Clarke Hires Former Loudoun Deputy After Traffic Accident Mishap

A former Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department deputy who quit his job after being involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident has been hired as a Clarke County deputy.

According to Loudoun County Circuit Court records, Jason Michael Hough was charged with failure to stop at the scene of an accident that occurred on June 19, 2011 when Hough was employed as a Loudoun County deputy sheriff.

On March 3, 2012 Hough plead guilty to an amended misdemeanor charge of “reckless driving; endangerment to life/limb/property”. Hough’s guilty plea resulted in a sentence of twelve months unsupervised probation, a ten-day driver’s license suspension and $461 in fines and court costs.  

Court records indicate that alcohol was a factor in the incident.

Although Hough voluntarily resigned from his Loudoun County law enforcement position, Clarke County Sheriff Tony Roper says that Hough’s driving record was not a deterrent in the decision to hire him as a Clarke County deputy.

“I consider Clarke County lucky to have him as a deputy,” Roper said. “Deputy Hough is doing a wonderful job for us and I have no doubt that at some point in time he will save somebody’s life – he’s that kind of deputy.”

However, the decision to hire an experienced deputy despite a recent driving conviction involving alcohol does raise questions about the County’s ability to attract and retain experienced professionals given recent “flat-line” budget decisions.

Over the past year, Roper and his department have had to adjust to a number of challenges imposed by budget restrictions. Earlier this year, two experienced Clarke County deputies – one a watch supervisor – left the department to take higher paying positions in nearby jurisdictions. Similarly, Roper’s request to replace several aging police cruisers was indefinitely postponed during this year’s budget deliberations. From a more critical public safety perspective, the budget restrictions have resulted in several instances over the past few months when there has been no Clarke County deputy on duty in the County.

With neighboring Loudoun and Frederick County’s public employee pay scale significantly higher than that of Clarke County, Clarke County teachers and law enforcement personnel looking for higher wages have only a short drive in order to gain more money. Not only does the salary differential result in a continual drain of Clarke County employees, the employees also take along any training and experience that they gained at the expense of Clarke County taxpayers.

But given that a Clarke County deputy’s salary is less than that of a comparably experienced Loudoun County deputy, Hough’s addition to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department provided a way to add an experienced officer and stay within the County’s budget constraints.

Even so, Roper says that personnel budget challenges played no role in his decision to hire Hough.

“I make the best choice for the most qualified person I can hire based on our hiring process,” Roper said. “If the job candidate accepts the salary that we have to offer that’s great – if not we move on to the next person. We had several qualified people for the position but fortunately we didn’t have to go beyond Jason Hough.”

Deputy Hough did not respond to questions related to this story.


  1. My 2 Cents says:

    Yes, but lets keep the farms and lock everything up into easements so there will be ZERO Growth to form a tax base!!! This place kills me! You wonder why people are leaving Clarke like flies. And the cycle continues as it has for years!!!!

  2. Another View says:

    “’I make the best choice for the most qualified person I can hire based on our hiring process,” Roper said. “If the job candidate accepts the salary that we have to offer that’s great – if not we move on to the next person. We had several qualified people for the position but fortunately we didn’t have to go beyond Jason Hough.’”

    Sheriff Roper should resign.

    • GOPjynkie says:

      You got that right….

      • You got that wrong! Be careful what you wish for as you might not like it. You don’t realize how fortunate Clarke County is to have Sheriff Roper. I knew Tony in high school, so I will not debate or make any comment about his hiring decision. In response to “My 2 cents”, it costs a lot money to build infrastructure for development. Many people like the peaceful quality of life in our rural landscape and developments require more police patrol.

  3. Well let’s see. He pled guilty. Lost his job. It’s been over a year. While not excusing his actions, can we not say he’s paid a good price for them? And oh, yes, his “mess” is spread all over, surely that’s enough?

    • Another View says:

      No, it’s not. Law enforcement officers should be like Caesar’s wife–beyond reproach. This guy engages in reckless criminal behavior, and the Sheriff hires him to enforce the law? Irresponsible at best.

      • GOPjunkie says:

        How do people give this a thumbs down?!?!?! You disagree that our police force should be of the highest moral turpitude???? What the heck…. No wonder Clarke is in the shape it’s in…

        • Highest Moral Turpitude? Of course, shouldn’t we all? I personally think every human being should be held to a high standard.

          • We have this societal fantasy that we are only going to know perfect people, date perfect people, marry perfect people, hire perfect people. Civilization continues because enough of us adapt, make accomodations, forgive, and accept. To err is human – all to human. Are we a people who would punish every infraction or mistake for life? Large groups of our population believe in the redemption of souls and the forgiveness of sin. Are they all wrong in that? Nelson Mandela spent over 25 years in prison – I sure glad our county did not hire him for community outreach. I’m just saying.

          • Another View says:

            No one wants to crucify him. But all your platitudes aside, it comes down to this; should a criminal–any criminal, much less a deputy sheriff who committed a crime(s) while a deputy sheriff, for which he was fired–be hired in the capacity of a law enforcement officer again?

            The answer is, and should be, no. We can do better.

          • He was not fired. He may have made a mistake just like everyone else will at some point. This incident should not outweigh all the positive things deputy hough has done. I feel that he is a great asset to this community, I do not think you will find anyone who would be better to serve and protect this area. I know deputy hough and know that he is very professional and will do wonderful things in his career and should be allowed to prove himself to this community without constant judgement from a situation he was involved in that we do not know all the details of since we were not involved.

          • Another View says:

            If he had not resigned, he would have been fired; ergo, he was fired.

            If we cannot find someone without a criminal record and demonstrated poor judgment to act as a deputy sheriff, then perhaps we ought to close the department down. But Mr. Hough is the absolute W R O N G person to work in law enforcement, in any capacity.

        • goodgracious says:

          I agree with the moral part. For everyone on this earth.

          Now, I realize that it must be hot in Israel in the summer, for example. And diving into the Sea of Galilee, in shall we say, as you first appeared in this world can be considered a huge lapse in judgment, especially if you are on a fact finding mission. And an elected official. Where public nudity is against local law. But I’m willing to cut the guy some slack, he made a mistake, and was properly scolded, and now is a reborn moral turpitude kind of guy. I in fact think he deserves a second chance, properly clothed of course. Right?

          • Another View says:

            Must you post MSNBC/OBAMA CAMPAIGN talking points in a conversation about a local matter? The Sheriff’s Office is engaged in malfeasance, against the public good, and you wish to dredge up the “Morning Joe” script?

          • My 2 Cents says:

            Why not, you dredge up FOX and FRIENDS everyday.

          • Another View says:

            I have never done so. Don’t watch it (I am at work then).

            I confess to listening to “Morning Joe” on satellite radio in the car, which is why I know the topic. And, unlike most of the public employee/Democrats/Leftists who comment on this site, I am unafraid of opposing views. I believe in the free market in all aspects of life, including viewpoints.

  4. Crash Test Cops.. says:

    The issue here is not whether or not he has paid his price for the error in judgment or not. The issue is there is clearly a problem with his judgment and credibility. Would you want to encounter a police officer on a traffic stop for speeding that had committed these types of infractions?

    The Sheriff picked the best applicant for the job because with the salaries the way they are these are the types of applicants you receive. Clearly if another person would have been available to hire without this type of record a different choice would have been made.

    Another problem is that the heart and soul of a law enforcement officer is his credibility. Clearly if you are arrested by this officer for DUI or summoned to appear to court for speeding or reckless driving there is a credibility issue with someone that is willing to crash a car while intoxicated and leave the scene of the accident and still have the ability to hold public trust… A half decent defense lawyer will destroy this officer in court.

    Roper has obviously gotten to the bottom of the applicant pool here.. We lose “two experienced Clarke County deputies – one a watch supervisor – left the department to take higher paying positions in nearby jurisdictions.”

    We lose a Watch supervisor who was also an animal control officer as earlier CDN article stated and another deputy to higher paying jobs, and we gain a person I clearly wouldn’t loan my personal vehicle to let alone give him a police car to ride around in…

  5. Just my Thought says:

    I have read the article and have a few unsnswered questions. First, I saw where Mr. Hough pled to an amended charge, so what was the origional charge?. It says he fled the scene of an accident and alcohol was a factor, so was he intoxicated and is that why he ran away. Second it states he resigned, so did he leave before they terminated him. Third, how can the CCSO hire a person to operate a county vehicle that is on probation with the court for driving infractions, doesn’t this cause a problem with the counties insurance. In the event that Mr. Hough got into an accident where he was at fault couldn’t this open the county to a potential civil suit. It seems to me that this gentleman was not the best choice at this time, maybe after his probation with the court has ended he could be considered but not right now. I can only look at what happened in Front Royal with that officer who shot that woman, the article showed that it was recomended that he not be hired but because of the good old boy connection he was hired anyway. Was Mr. Hough hired because he is from Clarke County? I hope the Sheriff hasn’t put the citizens of Clarke in a bad position. I think there is alot more to this entire incident and the citizens deserve better.

    • In the know says:

      I have read the article and have a few unanswered questions. First, I saw where Mr. Hough pled to an amended charge, so what was the original charge?
      a. Can’t answer that one… Could have been a number of things from Felony Hit and Run to DUI, it’s hard to say for sure…

      . It says he fled the scene of an accident and alcohol was a factor, so was he intoxicated and is that why he ran away.
      a. I have no idea why he ran, but typically people will leave the scene to evade capture. You cannot arrest someone for DUI after 3 hours from the time of the accident, so it is a way to help avoid the DUI charge.

      Second it states he resigned, so did he leave before they terminated him.
      a. Sheriff offices often give the deputies the option to resign so they are able to go get other jobs and not have the “got fired” tag stuck to them… it’s a courtesy..

      Third, how can the CCSO hire a person to operate a county vehicle that is on probation with the court for driving infractions, doesn’t this cause a problem with the counties insurance. In the event that Mr. Hough got into an accident where he was at fault couldn’t this open the county to a potential civil suit. It seems to me that this gentleman was not the best choice at this time, maybe after his probation with the court has ended he could be considered but not right now. I can only look at what happened in Front Royal with that officer who shot that woman, the article showed that it was recommended that he not be hired but because of the good old boy connection he was hired anyway. Was Mr. Hough hired because he is from Clarke County? I hope the Sheriff hasn’t put the citizens of Clarke in a bad position. I think there is allot more to this entire incident and the citizens deserve better
      a. The rest of your questions are not for me to answer… although I have my own opinions..

  6. Dmaxnjackson says:

    I remember not too long ago, that there was a alcohol related accident, resulting in a death. That young man,paid his dues, and has to live with his choices. I guess not everybody deserves a second chance. I say welcome aboard officer. Now maybe we can have law enforcement 24/7 here in CC.

  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    There’s a little too much sanctimony here for my tastes.

    Griffen is right, and so too is the Sheriff. Forgive this man his transgressions, and let him move on with his life. And don’t worry about what some “half decent” defense attorney might do to him on cross. His prosecutor and the judge will rid the record of any irrelevant referrals to his one mistake.

    • Crash Test Cops says:

      1 mistake!!!!

      Drink to much with no ride… 1)
      Drive after drinking to much to drive… 2)
      Run into something while driving intoxicated 3)
      Leave the scene of the accident… 4)

      Yep your right one mistake… All is forgiven Cop of the year material here…. And i f you think attorney’s wont use this against him is just silly…

  8. First it was a misdemeanor, not a criminal charge. I’d be curious about more details regarding the accident before passing judgment.

    I read again, and he is still on probation. That does bother me.I am looking and can work lol.

    Now, officers/deputies being above reproach, as well as emperor’s wives. I agree, but it’s not reality. The police speed. When they don’t have to. Police run red lights. When their siren is not on. They also tailgate if you happen to be going the speed limit, and pass as soon as they get a chance. Some have tended to “over punish” by knocking people silly with their bat wood thing. Where do you draw the line? Always? Cell phone non work related while driving? Bullying?

    Nothing is black and white, I’d just like a few more details. Was he drinking on the job? How bad was the accident and did he cause it? Again, the article says misdemeanor.

    • Another View says:

      Misdemeanors are criminal charges!!!

      And I draw the line at GUILTY! Which he is!


  9. Police officers are human as well, and not above making mistakes.

    This fella has paid dearly for his mistake, and I am quite certain can identify with folks making mistakes, hopefully making him that much better of a deputy.

    I trust Sheriff Roper and welcome Mr. Hough to our community.

    Lord knows being an officer is trying enough, glad folks are out there willing to serve.

    • If you read the article, he hasn’t paid dearly. It’s only been a little over year since his “lack in judgement”. I say give him 5 years of keeping his nose clean, being and an upstanding citizen etc. Roper should apologize for HIS lack in judgement, and resign.

  10. I wonder if all of these reactions are from the “perfect people pool” that seem to want to pass judgement on everyone who has made a mistake and is trying to re-build their lives. This is a kid who was born and raised in this county and has probably come back to try and rebuild his life. I for one applaud him for facing his issues head on and trying to start over. He made a mistake, a huge one and I am sure that he thinks about it all the time. I for one say THANK YOU Tony for not being afraid to let someone try to start over and learn from their mistakes. After all I truley believe it is not the money that runs people out of here, it is the way people want to pass judgement even if it is on the way you are just walking down the street in this town!
    And Tony…keep up the good work!

    • Kenny Gall says:

      Money ran me out of town…

      • The county taking mine and nothing in return may run me out.

        • Kenny Gall says:

          I understand.. Mine was partially money and other issues I’m sure we will get a chance to discuss at later dates…

          I cant say CC was bad to me because it wasnt, but life is much better now with the new job..

          I live in Frederick and things are vastly different, I’m not going to say better because that is up to the individual, but for me I like it…

  11. Mike Sipe says:

    For all of you who have negative comments, if you ever need a deputy to assist you in a bad situation and he is the only one to assist you, you will be happy he is there. You will not be hating at that moment. You haters are unreal.

    • Another View says:

      It is not hate to expect the Sheriff to maintain high hiring standards. What next, hire a pedophile as a school crossing guard? A murderer as a homicide inspector?

      • Mike Sipe says:

        Reality for you. I am sure every company, business, politician, and everything in life is to maintain high standards. However, every day we see in the media and news that high standards are not happening in all kinds of places. It is sad, but that is what our society is turning into.

        • Another View says:

          Well we ought to take a stand somewhere; how about here? Let’s start with high standards, expectations and morality in the Clarke County Sheriff’s Dept. Fire Hough, and Roper should resign.

  12. My 2 Cents says:

    I think we have all made mistakes in life, with the exception of Another View. He is pure perfection. Please refrain from calling the County of Clarke when you are in a sticky situation because you are soo judgemental!!!!! Get a grip people! Welcome home Mr. Hough!!!! You have my support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Blossom Butt says:

    It does NOT matter if it was his first mistake, second or last and whether he learned a lesson or not, or whether it was a misdemeanor or felony. Law enforcement officials face tough tests to be on the force for a good reason, and they are held to a higher standard for good reason, because they are the eyes,ears and face of law and order. The public looks to them for wrong and right and they are to be spotless in their background. How in the world can you explain to a teen not to drink and drive when the very person who may pull them over has done the same thing in the past. I admit my mistakes but tell my children that those mistakes taught me and I realized how bad it turned out and could have been worse. A law enforcement office doesnt just teach their children, they teach the entire community. It is also not only the drinking, would you want a deputy that was known for robbing people? Do you really want someone who does drugs to be in a police car? If he did it once, then he has done it before and it shows his lack of respect for the law. The decision to hire this person is one of the worst I can imagine and I can’t believe that Roper was allowed to do this based upon the person’s background.

  14. Oh really says:

    If people are not allowed to make mistakes than do our lives end right then and there?
    If the new cop has had a previous mistake made in the past don’t you think since he is WILLING to keep serving us we should be nothing but grateful. If you don’t study for a test and stay up partying instead should you get kicked out of that subject in school and never be allowed to return… no you study harder and face it that you messed up and keep going. The people worrying and concerned should think about that if their house gets broken in or they need help and he is on duty. I am glad we have another officer who is willing to put up with cc peeps, their comments and demandinds AND still want to help them! Our family just wants to be safe and I can say welcome back Jason Hough! Thank You for helping cc seem a bit safer!

    • The issue is not forgiveness, it is consequences and that is a familiar refrain in this community when it comes to alcohol offenses.

      People make bad choices and they must suffer consistent consequences. I had a friend who in high school had planned to be an Army MP, it was all he wanted to do. However a senior prank involving a smoke bomb meant the Army wouldn’t accept him as an MP. Course changed, no more law enforcement future, find another occupation and that is exactly what he did. Consequences.

      I don’t know this officer from Adam may be the most stnd-up guy in the world but he made a mistake and there are consequences. His hiring reinforces the message that everyone already knows here which is there are no consequences that cannot be shoved aside if it’s more convenient to do so.

      Discipline is hard enough without teens seeing hypocrisy in consequences for actions. When alcohol is involved it moves into the realm beyond discipline into matters of life and death.

  15. Reality is…money! This is what makes the world go round. This deputy is already certified. There is no training to pay for, he slides right in and gets to work. This has NOTHING to do with forgiving his past and Roper looking like a good guy for giving someone local a job. If that was the case, I would have hired a long time ago. How many certified officers do you all think have applied to CC? I bet that there were none due to the low pay, but CC’s pay is a lump that he will have to take for his past actions. I am happy that he is back to work. My only issue is how many applications of “clean” (citizens that have been unemployed by layoffs, not drinking/driving, hit and runs, forced to resign) people were thrown out? Face it, nothing matters like the budget!

  16. DONNA CARPER says:

    I have lived in Clarke County for almost 40 years, so I believe I have earned the right to speak about this. Additionally, I know Jason Hough personally…have known him for at least sixteen years. There is no finer officer than Jason. He distinguished himself while he was an officer in Loudoun County; many times over. He is as dedicated an officer as has ever worn this County’s uniform. Jason made a mistake that most people, if they will admit it, have made. He drove while he had alcohol in his bloodstream. There was a Clarke County School Administrator ( I will not call his name ) who drove while intoxicated. He had been at a wine tasting festival….. I am sure you remember. He left the employ of Clarke County Schools, with his professional life in shambles just as Jason left the employ of Loudoun County. Said former Clarke County School Administrator fulfilled the court ordered necessities, regrouped, and went on to apply for and be hired for a job of equal importance in Winchester Public Schools. Should he have been black balled in the field of education just as some of you feel Officer Hough should be black balled in law enforcement ? Are we so naive as to believe all the pastors in every pulpit on Sunday are perfect while they are telling us in the congregation to keep the Ten Commandments ? The fact is, the only people who will never make a mistake are the people who will never have done anything to begin with…not in school, at work, at home or in their community. The bottom line is this….no one is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes…yes, plural.,, mistakeS. Hopefully, we learn from them and move on to not repeat the same ones again. This article does not detail important facts about Jason’s situation. And, frankly, the facts are not necessary because Jason’s ability to be an outstanding addition to Clarke County Sheriff’s Department is not impacted by that past infraction. But, since there seems to be a mob mentality in the County by some, rest assured that he was not on duty , and he did as he was instructed to do after the accident….which involved a parked car. Yes…you read correctly. He did as he was instructed to do. He was not the only officer who made a mistake in judgement that night. So, citizens of Clarke County….isn’t it time to put down the stones since most of us live in glass houses ? I say “Welcome Home, Jason ! I feel safer with you here.!”

    • GOPjunkie says:

      So as long as your ok with us hiring Loudoun Counties unwanted deputies then thats cool with me… But when I need a cop from now on I’m calling a trooper…

      After all since Clarke is unmanned half the time anyway, thats probably what I’ll end up with anyhow.

  17. My 2 Cents says:

    Everyone should be happy that we added another officer to the mix! But as my friend Mike Sipe said, the haters are always gonna be there waving their pom-poms and complaining about something. But if someone looks the least bit suspicious in their neighborhood, they are the quickest to dial 911 and request help…….

    Clarke County you are better than that!

  18. gee whiz….u want to hang this young officer for a past infraction involving alcohol but at the same time herald the opening of the new Wine Bar right on Route 7 leading into Berryville. Hummmm…wonder now of you same people will exercise poor judgement when leaving that place. I hope Officer Hough makes the traffic stop and may he have no mercy.

  19. Donna Carper says:

    Officer Hough had a distinguished record in Loudoun County prior to the incident referred to in the article. There is not one of us who have not wished we could have a “do over” from time to time. Hold your tongues. Sit back and wait. Let Officer Jason Hough distinguish himself in Clarke County….he will !!!

    • Another View says:

      What about the first time his credibility is at issue in trial? Don’t think a decent attorney might make hay with that?

      He is a liability. He and Roper should quit.

  20. GOPjunkie says:

    Well lets throw ot the background investigation portion of the hiring process out…

     Screening of Application
     Physical Ability Test
     Written Exam
     Oral Interview Board
     Polygraph Exam
     Background Investigation
     Interview with the Chief of Police
     Conditional Offer of Employment
     Medical Exam / Drug Test
     Psychological Evaluation
     Final Offer of Employment

    Come to Clarke County with your mistakes and unfortunate life events.. Applicants with clean records please apply elsewhere…

    • I think most applications just want you to answer honestly. ? I’m assuming he did, as here it is in the paper.

      Knee Jerk reactions and holier than thou attitudes……

  21. Jennifer Grey says:

    For those of you who seem to place yourselves on pedestals and claim perfection…spend some time cleaning your own closets and truthfully holding up and examining skeletons you would NEVER want displayed in the public eye for crucifixion. There is not any ONE of you who have put forth your pearls of judgement who have not screwed up royally one way or the other. You are utterly absurd and ridiculous. You talk of what you deserve – you deserve NOTHING. I applaud this deputy for stepping up and entering back into law enforcement to begin rebuilding what was a fine history of service and not letting a HUMAN lapse in judgment define his character and worth. I know this deputy personally. It is my honor to call him my friend. His dedication is beyond reproach. His willingness to honor, protect, and serve is something others in law enforcement can only hope to attain. These are the qualities Sheriff Tony Roper saw and jumped at the chance to add to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department. His judgement I do not question – it is all of your pot calling the kettle black judgement that has me questioning and shaking my head at the small minded mentality that Clarke County is so typically stereo typed for. Over this I am embarrassed to say I am a native of Clarke County.

    • Yes, it’s kind of amusing to see these folks get all up in arms over this issue. They want to see a grown man burn for a small lapse in judgement, but wanted a teenager who caused a death to be left alone.

    • Another View says:

      I’m not a criminal; he is.

      And it is not just a lapse in judgment. IT WAS A CRIME. Guess what law enforcement is supposed to do? FIGHT CRIME, not enable or commit it.

      You’re embarrassed that you are a native of Clarke County? So am I [embarrassed that you are a native of Clarke County].

  22. My 2 Cents says:

    Notice who the ones are that sooo against this???? Another View and GOP Junkie…. Need we say anymore… And to Another View, Gods gift to CDN, when those cruisers pull people over they are miced and also have video rolling to cover themselves….. Court Case Closed…..

    • Another View says:

      Court Case NOT Closed.

      Perhaps you should try practicing law for a while, and then you will understand why you are wrong. Perhaps you should try practicing law for a while, and then you will understand the problems and dangers associated with hiring reckless folks who exercise poor judgment as police officers. Perhaps you should try practicing law for a while, and then you will understand why this issue has nothing to do with partisan politics, and everything with law enforcement.

      • Mr Mister says:

        Where in your law book does it say this man can not be hired as a deputy?
        It seems the only bone you have with Roper is that he is a democrat. Stop carrying water for the GOP. I think he has done a fine job for the county. It’s the BOS you should direct your disdain.

  23. The guy has paid the penalty. He knows the microscope is on him now. Roper is doing the best he can with the hand he’s been dealt.

  24. GOPjunkie says:

    Notice whos all for it,,, My 2 Cents… Need we say more… What the heck does that mean… Credibility doesnt mean anything in the courts now either… Get a grip… Tonight I’m going to Piggy’s and all the other bars in the area and see if I can recruit some cops for CCSO….

    When we pull over people for DUI we can make the arrest and give them a job application…

  25. My 2 Cents says:

    No thanks Another View, I choose to actually make a difference in others lives rather than sponge off of people as you seem to do with your profession. Kinda funny though…… Can you hit us all with a daily dose of the Constitution now???? We just love hearing about how you stand for freedom and liberty…..

  26. Oh really says:

    Hopefully Mr. Hough is on duty to pull you over on the way home….
    Do you see how silly your comments are and not to mention child like.
    He was not on duty when an accident happened. Not on duty…..not on duty
    I am sure if he were on duty and you needed help…even though you were displeased with his previous choices YOU WOULD WANT his help and he would give it to you. I doubt if I would…I’d let you eat your words.BUT Mr. Hough would still help you. (that’s why he prob got the job) That’s the kind of guy he is!
    We live in a place with forgiveness…not off with their heads fantasy land. He’s got the job…let him do it, he needs to catch GOP tonight on his way home 🙂

    • Another View says:


      He committed a crime. He acted in such a way as to demonstrate dishonesty, reckless disregard for the safety of others, and–let me repeat–HE COMMITTED A CRIME!

      Forgiveness is fine. But that doesn’t mean he should be entrusted with another law enforcement job. He cannot get one in Loudoun; why should Clarke hire him? HINT: It should not.

      And thank you for wishing that I get pulled over by that miscreant. You must be a very kind, loving and forgiving soul; not a mean bone in your body!

  27. GOPjunkie says:

    I have been a police officer for 15 years… I drive the speed limit and drive sober… I hope Hough does pull me over so I can give some words of wisdom from a senior officer… You no not who you are talking to and I am very aware of the reprocussions from officers like this and I assure you this one will bite you in the a#@ like he did in Loudoun….

  28. cc native says:

    This is terrible. You have to pass a drug screen, credit check and background check to get a job at an ice cream stand but ropers hires this loudoun county has-been? What law enforcement agency would take this hough guy? good ole Clarke County. This was a poor decision on the ccso’s part. Maybe someone should background check the entire department…….im sure the skeletons in the closets would leave alot more uncovered shifts. Once again “clarke counties finest” is the butt of jokes and ridicule from the tax payers they should be protecting and serving. “DONT LOUDOUN CLARKE” bring this slogan back!!!!!!

  29. Its not if you KNOW Roper or Hough personally, thats kinda a mute point. This man took a sworn oath to uphold the law and didn’t, no there are plenty of other good officers out there looking for a job

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Not wanting to make the chicken feed that Clarke pays! Heck you could go to Wal-Mart and make more…..

    • Heck, Paula, one would think you are saying that every officer who ever slides in their sworn oath to uphold the law is not a good officer….goodness…what about the officer who will let you go with a warning when you are speeding or have worn windshield wiper or a burned out headlight or come to a rolling stop or spped up through a caution light? Letting you or any other motorist go with a warning is not upholding the law that officer swore in his oath to uphold. Bet you would want an officer who is a little bit forgiving and realizes that sometimes people deserve a second chance to do the right thimg. I am not condoning anything here…I am just saying all is not just black and white. There is grey sometimes.

  30. Well by cracky, the man got a job. He isn’t on welfare, food stamps, or collecting unemployment. I may be wrong, but you should like that.

    Also, I may be wrong here as well, but he was tried, pleaded guilty, punished…..and found a job. I do believe that is legal? Maybe not to some’s liking, but criminals do reenter society, one would hope.

    • Another View says:

      The issue is not whether this CRIMINAL should have a job. The issue is not whether he received due process and has paid his debt to society.

      Rather, the issue is whether the Sheriff’s Office should be hiring CRIMINALS to be deputies. And it should not.

  31. Mr Mister says:

    I guess DWIs are OK in the White House though. Right AV? Seems I remember one of your idols having an issue.

    • Another View says:

      First, I have no idols. What a silly and irrelevant snarky comment!

      Second, yes, it would follow that if I oppose the Clarke County Sheriff hiring criminals as deputies, I don’t mind President Barack Hussein Obama, MIchelle Hussein Obama, and Valerie Hussein Jarrett, smoking dope, doing donuts in the South Lawn, and all around acting irresponsibly in the White House. Of course such poor behavior inevitably leads to socialized medicine, fascistic takeovers of industry, and increased government tyranny.

      You’ve got me Mr. Mister.

    • Goerge Walker Bush got to be US President even though he had a DUI conviction in Maine. After 9/11, Bush insisted that Canada get tough with its border crossing. As a result, A US citizen with a DUI conviction is not allowed across the Canada border unless you are Goerge Bush or some elite person who wants the law enforced against others, but overlooked for VIP’S.

      • Dmaxnjackson says:

        Yeah, and didn’t a Kennedy kill somebody in a car accident, and left/ Seems like he faired pretty well. What’s your point?

        • And Kennedy was unelectable for President.

          • In the 1970’s Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts drove a car into the salt water at Chappaquidick on Marthas Vineyard Island. The young woman passenger died and Ted was slow to report it to the police. Ted Kennedy was not able to beat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 democratic primaries to be a presidental candidate against Ronald Reagan. Kennedy felt that Carter was not liberal enough. Ted Kennedy had a reputation for drunkeness and womanizing, but he was an effective US Senator. Kennedy hired a native spanish speaker to take his spanish exam at Harvard. The proctor found out and Kennedy was temporarily kicked out of Harvard. Later on in Charlottesville at U.VA, Kennedy had been caught with drunk driving by police, but his Daddy Joe was able to smooth the way for him.

      • Another View says:

        Barack Hussein Obama smoked marijuana, snorted coke, and engaged in other nefarious activities. Meanwhile, despite pre-election assurances, he continues to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

        Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, and is a United States citizen. That notwithstanding, he refuses to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, issued an unlawful and unconstitutional executive order granting, in effect, temporary amnesty to illegal aliens, and sued Arizona for daring to enforce the law on the borders. Meanwhile, border state citizens are endangered due to roving Mexican drug cartels armed with guns supplied by the United States Department of Justice.

        YET, he was elected President. But he should be ineligible to be a Clarke County deputy sheriff, due to his repeated, reckless disregard for the law.

        Your point again?

  32. My 2 Cents says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is priceless Mr. Mister………

  33. Another View….we have read your opinion ad nauseum. Why dont you zip it. Your writing is CRIMINAL. Period !

    • Another View says:

      I don’t want to zip it. I live here, I pay LOTS of taxes, and I care what happens. I am just as entitled to speak my piece as you, or anyone else.

      Indeed, why don’t you debate, instead of name calling? If you don’t like speech, the answer is more speech. Engage, don’t suppress. This the United States of America, not Soviet Russia (though I realize that the LEFT longs for the Soviet Union).

  34. Another View….no one said you are not entitiled to speak your piece; but, how many times must we abide your repeating it and repeating it and repeating it each time someone does not agree with you ? Everyone reading here is well aware, after your many posts, that you are against this deputy being employed here in Clarke County. Do you have to continue to beat your drum indefinitely ? And, where in my previous post was there any name calling ? All I said is your ad nauseum posts are CRIMINAL…just my speaking my piece…I am entitled, as well. And,for your enlightenment, I chose to debate only worthy opponents. You seem to be a one trick pony; a one note sonata, and dare I say, a huge puffed up bore….need I say more for you to post again and say I should be supressed?

    • Another View says:

      Speaking of “one note” ponies–more name calling, more non-substantive ad hominem attacks, more LEFTIST claptrap.

      I suppose it is fine for you and your ilk to repeat ad nauseum your points, but I should be limited? I respond, and you whine.

      Yes, I do have to continue to beat my drum indefinitely, otherwise this site would overrun with LEFTIST propaganda. This is my job.

      • Your job? Wow. You and your “job” are getting in the way of any constructive discourse, but you go. All I asked for were more facts. You on the other hand, don’t seem to want to know more than was written here.

  35. Our Police department is there to uphold and enforce our laws. To hire and individual who has no respect for the law is disgusting. If we continue down this path our law enforcement officers will be dealing drugs to our kids but hey he’s a cop so lets cut him some slack… Personally, I would be out of a job just for the DUI let alone running off to hide.. and I’m not a cop… He has got to go and if Roper supports him him he must also go..

  36. The guy is still on probation. Can he even work 2nd shift because of his probation? No other jurisdiction would even touch this guy with a 10 foot pole. Leave it to Clarke. Great job Sheriff and good bye!

  37. What does probation and 2nd shift have to do with anything?

  38. Come on people….maybe you should check the court documents. THERE WAS NO DUI CHARGE filed against this Deputy. The only charges were driving infractions as a result of the accident with an unoccupied, parked car, He left the scene because he was instructed to do so by a senior officer and a fellow officer, who made errors in judgement, as well. Check the facts before you hurl rocks at this individual who might very well be your protector one day soon. And, Another View, if this is your job, please quit and get a different job. We don’t need your nonsensical rhetoric polluting this site daily. You are deluded and have an over inflated sense of self. Missy, right on !!!!!

    • Mike Sipe says:

      Thank you for this comment. Also, not completely sure but you have 24 hours, by law, to report hitting an unoccupied car.

  39. Star Rider says:

    Interesting article and comments.

    When I read the story I was a bit perturbed.
    I myself have been convicted of a DUI. However I did not cause an accident nor did I try to flee. Did I go to a bar and drink? Yes. Did I drive home from that bar drunk? No, I had a designated driver. Was that a responsible thing to do? Yes. Did I ride home as a passenger with the designated driver? Yes.
    So, why did I get a DUI? Well here it is. My girlfriend had an accident on my road with a deer, the deer ran out of nowhere and crashed into the driver’s door of her vehicle causing a very large dent in the door, thankfully it didn’t shatter the window glass and strike her too.
    Stupid me, called dispatch and ask them if they could check on her. After what seemed like an eternity CC sheriff’s department finally show up as she pulled off the road and into my driveway (my driveway is about 150 yards long). The Deputy had her drive her car back down the road to where she thought the deer hit her. At which point he called a tow truck. Stupid me drove my car down to make sure she was ok, thankfully she was physically ok and just very shook up. I told the cop a tow was not needed because she only had a dent in the door. This didn’t go over so well with the Deputy, (never disagree with a cop, they hate it). He then called off the tow and turned his attention to me. He let her go but I got a DUI. Well ok, [redacted] happens. I fight it in court and loose even though I show the cop lied more than one time, again [redacted] happens. I now have to get an Ignition Interlock System, go to 20 hours of VASAP, pay a large fine, have a restricted license, SR22 insurance for 5 or 6 years and I will have the DUI on my record for the rest of my life…. Not looking for sympathy, I screwed up, was more worried about her accident than the consequences of my actions. After reading this article I believe if I would have had a different career, perhaps if I where someone of higher standing in the community or if I was a cop things would have turned out differently…. Point is…. Driving drunk is a crime and everyone that commits a crime should be punished equally. If no exceptions are made for anyone then they should not be made for cops either… Clarke County sais they have ZERO tolerance for drunk drivers but we will hire you is you have driven drunk, caused an accident then ran away…. This just doesn’t sit right with me…

    • Brian Thompson says:

      Star Rider……..I am sure that you are telling the whole truth. Usually people who put their entire case online is guilty. I also sure that your criminal history speaks for itself. It sounds like you need to reach deep down into your soul, and man up. You got caught and you are blaming the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office. They did the community a service and kept you from killing an innocent person. It sounds like you need to tell the entire truth. I am sure that your criminal history speaks for itself…….. i hope the next time you drink and drive (even from your house), you don’t hit anyone. No lawyer will be able to save you them.

  40. Orville Boggs says:

    “Clarke Hires Former Loudoun Deputy After Traffic Accident Mishap”

    Definition of MISHAP
    1: an unfortunate accident
    2 : bad luck : misfortune

  41. Orville Boggs says:

    Very true John, but the title of this story states “Mishap”.
    In my mind “Mishap” is a happening a person has no control over.
    A “Mishap” could be an accident with wild life or farm animals in the roadway.
    Years ago I came up on an accident where a woman hit a horse on Rt. 50, that is a mishap.
    Hitting another vehicle then leaving the accident knowing you where DUI is not a mishap.

  42. Being on probation, is Hough allowed to carry a firearm?

  43. The Deputy wasnt charged with a DUI either, John or Star Reader or all of you who have assumed otherwise. If you read the article, he was intitially charged with leaving the scene or, to use the language, failure to stop at the scene. Then, the charges were reduced to misdeanor reckless endangerment. That charge is, no doubt, because of the damage that occurred to the UNOCCUPIED, PARKED car. Honestly, don’t most of you who post here think a Judge would have given him way more severe punishment and consequences if ” above the legal limit” of alcohol was a factor in this accident. Believe me when I tell you that Officers are held to a higher standard than regular citizens in the judicial system in Loudoun County. Just because alcohol was mentioned in the court documents doesn’t mean the man was charged with, or guilty of DUI at any time. Just because he left the scene doesn’t mean the man ran and hid. You were not there, you do not know the circumstances. A couple of others who have posted here wrote that he did what he was instructed to do by other officers… why does no one come to the conclusion that there were extinuating circumstances that caused several officers to make an error in judgement at the same time, instead of jumping to the very worst conclusion about this young man and accusing him of a DUI with absolutely no conclusive evidence to support it. There has to be a reason the Clarke Daily News writer called the accident a “mishap” and did not mention a DUI charge…my guess is he researched the information in the court documents before he wrote the article. Novel idea !!!!!

    • Another View says:

      He wasn’t convicted of DUI, because he was not charged with DUI. He was not charged with DUI–PROBABLY–because he fled the scene of the accident.

      It was not a mishap; it was a crime.

    • Clarke Eagle says:

      Officers held to a higher standard? You are joking right. He left the scene of an accident while under the influence and the charges were reduced. How is that being held to a higher standard?

  44. cc native says:

    He wasnt charged with dui because he left the scene. Its just a case of cops covering for other cops. If a normal citizen hit a parked car and had been drinking would the investigating officer tell them to just leave?…NOT!!! parked car moving car walking person or a tree that wad hit shouldnt be the basis of some of these comments, he SHOULD have been charged and prosicuted just like anyone else. Sheriff roper exercised poor decision making during the hiring process. Plain and simple no one is above the law! Period

    • In the know says:

      Right… Allot of do know what happened and Hough isn’t the only person involved in this incident… Thats what makes it so bad…

  45. again…cc native…..leaping to conclusions. just because you think you have it figured out does not mean that is how it went down. You were not on the scene nor in the courtroom . I am sure Sheriff Roper has all the details from the court documents, from Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, and from Officer Hough .Do you ???

    • cc native says:

      Yes i do have the information. Court transcripts and hiring procedirr from clatke. My comments baded on facts. You should dig around yourself. Its all public knowledge.

  46. George Archibald says:

    Quite apart from all the second-guessing by those who commented negatively over the hiring of this officer, Sheriff Anthony W. Roper has distinguished himself as an excellent leader during his tenure and the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office is recognized throughout the region, by other law enforcement agencies and the courts, as highly capable and efficient. Judging by the record, this discussion has been a big waste of time. Would that members of the public were more grateful for good government (i.e. law enforcement) administration where we have it, and more supportive.

    • Another View says:

      No deputies on duty from time to time, and hiring unqualified criminals as deputy sheriffs. How is this “good government”? How is this the mark of “an excellent leader”?

      Frankly, judging by the known record, this has been an eye opening discussion. The real question is how much malfeasance is going on of which the public is unaware?

      The CDN has done a great service by publishing this story, and I, for one, hope it keeps digging. The public needs to know.

      • Again, another misinformed comment from someone who has no clue. There is never a time when there is no deputy on in Clarke County. They provide 24/7, 365 coverage. But due to the BOS and unintelligent citizens (such as you) there are only just enough deputies to cover all the time. Occasionally they might have two or even three!!! on duty at a time to cover a 178 square mile county. The comment about no deputy available refers to the fact that they have to arrest people from time to time which requires them to go to the jail in Winchester. [redacted]

    • Clarke Eagle says:

      Excellent leader. To funny thanks for the laugh. He hired someone that was under the influence and left the scene of the accident. That is some good leadership.

  47. cc native says:

    What leader leaves shifts uncovered? What leader hires a certified law enforcer thay has and alcohol related crash? What leader cant keep good qialified men in his department? What leader can honestly stand behind this well qualified deputy that showed blatant disreguard for the laws he is supposed to enforce? Maybe election time will bring us in clarke county a qualified by the book leader. So if clarke can hire this drinking non driving criminal to operate a county car and carry a weapon then i guess clarke county can bring the unemployment rate to zero. Application available at the joint government center in town so abusers drunks thieves and druggies get your apps get hired sworn in and keep our county safe. Maybe deputy hough can teach a drinking and driving school seems here morr than qualified for that!!! Would it have been different if he had crashed into sheriff ropers parked car. Time for a change. Start at the top and work towards the bottom or is the leader the bottom?? makes me want to hirr private security to enforce the laws. Whats next? As for shifts being uncoverd well thats poor scedulibg. Maybe the 10+ deputies working the fair should have been on patrol. When a shift is open maybe the sheriff and chief deputy should hit the streets.

  48. Rumor or truth? says:

    Obviously, Mr. Hough brought into question his integrity as a law enforcement officer. It is just and fair for him to take heat from a community since he has chosen to try and remain in a LE capacity However, the stench of the “mishap” leads all the way to Manassas. Any reporter with good FOIA skills should be able to get to the bottom of things. As much as Sheriff Roper is respected, this was, at best, a questionable call. In today’s world even the hint of a DUI related offense on an applicants record is an automatic disqualifier with reputable agencies.

  49. Not sure but aren’t new hires, even constitutional offices, hired by county administration and board of supervisors, I believe Roper wasn’t the only one involved in this hiring process. Is Hough and his family from CC? If so, that explains alot.

    • cc native says:

      Yes he and his family both reside in berryville. The hiring was solely sheriff ropers decision. Its normaly reviewed by the chif deputy also. So with that being said maybe the sheriff and his next in charge should take a class on hiring persons for the department. The lack of deputies not covering shift is terrible. Maybe its a scheduling problem. Maybe if all the county cars wernt allowed to be driven home(some out of our county) and some used in personal business that just may leave enough money to fund another posistion!!!!!!

  50. Realistic Joe says:

    While the comment section is a good forum to share different views of a situation there will be no change in the Sheriff Department. Roper chose and it’s done.

    If anyone truly has an issue about this new hire then, take it up with your BOS representative. Roper reports to the BOS and they question, agree/disagree and/or instruct changes.

    Roper will not make any adjustments from these comments.

  51. cc native says:

    Thats very true realistic joe but hopefully roper reads these and knows citizens are very unhappy with him and this. Its not just this issue at hand there are the uncovered shifts, the fact that people are leaving ccso too. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out its not all about money. There are other reasons im sure. Once again if the county cruisers were not driven hone( sone out of county ) and some used for personal business then maybe there would be money to hire more and no shifts go uncovered. This isnt the good ole days for the good ole boys anymore!!! wise up citizens of clarke coubty you deserve to be protected 24/7/365

    • Craig Neighbor says:

      Not being perfect myself I won’t cast stones, but I will provide a compliment. Having moved to Berryville a bit more than two years ago, the first family to befriend me was the Hough family. It was soon discovered that Jason and I had a number of similar hobbies. Despite my being quite a few years older, Jason took the time to show me around the area and make me feel at home. I have seen the respect he pays his parents and the love he provides his girlfriend and her child. I know he takes policing and community seriously and I have no doubt that he can be counted on to perform his duties in an outstanding manner. Seems like the sherrifand his department, whose constituency doesn’t seem willing to fund, made a very practical, economic decision. Certainly, he did so after going to Jason’s previous department and inquiring about the past incident. I would like to think that all deputies are of the same quality. I know I am glad to have such a good neighbor who I can rely on. I for one believe that Clarke County got an all-ready qualified, experience, professional addition to the department in a time of need.

  52. Kevin Lambert says:

    Just wanted to show some support for Jason and the entire Hough family! There are all great people! Remember that everyone when you may need assistance one day!

  53. GOPjunkie says:

    I would like to say as one of the ones that is usually called a hater…. I don’t blame the guy for applying and getting a job with Clarke Co. This at least for me is not about Hough…. This is about the Sheriff’s office decision to hire him for full duty… Being familiar with police work and procedures a better idea would have been to hire him as a dispatcher, give him a year to settle in and evaluate him and then turn him loose on the road.

    The situation would have been old news and most of us would be saying that Roper helped a hometown boy and got him back on his feet in a responsible fashion and Roper could have in my opinion stood proudly behind his decision to hire this fella…

    I know my opinion doesn’t matter and I get wound up in this stuff but good for Hough for landing the job, go gettem Deputy…

    Roper make better decision in regards to how you protect us, Slow growth at double toll gate is one thing but our safety is another…

    I’m done with this…. Next issues please Ed!!!

  54. Mr. Hobert, Mr. Weiss,

    Being readers of the CDN, what do you have to say about the irresponsibility of our Sheriff? Remember, you are all elected officials.

  55. Come on now says:

    Boy I am so very glad that everyone who is posting against this deputy is so very perfect and never made mistakes. He did a stupid thing, he needs to live with his decisions every day. He chose to continue to serve and put his life on the line for us. He gets paid very little for not knowing if he is going to make it through his shift alive and see his family in the morning. Get over yourselves people! If you think you can do a better job than a man who has saved lives (yeah you all don’t know about those do you? Or all the individuals that he has helped along the way) I challenge you to apply, put on a uniform and serve. It is no easy task and I give credit to all those in uniform either military, fire, EMS or LE. Unless you were in Mr Houghs vehicle you do not know the entire story. There are more important issues to complain about aren’t there? Get over yourselves

  56. GOPjynkie says:

    U.S. Navy. 1989-1993
    Police Officer 1997-present..
    Lives saved, hard to say…
    Dui crashes… 0

    In police work we say mistakes of the heart v/s mistakes of the mind… Mistakes of the heart usually never get you canned mistakes of the mind often get you canned…

    So get off your Hough high horse, allot of us do this job everyday and without these types of ” mishaps “..

    Sure there are more important issues than our public trust positions being diluted because our local Sheriff can get money for better candidates or simply lacks the ability to pick better Deputies…

    • And you are talking about DUI, why? I’m sure you read the article and are just jumping to wild conclusions, but just in case you didn’t, Hough was not charged with DUI…he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, AFTER his superiors, who were on duty, told him too, in a parking lot, after hitting a parked car. And yes, I do know that to be completely true. And remember he was found guilty of reckless driving, not hit & run. Yes, the article references “alcohol involved” based on court records but never was he charged with DUI and for all we know, “alcohol involved” means he admitted to having a beer with dinner? Bottom line is, I have no idea what “alcohol involved” means, and until you actually do, you should really stop making such assumptions that he was DUI.

      Do you people REALLY think that Roper would have hired Hough if all the crazy ASSUMPTIONS you all are making are true? Honestly?

      • GOPjunkie says:

        Ok…. One more time!!! The reason people leave the scene of a crash after consuming alcohol is because the police under Virginia law only have 3 hours to prove the DUI. He was told to leave the accident by his now unemployed supervisor to protect him from the DUI charge… I am a Officer in this jurisdictional area,, I know exactly what happened!!!!

        The parking lot thing doesn’t mean much to me but you can be charged with DUI on private property and in parking lots…

        If he only had a beer with dinner and I were his supervisor instead of telling Hough to violate the law, which I might add got them both canned. I would have said stay here and I’ll wait with you and it will be ok, because after all there is no law against drinking a single beer with dinner now is there?!?! Thus there would be no reason to tell Hough to flee the scene of the accident…

        He was sentenced to VASAP, this is not for single beer drinking people that have a fender benders in parking lots… Please!!!

        And as far as Roper hiring him… He is a local boy and yes I do think Roper would hire him in a second with all that being true!! Honestly!!!

        And lastly remember I know what happened, there are no assumptions here… So maybe you should change your name from wow to Gosh…

  57. Sounds to me like your objective is Mr. Roper and not Mr. Hough. Maybe he has the job that you want or are unable to obtain!

    • Another View says:

      Sounds to me like GOPjynkie is all about sound hiring practices and high standards of conduct for public servants. WHO IS AGAINST THAT?

      • Chuck E. Cheese says:

        No, It sounds to me like you two are unforgiving souls!

        • How is this about “unforgiving”? This just happened a bit over a year ago (the “Mishap”). The guy is still on probation. We all make mistakes of course, but this guy has a job elsewhere, not in law enforcement. He should be considered for future positions if he behaves himself. There hasn’t been enough time since he was almost fired by Loudoun to prove himself.

  58. Rumor or truth? says:

    This dialogue is not about whether Jason Hough has paid his due or not…it is about whether or not there is room for misdemeanant criminals amongst the ranks of modern law enforcement…it is about the long-shelved discussion of the double-standard that law enforcement officers are held to by their communities. Most importantly, this discussion is about the importance of integrity (honesty, scruples, ethics, legality, and a moral compass) in a law enforcement officer. The chief executive officer sets the tone in an agency and is directly responsible to the citizens he/she serves. This is a worthy discussion for any Virginia community to have. Perhaps it is time for a review of statewide certification and hiring standards through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Standards.

  59. Maybe Hough should run for Sheriff. He such a fine outstanding deputy and citizen. Roper needs to go.

  60. I’ve read all these comments and I haven’t commented yet because I’m not sure if Jason is a good thing or not. The one thing I am positive of is that I’ll wait and see. All we can do. Jason has been hired. Tony can’t change his mind and fire him until if or when he does something wrong. None of us can predict the future. Jason screwed up. BIG. Did he learn something? I’m sure he did. If he wouldn’t have he wouldn’t have been dumb enough to apply. He was an idiot that night. He should not have left the scene. Think everyone can agree on that. We all learn from our mistakes. The one thing I am sure of is that Tony hired him for a reason. Most of us here know Tony. He grew up here. We are his neighbors and or friends. He does his best to make sure we are safe. He does the best he can with a budget that he is given. He has his heart and soul in this county and I will not tell him how to do his job. Has anybody called him whether at work or home to ask him about this? He is a very open guy. He’ll talk to you like he’s known you for years. I will hold out on judgement until I see how it goes. That’s all we can do. I know of Jason. Anybody does that lives here. He is our deputy. I, myself, will not condemn him yet just in case I need his help one day.

  61. come on now says:

    GOPjynke, If you were a real cop in the area then you would stand up for your brother and not put him down on a public forum. I have been LE and I am a wounded Veteran. I would go on any call with Jason and have his (or any other cops) back. If he did wrong this is not the place to deal with it. If you are unhappy with the practices or the persons involved then instead of writing about it to make yourself seem knowledgeable and change it. If you are unhappy with the department and the practices move to a different unit. Show some pride for the citizens you are supposedly badged to protect. How are civilians supposed to trust cops if cops are talking about how bad they think the leadership is. If I never got hurt and had so many surgeries I would still be fighting on the streets with my brothers. If I thought something was wrong then I would try to change it from within instead of hiding behind a screen name on a forum

    • Another View says:

      “How are civilians supposed to trust cops” who break the law?

    • Hey, you know what? Your right…. I’ll drink a few cold one’s to that and drive into so parked cars to celebrate my new change of heart!!!!