Clarke County Public Schools “AlertNow” Program

Catoctin Circle_psThe Clarke County Public Schools is in the process of implementing a rapid notification system known as AlertNow.  

This system will allow the school division to send important information quickly – not only to parents but to staff as well – via phone and/or e-mail about emergency situations and school delays or cancellations due to inclement weather.

In addition to notifying parents about school closings or delays, AlertNow allows every school to contact parents about important school information and events, testing schedules, report card distribution, open houses, delayed buses, field trips, and more.

On Wednesday December 23rd and Monday December 28th  they will be testing the system as  they attempt to contact all families in the school division.   If you have caller-id, the message should come from 540.955.6100.   In addition, you may get an email message from the Clarke County Public Schools as well regarding the test.  

If you are a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the Clarke County Public Schools you are not required to register for the AlertNow notification system. ALL parents and guardians of students enrolled in the school division are automatically enrolled.

As the parent/guardian of a student, it is important for you to understand how messages will be delivered to you when our system is fully operational.

  • For non-emergency messages, you will receive a telephone call most likely to your home/primary phone.
  • Should a school emergency occur, in addition to being called at home, you will also be notified through the various phone numbers you have included on your child’s registration form.
  • In addition to being notified by phone during a school emergency, you will also receive messages via e-mail.
  • Eventually, our notification system will have the capability of calling five of your phone numbers (home, alternate or cell, and work) and sending messages up to five different e-mail accounts for parents/guardians identified as residing with the student or identified as receiving copies of student reports.   We expect to activate this feature in February or March of 2010.
  • Multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses will only be used to notify you during a school emergency, closing, or cancellation.  


If you have questions about AlertNow or you can email