Clarke Crowns Queens

On Monday afternoon, Clarke County crowned Lily Carlisle as Little Miss Clarke County. Ms. Carlisle is four years old and has two brothers and two sisters. Her favorite game is, “Pretty Princess” and she loves the color “hot pink.” Lilly hopes to be a sea worker just like her big sister some day. She says that she loves the Clarke County Fair’s ferris wheel and winning prizes when she’s at the fair.

2010 Little Miss Clarke County Lily Carlisle - Photo Edward Leonard

On Sunday night, Rachel Shepherd, 19, was selected as Miss Clarke County out of a field of nineteen contestants. Holly Robinson, 15, competed with nineteen other young ladies to be selected as Junior Miss Clarke County.

Junior Miss Clarke County Holly Robinson (left) and Little Miss Clarke County Lily Carlisle - Photo Edward Leonard

Junior Miss Clarke County Holly Robinson, Little Miss Clarke County Lily Carlisle and Miss Clarke County Rachel Shepherd (l-r) - Photo Edward Leonard

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  1. Lynette Carlisle says:

    Thank you Clarke County Daily News, Ed Leonard, for covering our special night! Loveeee all the pictures, and especially the one’s of Lily. You had alot of beauties, to work with on this one!

    CDN Editor: Subtitle for this story is “Beautiful Clarke County”

  2. Mayor Quinsby says:

    Why doesn’t the county support a little Mr. Clarke Co?

    • Because it’s so important in life to be the prettiest. Girls should be pretty and they’ll win contests, and be successful in life by looking better than the competition (in the eyes of the shallow in society).

    • I, for one, would LOVE to see a MR. Clarke County contest!!! You head it up, Mayor Q, and we’ll all be there cheering!!!

      • Mayor Quinsby says:

        I’d love to, but, I have more important things to do, like dressing my G.I. Joe dolls with tuxedos. OOOOH THE JOY!!

  3. Robin Hottle says:

    Anyone who attended the pageants would know that it is not all about being pretty. I thought all the girls were very pretty but not all of them were graceful and poised under the pressure of the eyes of the many strangers. I’m not sure I know many adults who could have crossed that stage over and over under such public scrunity. A number of the ladies have much more volunteer work,and athletic ability then most of the adults who critize these pageants as being beauty contests. My neice won the Junior Miss pageant and I believe she is beautiful, but what Holly has always been taught is that it’s most important to be beautiful and caring on the inside and to help others on the outside.

    • Mayor Quinsby says:

      I like watching little girls just like the next guy….but gimme a break! They are not up there, prancing all over the stage for themselves. It’s their parents saying “look at my daughter, isn’t she the fairest of them all?”

  4. yea right says:

    I was impressed with how many of them said they wanted to be doctors and vets as opposed to “princesses”. I don’t know what the winner said. Most were completely natural and not so obviously coached as to be blowing kisses and such. I agree though we should be having equivalent Mr. Clarke contests in our more enlightened age.

    CDN Editor: Little Miss Clarke County, Ms. Lily Carlisle, stated that she wanted to be a “sea worker” like her big sister.

    • There 4 & 5 years old! Let them be what they want to…at that age! I’m sure alot of them actually know the job responsibilities for being a doctor or vet. at such a young age! Get real!

  5. Alecia Schulz says:

    jim, I participated in the Miss Clarke County pagaent this year. It was very tough and we had to be on our toes the entire night. Before the show, we had an interview with the judges where they asked us questions and judged us on public speaking. We also had to pick a platform topic and give a speech.
    Miss, Jr., and Little Miss Clarke County is something you carry with you for the rest of your life. I should know because I had the honor of being Little Miss in ’96. Please don’t judge Clarke County until you know all the facts. It’s our small town tradition and we ask you not to ruin that for us.

    • Good luck in college, Alecia, you’ll do well.

      Pay no attention to the naysayers who like to cut down the positive kids, yet not punish the negative ones. They are the truly sad ones in life.