great. GREAT! But was it necessary in this economy for the town to tens of thousands of dollars on a new sidewalk for an entire city block in front of it? Really? Not many people even walk on that portion. Other parts of town need attention too. Look at East Main. It is an embarrassing and unsafe swamp.

    • MORE Info! says:

      What does that have to do with the “Road to History” program? I’m just confused!!

  3. MORE Info! says:

    How would you find out if it airing again??? This article was posted yesterday and the show was tonight! I missed it by an hour!

    • Bob Kelly says:

      This is all I could find via a quick query of the WVPT website.

      For a generous donation your wish can be granted. Maybe if we all pool our discretionary funds, and we can find a place … 🙂

      I’ll look for more. I’d like to see it too.

      • MORE Info! says:

        Thanks Mr. Kelly for the link to buy the programs. I also heard it (over and over last night while watching) that a donation could be made to PBS. Not that I’m against PBS, I’m just broke! I missed the B-ville segment but saw the Shepherdstown and Charles Town segments. They were great. I recorded the rest, but with new technology its on my DVR player so I have no way of sharing! And I’m an up and coming social studies teacher!! I’m just so happy to see our little part of the world shared with the rest of the world – it’s great!

  4. I missed it too! They were supposed to let us know when it would be on so we could watch & tape it. I am so dissappointed also to see that it will not be re-shown in May at least. Maybe they will send us a video of it, since we were in it. Did anyone see it? Let us know what you thought of it! Mary Morris, CCHA

  5. Jennifer Lee says:

    I am awaiting the viewing schedule from the production company who filmed the program. I am told it will be rebroadcast on WVPT several times throughout the summer and fall.

    CCHA will have DVDs of the show, featuring seven museums in the Shenandoah Valley, available for sale at the museum in Berryville as well as the Burwell-Morgan Mill (both of which are featured in the program).

    I’ll keep you all posted when I have more information.