Clarke County Orders Burning Ban

Despite the past weekend’s soggy start, Clarke County has implemented an outdoor burning ban to prevent the possibility of fires due to extremely dry conditions.

After conferring with representatives of the volunteer fire service, the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, in session assembled on Monday, July 12, 2010, unanimously approved imposition of a prohibition on outdoor burning within the County of Clarke, to include without limitation, training fires, campfires, warming fires, brush piles, household trash, stumps, fields, or any other material capable of spreading fire.   The sole exception to this ban is the use of grills or stoves designed and used for preparing food and which contain fuel and fire within a metal or masonry container.

Clarke County, Virginia has temporarily banned outdoor fires

Clarke County has received just 2.5″ of rain since June 1st. The annual  average precipitation for Berryville is 38 inches with  July normally the wettest month with an  average rainfall of 4 inches. Total rainfall so far  for July, 2010,has been 1.25″

The ban is effective immediately and will continue in effect until such time as conditions warrant the repeal of the ban by either the County Administrator or the Board of Supervisors.

Violation of the ban authorized by Chapter 93, Article I, Section 93.3 of the County Code shall be considered a Class I misdemeanor and penalties imposed for violation of this ordinance shall be in addition to those imposed for violation of other state or local ordinances.

Clarke County may see some recovery from dry conditions over the next two days. The National Weather Service is predicting an 80% probability of showers and possibly a thunderstorm this evening with the chance of rain remaining at 70% through Tuesday eveing.


  1. Right Winger says:

    Does that include smoking cigarettes? I hope so.

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Probably not…but I do hope it means that the deputies will be more willing to pull over those yahoos who negligently toss glowing cigarette butts out their car or truck windows. I wonder how many of those small-scale brush fires fought recently in our county were the result of that carelessness.

  2. Tony Parrott says:

    Bring on the rain,,,, we really need it.