Clarke Dodges Major Snowfall but Heavy Winds Cause Blizzard Conditions

Concerns of yet another major snowfall for Clarke County have eased this morning as predictions for storm totals have been reduced. As snow continues to fall throughout the region at 7:00 a.m., the National Weather Service predicts our area will see an additional 2″-4″ inches of snow ending around 2:00 p.m today. While total accumulation from the storm for our area will still be significant, totals are far below the 15″ forecast initially issued.

Berryvile, VirginiaYet despite the decreased snowfall totals strong winds currently racing through the area are causing near-blizzard conditions. Blowing snow pushed by 30 mph winds has reduced visibility to less than 1/4 mile over much of the area. Wind chill temperatures are near zero degrees.

As with all coastal snowstorms in the Mid Atlantic region, snowfall totals depend largely on the track of the storm system. The current storm system has tracked farther east than initially anticipated bringing greater snowfall to areas east of Washington DC. Snowfalls totals for New York and Philadelphia are expected to reach over 12″ later today.

While Clarke County’s snow reprieve is welcome news to residents still struggling to dig out from last weekend’s record storm, difficulties still remain ahead today. Road conditions will remain poor throughout the day, especially in areas that were still snow-covered from the last storm. VDOT reports that all roads in Clarke County are snow covered and hazardous.

Unlike the previous storm,windy conditions are expected for the next 36 hours with gusts of 40mph. Drifting snow and low windchill temperatures will make travel diffcult and dangerous as driving visibility is reduced.

The high winds are also likely to add problems as local utility crews struggle to restore power outages across the region caused by the previous storm. As of this morning Allegheny had restored power to nearly all homes in Clarke County. Residents who experience power related problems as urged to take advantage of an emergency storm shelter established yesterday at Johnson Williams Middle School. Residents should contact 540-955-1234 for emergency transportation if power or heating problems occur.